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3.4k · Nov 2016
Rachel Gosby Nov 2016
Relationship is about trust.
Relationship last longer because two people made a choice to keep it, fight for it and work for it.
Relationship is when you want to smile, you know exactly what to do to win their heart, you just close your eyes and think of them.
Relationship is powerful, when you work hard for it.
Relationship is when the two of you can't live without one another. Relationship is when the two of you will be able to talk about anything. Relationship is when you know what the other one is thinking about before you two say anything. Relationship is when you feel the love in your heart just gown belong words.
Relationship is when your completely eye popping, seriously, groundbreaking, passionately, deliciously in love with them. Relationship is when you can be Romantic and yet also completely filthy.
Relationship involves arguing, crying, love, hurt, joy, and most importantly some good *** ****. Relation, and most importantly some good *** ***.
Relationship is when someone accepts you and your past supports your present and encourages your futures.
Relationship is not based on the length of the time you spent together, but it's based on the foundation you built together. So when you found that one true love hold on to it and never let them go no matter what may come your way, hold on and love them with all your heart.
2.7k · May 2019
Saying goodbye!!
Rachel Gosby May 2019
Saying goodbye to hurt, and pain.
Saying goodbye to negativity.
Saying goodbye to being harm.
Saying goodbye to darkness.
Saying goodbye to hating.
Saying goodbye to stress.
Saying goodbye to hurting others.
Saying goodbye to be a follower.
Saying goodbye to being so week.
Saying goodbye to being so lost.
Saying goodbye to being hopeless.
Saying goodbye to being confused.
Saying goodbye to the past.
Saying goodbye to not giving end.
Saying goodbye only just to say hello to love, peace,joy,happiness, being a leader,positivity, sun light,new beginnings,freedom, hope,stree free, and most of all, saying hello to the new and improved me.
Dont give in to something that's not for you. Dont give in to others because you feel like your going to get judged. Saying yes to something you know that will benefiting you and your family. This is your life and you have to live it no one else. So just do your best because that's all you can do, is your best. Love your self because there is no one that will love you like you will.
2.5k · Nov 2018
Trust me
Rachel Gosby Nov 2018
Trust me when I say I love you
Trust me when I say I'm in love with you.
Trust me when I say I'm coming home to you and only you.
Trust me when I say I'm sure I'm ready for you
Trust me when I say I believe in us.
Trust me when I say I'll do anything for you
Trust me when I say my heart and soul belong to you, and only you
Trust me when I say my body belong to you
Trust me when I say I found love in you.
Trust me when I say I'm done with being hurt and mistreated.
Trust me when I say I'm here for you and with you.
Trust me when I say your not along.
Trust me when I say all I  want is for our life's to be so wonderful.
Trust me when I say we have what we've been praying for, and we got it
Trust me when I say we can do this, because we have one another.
Trust me when I say I'm never going to leave you, I'm always here for you.
Trust me when I say you mean more to me now, than you will ever mean to me.
2.3k · Oct 2016
I am somebody!!!!!
Rachel Gosby Oct 2016
There may come a time that I will forget things.
sometimes I need a little reminder but I am somebody!
sometimes I may need someone to take me out, show me what I'm about,
what I'm meant for my life, because I am somebody!
I will strive to be the best that I can, because I am somebody!
I will respect and love myself as well as following my dreams, because I am somebody!
I am strong, black, and beautiful.
And I am somebody
I will succeed in my life, for I am God child, I maybe educated, I maybe even unlettered, but I am somebody!
No matter what color my shin is, or how big or little I am I'm still somebody!
I may not be rich, or I maybe poor, but I know that I am somebody!
I am strong, and I am confident, because I know I'm somebody!
I am happy and amazing because I know that I am somebody!
No matter what may come my way, through the storm or rain, through the highs and lows, but I know that I'm still somebody!
I love who I am because I know that God made me who I am and that's I'm somebody!
No matter what people may say in my face, or behind my back I still know that I am somebody!
who am I, God child and that is somebody beauitful!
No matter if you don't think so, I'm still somebody!
so who am I
2.2k · Jul 2014
shine on!!!
Rachel Gosby Jul 2014
Say hello, dont be scared
Shine on
Dont let no one steal your spotlight
You can smile and be happy
Let the sun come out,you should beathe it all in
The days is your
Shine on
You should oprn your eyes to new things
Smile at the world and the world will smile back at u
Come rain or shine it didn't matter what the weather is
Shine on
You come out with your new face of progession and prosperity
May the sun shine on u u should shine brightly even when ur blue
Shine on
You are more beautiful at 5am then you are during the day together you, your family and friend will shine like a beautiful star.
Shine on
So when i say shine on, i mean it shine on. Dont let no one different shine on and be happy when you doing it

                     SHINE ON
1.8k · Jul 2014
my phenomenal aunt Glow
Rachel Gosby Jul 2014
My phenomenal aunt Glow. The one that have a sweet smile on her face, no matter what going on in her angel sent fron heaven above. the one who can pick you up when you're down..she is one of a kind of phenomenal woman with the biggest heart with the most caring touch which she shares with so many of us.
My phenomenal aunt Glow her soul is mad of  pure love. having her a part of my life  is the biggest greatest gift of all. I am looking at the strongest woman I hope become one day. forgiving helpfulness with this loving kind caring and personalities 2 others  is what to define her.she is not only my favorite aunt.she is also my role model.
my phenomenal aunt Glow it take many sprcial quality to be a spectal woman like aunt Glow. Phenomenal Woman reminds me of maya angelo. they r both beautiful phenomenal women that never give up they keep on moving on a down to earth woman. she is a mother's day I never had it she stepped in just in time I'm so grateful to have my aunt
Rachel Gosby Nov 2018
I’m dreaming this is so unreal, I’m standing here dreaming, and I'm praying that I’m not. This has to be a dream come true. I’m standing here feeling my heart beating so fast, and I can feel my blood racing throw my body. I’m standing here looking throw the love of my life eyes for the first time in my life. I can feel the tears falling from my eyes, because I’m so happy. I’m dreaming this is so unreal, I’m falling throw your eyes, and melting from your sweet words. Catch me I’m falling for you, and I only want you to catch me. I’m dreaming, here we are together, and everything between us is good. The feeling is new and it feel so wonderful to me and I don’t want to ever lose it. It feels like I’ve been setting in my chair, waiting for a knock at my door, hoping, and praying it would be someone like you, and it was, it was you. I’m dreaming this is so unreal, I was speaking love awake, and speaking love in my dreams to the water, the shadows the mountains, to the flowers, the grass and the fountains, no one was listening to me until you came in my life. I was running from the pain and hurt, and I was falling, but here you are, catching me, and holding me. I’m dreaming, this is so unreal. I’m dreaming, this is so unreal, I couldn’t see throw my darkness days, until you came, I can see the sun shining again. I’m dreaming this is so unreal I didn’t have no one to give my sweet kisses to, and now I do. My heart was breaking, and now it’s being healed by you and only you. I’m dreaming this is so unreal, I said I wouldn’t take another step at love again, but here you are. Opening my door up one last time to true love, and I’m willing to take the last step with you. I’m dreaming this is so unreal, I was ready to run away, and now all I want to do is run into your arms. So thank you my love for waking me up from my dream. I am now awake, and I’m so ready for you, all of you a n 100%.
I'm dedicate this poem to the love of my life Zeola.. my husband to be. the one who I'm in love with all my heart and soul.
1.4k · Jul 2014
Grow up
Rachel Gosby Jul 2014
Grow up
Stops with the talking behold other
Stop with the fighting
Grow up
Stop with the shooting and start protecting the youth of the community
Grow up
Stop acting phony and start being real with your self
Grow up
Stop being lazy and start being a grow up
Stop leaching on other and get up and get your own
Grow up
Stop being scared and face your fears
Stop judging and start helping
Grow up
Stop with the rushing and just slow down

                  Just stop & Grow up
1.3k · Jul 2017
Rachel Gosby Jul 2017
Fight for what you believe in no matter what it is.
Fight for your dreams to come true.
Fight for what you want out of life.
No matter how hard life get, stand up be strong and fight.
Fight for goals to be meet.
Fight for voicing to be heard.
Fight for what's worth fighting for.
Fight even on your worst days.
Fight for a better tomorrow.
As long as there is life, there is still something to fight for.
Fight even when you fall down, don't stay down get up, do what you do best fight.
Fight even when you think you don't have any fight lift in you.
when you don't fight, than you can't cry for what you lost, so what every your fighting for, than do it fight.
914 · May 2019
Rachel Gosby May 2019
Wait for happiness
Wait for true love
Wait for the perfect timing
Wait for peace
Wait for the sun to shine
Wait for justice
Wait for joy to come in the morning
Wait for a dozen Rose's
Wait for a new journey
Wait for the right move to make
Wait for the right sign
Wait for success
Wait for understanding
Wait for inspiration
Wait for the rain to stop
Wait for spiritual guidance
Wait for a clear mind and a clear heart
Wait for that magic touch
Wait for the right advice
As long as you wait, you will never go wrong
Wait, dont just jump in something, and not think about your consequences, because if you wait something great will come out of you waiting
868 · Sep 2015
I can only imagine
Rachel Gosby Sep 2015
I can only imagine
will I dance for you Jesus
will I be able to speak at all
what it would be like, when I walk, by your side'
to be surrounded by your glory
what will my heart feel
will I stand in your presence
to my knees will I fall
will I sing Hallelujah
or in awe of you be still
when your face is before me
I can only imagine
619 · Jul 2017
Walk away
Rachel Gosby Jul 2017
Knowing you didn't quit.
Knowing your a fighter.
Knowing you listened and made a difference.
Knowing you didn't lose yourself.
Knowing you learned something.
Knowing you have respect enough to walk away.
Knowing you didn't look back.
Knowing you destiny nothing but the best.
Knowing your not weak, but have enough strength.
Knowing you finally realize to do so.
Knowing no one can hold you back.
Knowing that people will threaten your peace of mind.
Knowing you didn't run.
Knowing you did to keep the faith.
Knowing your strong, and proud to do so and that's walking away.
One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life is choosing weather to walk away or to try harder.
the moment you feel like your worth to someone, is the moment you walk away. I want you to walk no matter what come your way. when you walk then that mean you did you best.
553 · Nov 2017
Step Up
Rachel Gosby Nov 2017
Step up, and quit asking questions.
step up, and start paying attention.
step up, and accept the things you can't change.
step up, and be proud of who you are.
step up, and stand your ground.
step up, and be a rider.
step up, and open your eyes so you can see the beauty in life.
step up, and go get what you want out of life.
step up, and be strong.
step up, and stand tall.
step up, and make money moves.
step up, and just go for it.
step up, and reach for the star.
step up, and stop being scared.
step up, and do you.
step up, and dream big.
step up, and live life.
step up!
when you think you cant do what every you set out to do.
do it. step up and make big things happen.
never stop doing what you want
step up and just do it
550 · Nov 2016
Let go
Rachel Gosby Nov 2016
Let go  
Let go of the hurt and the pain.
Let go of the sorrows in your life.
Let go of the fear of being left behind like no one care.
Let go of  the fear of abandonment.
Let go even when it hurts to .
Let go of what's killing you the most.
Let go sometimes it hurt more to hold on.
Let go let it bleed, let it heal and let it go.
Let go of the past.
Let go of anger.
Let go of comparing.
Let go of competing.
Let go of judgments.
Let go of worrying.
Let go of blame.
Let go of guilt.
Let go of fear you have in your heart.
Let go of being scared of being loved by someone.
Let go of the guilt of your past.
Most of all let go and let God.
525 · Nov 2017
Catch Me
Rachel Gosby Nov 2017
Catch me laughing for the first time.
Catch me acting normal.
catch me reaching for the stars.
Catch me loving with my whole heart.
Catch me being different and real.
Catch me with a smile.
Catch me fallen in love.
Catch me dreaming big.
Catch me changing the world.
Catch me stepping up my game.
Catch me loving every bit of life.
Catch me doing what I do best.
Catch me giving my all.
Catch me working to be the best.
Catch me loving my kids with all the love in the world.
Catch me faking it to make it.
Catch me thanking God for life.
Catch me moving to something greater.
Catch me leaving the haters in my pass.
Catch me being who God wanted me to be.
Catch me if you can!!
510 · Nov 2019
Listen To Me.
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
I'm Fine.
I'm beautiful.
I'm healed.
I'm blessed.
I"m feeling great.
I'm not lost.
I"m not confused.
I'm not living in fear.
I'm moving forward in life.
I'm not broken.
I'm not hurting.
I'm not suffering.
I'm not stressing.
I'm not giving up.
I'm am trying harder.
I'm a winner.
I'm not weak-minded.
I'm not negative.
I'm more positive.
I'm fighting for myself.
I'm not angry.
I'm not disrespectful to others.
I do make mistakes.
I fix the mistakes I do make.
I don't feel guilt.
I don't care about people judging me.

Listen to me when I'm saying what I'm saying.
Listen to me
441 · Sep 2015
grandparents day
Rachel Gosby Sep 2015
Happy Grandparents day
to the most beautiful and wonderful
woman in the world.
Happy Grandparents day
I wonder where you keep your wings
LOL are they hung in your closets with
the rest of your things
Happy Grandparents day
you have a very special gift, the gift
that keep on giving. the
woman I call Grandmother
I feel I blessed by God to be under
the umbrella of your tender love and care
Happy Grandparents day
to the woman who we can lean on
when needed it. the one who is strong for
everyone even when you think your not.
Happy Grandparents Day  
the one who ears that always listening and
arms that always open, the love
that never end's and a heart that's made of
pier Gold
Happy Grandparents day
369 · Oct 2019
Trust In Me
Rachel Gosby Oct 2019
To take care of thing's
To take away all your worries.
To open your eyes to new thing's
To protect you from harm.
To understand you with a clear mind.
To love you like your the only one in the world.
To always take care of your heart.
To believe in all of your dreams.
To never mistreat you.
To always have your back, no matter what.
To open your mind to new possibilities.
To build, and grow with you.
To never make you feel worthless.
To show you that there is always a way out of no way.
To always keep my promise.
To always make you feel important.
To never let you go.
so no matter what's going on in life, I always want you to
trust in me!
trusting in people could be hard to do, but as long as you have faith in poeple there will never be hard to trust in anyone in the world.
335 · Jul 2014
who am i
Rachel Gosby Jul 2014
Who am i
Whay is my name
Where did i come from
Who is mother,my father
Am I ugly
Am i special to anyone
What do i do
I look in my mirror and i dont see me. Then i heard a voice and they to open up my beautiful eyes, and asked me what do i see now
I see me a beautiful woman
My name is Rachel
I know my mother and my father
No im not ugly im beautiful
Yes im very special
And the voice asked me one more time who are you
I say
Im a child of God
He made me different from other people
Im special in my own way
He made me very beautiful
So what if people dont like me
LOVE your self and be who God made me to be
                           Who am i
335 · Apr 2020
What We Have🤔🤔
Rachel Gosby Apr 2020
We have our health
Our freedom
Our peace of mind
Our family, and friends
Our conference
Our determination
Our strength to keep moving
Our moment to shine
Our independents
Our promises to keep
Our appreciation for the things we have
Our challenges to make us stronger
Our pride that gets in the way
Our imaginations that run wire
Our Guardian angels watching over us
Our homes to go to
Our future to look forward to
Our temptations to tell

No matter what people may say, or think about you, just remember what you have right in front of you. You have so much to be thankful for, so set back and ask yourself what do you have
334 · Mar 2015
Do you Believe
Rachel Gosby Mar 2015
Do you believe? In love.
Do you believe? In hope.
Do you believe? In happiness.
Do you believe? Being strong.
Do you believe? Weak minded.
Do you believe? In joy.
Do you believe? Somebody
Do you believe? What people say that thing are not possible, when thing are very possible.
Do you?
Do you believe? That should run or should you stay and fight for what right.
Do you believe? If you pray, can God hear you?
Do you believe? That the strength you have you can do all thing are possible.
Do you?
Do you believe? If you work hard enough, you will got to where you need to be.
Do you believe? If you believe, just do it get up, get out and do something about it
And just say out land

I believe
330 · Mar 2015
thinking of life
Rachel Gosby Mar 2015
Do u just think about ur life and whats going on and what could happen in ur life?
Do u think ur life is a ly or going the wrong way? If so dont because someone in tie world maybe going throu the same or going throu something worse than u.
U can be on the steet with no food to eat or No job to support ur family, also someone in ur family or just someone u may love could be in the hospital fighting for there life.
Everyone just need to set and think that God could be just texting u just want to see how fall u go.
Because every time u get up in morning, u dont know what may happen on that day because God text u everyday.
To me people just need to thank God just for being on the earth and for what u may have at the time.
People also need to love them self no matter whats going on in there life. Set and think about how good u have it in life.
To me people need think about how life could be.
Think about if ur life is in the right place u want it to be in because u r the only one that can do something it.
314 · Sep 2015
Let's Be Free
Rachel Gosby Sep 2015
Let's Be Free
From All Lie's
Let's Be Free
Free Homelessness
Let's Be Free
From Hunger
Let's Be Free
From Emptiness
And Let's Start Saying YES
TO elernal  Love
TO Open Door's
TO Cook Meal's
TO Freedom
To Believing In Yourself
To Being
312 · Nov 2019
My Lost Days
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
Where it gets so hard to see the sun shining.
Where it gets so hard to feel.
Where it gets so hard to understand.
Where it gets hard to sing my favorite song.
Where it gets so hard to dance to good music.
Where it gets hard to ask for help.
Where it gets hard to listen to good news.
Where it gets hard to be happy.
Where it gets hard to move without hurting.
Where it gets hard to move forward in life.
Where it gets hard to relax.
Where it gets hard to look at things around.
Where it gets hard to see the good out of the bad.
Where it gets hard to be a leader and not a follower.
Where it gets hard to release the angry inside.  
Where it gets hard to let someone go.
Where it gets hard to help someone you love.
Where it gets hard to hold back all your tears.
Where it gets hard to run, and feeling like you can't move.
Where it gets hard to see your self in the mirror.

your lost days will become better for you, it's only for right now, and not forever. move forward
308 · Jul 2017
I'll Walk
Rachel Gosby Jul 2017
With love in my heart.
With all the haters beheld me.
With a playful and creative mind.
With darkness in my past.
With a loud voice and sweet words to speak.
With a great attitude.
With motivation and appreciating.
With forgiveness in my heart.
With more life to live for.
With sweet kisses in the night.
With a stand tall attitude.
With a dream that need to come out.
With faith all around me.
knowing I did something good.
Like I desires to be here.
So maybe one day someone like me will walk as tall as I do.
when time seem to be hard, I'll still do what I do best
believe in yourself is all you need sometimes. sometimes it's good to have someone to feel the same way you feel but when it seem to be only you than true that all you need because God know what he's doing.
308 · Sep 2015
Eternal love
Rachel Gosby Sep 2015
Look at the both of you married and about to enjoy life. the both of you stand here committed to each other after 42 year. you both must have been made for each other. love will always win at the end, because it's mighty love. you've promised that you will love faithfully and you VOWED to be one with each other. you said love from each other is all you need. you said It's never to late for true love and happiness. may your love grow stronger, may you always look at each other, the way you look at each other now. may your love for one another serve as a light of hope for true love to other shire bright as the star above God is love and love is eternal.
Rachel Gosby Sep 2015
have you ever look at your body
and how is look to you
have you ever look in the mirror
and see what is really going with your body's
Our body is trying to tell a store.
our back tell us stories
no book's have the spine to carry.
our body is the house the we grew up
in, How dare we try to burn it to the grown.
be careful with what you do with your body.
so listen, listen to the words your body is
trying to tell you, listen real hard because you
maybe missing something
293 · Nov 2017
Rachel Gosby Nov 2017
people can be amazing.
people are blessed.
people are beautiful.
people can be creative.
people are wonderful.
people are opinionated.
people are haters.
people are strong.
people are loveable.
people are faithful.
people are motivation.
people are lazy as hell.
people make money moves.
people are challenging.
people are thankful.
people are believers.
people are complex.
But most of all people are just
288 · Nov 2019
It's My Turn!
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
To be happy.
Not to be sad.
To be loved.
Not to be hurt
To enjoy life.
Not to be stuck.
To be free.
Not to be stressed out.
To be drama free.
Not to be weak.
To do things that make me happy.
Not pleasing others.
To be a leader.
Not a follower.
To be Me.
Not to be someone else.
To be kind
Not to be rude to others.
To live my life.
Not living someone else life.
To keeping my faith.
Not feeling sorry for myself.
To understand more.
Not to be mistreated.
To control my life.
Not let someone take over.
To rebuild
Not tear myself down.
To travel the world.
Not to stay still.
To hold my own.
Not to **** my dream.
To make things happen.
Not to fall behold.
To listen to myself.
Not to run away.

It's my turn to do what makes me happy, and not worry about what makes other people happy.

To be strong.
Too proud of who I am.
To let go of the pain.
To stop crying.
To be patient.
To be
learn that's it's your turn to live your life and be who you are. don't hold anything from your self. don't let anything stop you from living life as you want it
285 · Mar 2015
No More
Rachel Gosby Mar 2015
No more talking about if you’re not good enough. No more trying to fit in. No more calling yourself fit or ugly. No more with fighting, no more sadness in the air. No more you saying you’re sorry. No more killing or abuse. No more pain or regret. No more break-in. no more *****, no more ******* up to people. No more trying to be someone you’re not. No more hater or betrayal. No more broken dreams. No more false advertisement. No more wrongly accuse. No more lying to get your way. No more judging or back stay in other in the back. No more torture, No more tracks and skid. No more false hopes. No more stupidity. No more jealousy. No more disappointment or paddy nets. No more, time has come to say No more. Time has come to Stan together as one. Time has come to stranger than we ever been. Time has come to probe that we can be more then what we put out. Time has come to Stan together and say NO MORE.
285 · Jul 2019
Say No More
Rachel Gosby Jul 2019
To stress
To weak minded people
To pain, and suffering
To no anger
To no more drama
To being messed understood
To moving backwards
To falling
To violence in the world
To no negative people
To disrespected
To heart being broken
To being confused, being lost
To mistakes being made
To trying to please others
To the world judging you
To feeling quilty all the time
No matter what the world throw at you, dont feel like you are obligated to say Yes, you can always SAY NO MORE.
284 · Nov 2016
Thinking of you
Rachel Gosby Nov 2016
I always think of you.
in my sleep.
in my dreams.
as I wake down the street.
I always think of you.
all night, and all day. hoping you was with me.
I always think of you.
wishing you were thinking of me too.
every minute, every second and every hour of the day.
I think of you, I really do.
281 · Mar 2015
My Friend
Rachel Gosby Mar 2015
My friend, is my inspiration in me when I have lost all hope and
My friend , bring out the best in me all ways.
My friend ,bring out  something inside of me that I never knew I had in me.
My friend, without my friend, life is a gloomy dark, eternal coma. without my friend, life is a flower, glam with a delightful aroma.
My friend, where would I  go if I didn't have my friend.
My friend ,should be one thing we shouldn't want to live without.
My friend, is my angel, that God sent along.
My friend, always stay beside me whenever thing go wrong.
My friend, someone you can count on for anything.
My friend, someone who show love unconditionally.
My friend, someone who there without no reason.
My friend, someone who want to see my go somewhere in life.
My friend, someone who you should know from the start that they are going to be there for you no matter what.
My friend, someone who believe in you and understand you.
so if you are a friend or  you have a friend stay don't leave or don't be afraid of that something special thing you both have.
friend, love, caring, believe, God, afraid
270 · Jul 2014
I'm sorry
Rachel Gosby Jul 2014
I'm sorry for being to weak for u
I'm sorry if I couldnt fix myself for u
I'm sorry if u had broken nights
I'm sorry for being to **** truthful for u
I'm sorry if u **** of me
I'm sorry for it being to cold or to hot
I'm sorry if my voice to loud for u
I'm sorry I'm not u who ever u want me to be
If I'm not perfect for u,I know who I'm perfect for and the God
God made me perfect for him and no one else.
So I'm to weak or if I can't fix nothing for u or if I'm to truthful for u
If u dont love me for me or what ever u think that wrong with me
U can move on with Ur life and I'll do the same here.

                           I'm sorry!!!!!
267 · Nov 2016
Rachel Gosby Nov 2016
Fear is here with me.
fear follows me everywhere I go.
fear snakes up on me.
fear Stalks me.
fear is a control freak.
fear controls me like I don't have mind if my own.
fear is all I think of.
fear sleeps with me.
Fear eats with me.
fear never leaves and I can't run from it.
Fear surrounds me like nothing before.
fear can be stopped.
fear can go away.
fear is only a emotion.
fear will be stopped  and only stopped bye love.
263 · Dec 2015
We Have
Rachel Gosby Dec 2015
We have enough women who are tough.
We need more women who are tender.
We have enough women who are sleepless.
We need more restful women in the world.
We have enough women who are coarse.
We need more women who are kind and sweet.
We have enough women who are  rude just because.
We need more women who are refined.
We have enough women in pursuit of fame and fortune.
We need more women with faith and who believe more.
We have enough women who are victims of violence in this world.
We need more protection in the world.
We have enough greed.
We need more goodness in the world.
We have enough vanity.
We need more virtue.
262 · Jul 2014
why is the question!!
Rachel Gosby Jul 2014
why am I acting like I'm happy?
  when deep down I feel so much pain.
  why am I trying to deal with my pain?
    when by it ,even more pain id felt.
         why is my heart so empty?
when I'm suppose to have love,peace and joy in my heart.
          why is the guest ion?????
        why am I running so fast?
    when I dont even know my path.
  why am I obsessed with my future?
      when I'm still living in my past.
        why am I fighting so hard?
   when its do hard for me to fight for                anything.
because I need not to be lose from my faith and hope. I need to go on and never give up on my life. I'm searching for answer to all my  question and I know that God will give it to me right on time.....

                  so why ask
258 · Jul 2014
friend 4 life
Rachel Gosby Jul 2014
you know people ask what is a friend.I start thinking and thinking.send me a friend someone who knows all about you and still love everything about you easy pass.a best friend is like a four leaf clover hard to find and lucky to have.a friend is someone who understands your past.and believe in your future and assist you today tomorrow and know what they say it takes a minute to find a special hour to appreciate them. a day to love them but then in entire like to forget him and I start thinking who is my true best **** her name is manda panda.I want to thank God for putting her in my life she is also my kids godmother. I always trxt her and she always know what to say at the right time.
254 · Oct 2019
Rachel Gosby Oct 2019
Yes, people hurt you.
God will heal you.
Yes, people humiliate you.
God will magnify you.
Yes, people judge you.
God will justify.
Yes, people hate you.
God will always love you.
Yes, people try to tear you down.
God will always rebuild you back up.
Yes, people made you cry.
God will wipe your tears away.
Yes people made you feel discouraged
God will make you feel special all the time.
Yes, people don't give you a second chance.
God will always give you a second chance.
Yes, people make you feel weak.
God makes you feel even stronger.

Yes, there is a lot that people do to us, but God is always there to change what them people have done to you.
He steps in right on time.
So wait on him, and he'll be there when you need him
253 · Oct 2016
Be with you
Rachel Gosby Oct 2016
Be with you for life, just because of the way you make me feel, how you talk to me make feel so free.
Be with you, not because what you can do for me but because who you are to me, and what you make me feel.
Be with you, just because you make me do things I never done in my life.
Be with you, I'm not going to be happy without you. 
Be with you, being with you makes me be a better person, for me and you. Who knows what God plan in our lives, but for one thing I know I'm willing to find out, not by myself but with you. Seeing someone else will not make it any better than what it already is with you.
Be with you, your like a angel that falling from the sky. All I want and I need and that to be with you. All I want is all I need you gave me back my dignity.
Be with you, because when I'm upside down, you turn me right side up
. Be with you, you smiled at me when the world was not kind to me.  be with you, when I'm on my own, well your in my head. all I want is all I need you gave me back my dignity.  when I'm down and nowhere to turn, I just think of you in the back of my head. Be with you, just because I want to know more of you, like your likes and your dislikes. I find an angel, you’re an angel in my eyes. So if you would have me, be with me. You bring me out of this lost and find of a world. I can't see myself with no one else but with you. I can feel it in my heart and I can see it in our future. So what you say be with me.
243 · Jul 2014
I was
Rachel Gosby Jul 2014
I was once in the dark
I was once blue
I was once weak
I was once broken
I was once made at the world
I was once hurtful
I was once ungreatful
I was sad and last
I was always wrong about everything
I was once sleep to the world and confused
I was once unfaithful
But when I meet Jesus he show me the light he told me to read his word and then I did and I was not confused or last anymore
I am a saved woman I can walk the right path
I am a sweet person and I can smile at the world the pieces are coming together

                              I was
Last confused # ungreatful # not happy # hurtful
235 · Dec 2015
Rachel Gosby Dec 2015

Love, He is kind he is sweet, he is devoted to me and Oh how he is just so good to me.

Love, He knows just what to do, he go's down and ******* love in all the right places.

Love, He knows what I'm thinking of and when I'm thinking, He tell me he's going to  make me cry until I'm soak and wet. He tell me what he's going to do with every part of my body.

Love, He does what he like's with my body from my head on down. He give me the best of him every time.

Love, He let's me know Tonight is the night every night. He's love come down on me like never before.

Love, Like to take long walk in the park, He tell me he can't sleep He can't eat because he's missing me and my body.

Love, He wait for me to walk through the door so he can give me kiss on my leaf. He look's at my eyes as if he's looking at me for the very first time. He tell me he will be kind to my body, sweet to my heart and gentle to my soul

Love, He let's me know he's going to be careful with me. Love, He  like to rub my body from my head to my feet. Love, He like to carry me to our room and lay me down and put me right to sleep.

Love, He tell me I don’t have to cry alone, cause He'll be right by my side. Love, He tell me to dry my eyes.

Love, He tell me He'll catch any teardrop before one can fall down. Love, tell me there's someone here now who cares about all my needs.

Love, He tell me he will never deceive me the way others did. Love, tell me I'm his angel and he treat me just right and treat me like his Queen. Love, He tell me I'm his favorite thing in the world.  

Love, He tell me I can lay my troubles down and be free to love. Love, He tell me he love to watch every move I make. Love, He tell me it's my love that makes him feel alive

Love, He Tell me how he has a new attitude, He love my voice and how I make him feel  free and open  and how I can make him feel like he's a kids  in a candy store and he can have whatever he wants.

Love, He tell me someone love me and would never let me go.  Love, Tell me He love me like a sweet potato pie and he Love every last piece of me.

Love, He Tell me when he looks in my eyes he can see what I really mean to him. Love, He want to hold me down and make me his for every.

Love, He Love tell me he want to be everything I didn’t have. Love, He knows no reason, no boundaries, and no distance.  

Love, He Love said he want to make me his wife, he want to be able to walk up every morning and go to sleep every night with me by his side.  Love, He tell me how he want to be the only one to put me to sleep every night  and walk up every morning to see my eyes only.

Love, He tell me if he die, don’t come near him because his hand may not be able to wipe my tears away.  

I love me some Love, and Love, He him some of me. I will never depart from him and I love every little bit of him, good or bad, happy or sad. Loving him is loving something brand new every day and it never get old. It's been him all this time.  

love is a four letter word
226 · Jul 2019
Just Fight
Rachel Gosby Jul 2019
For true love
For protection
For kindness
For safety
For better health
For a clear mind
For brighter future
For forgiveness
For more understanding
For freedom
For just justice
For relationship
For evualiy
For your rights
For your family
For fairness
For peace
For who you are
So what ever it is your fighting for just fight for it. Dont let no one stop you from fighting for what's your
225 · Mar 2015
big and red
Rachel Gosby Mar 2015
Its big and full of love.
Its big and always happy.
Its big and full of hugs and kissing.
Its big and helpful. Its big and full of praise.
Its big and open 4 anything that come my way.
Its big and ready to fight what every the devil throw at me.
Its big and ready to say NO to the devil. Its big and ready 4 my blessing that come my way.
Its big and RED and its my BIG RED HEART. THE END!!!
225 · Jul 2017
I have Courage!
Rachel Gosby Jul 2017
To stand on my own two feet.
To believe in something beautiful.
To face my fears.
To have faith.
To speak out loud.
To have wisdom and to be humble.
To be brave and to believe in myself.
To love myself no matter what happens.
To make my dreams come true.
To have love in my heart after being hurt.
To grow and to become someone beautiful.
To dare and to take risks.
To have strength to be compassionate.
To know I am worth something beautiful.
To not miss out of my blessings.
To believe I can do all things that strengthens me
To make something good out of a bad situation.
   To let go and to let God.
       I have courage!!!!!!!!
I want people to have courage into doing anything they want to do. I want people to feel comfortable in doing thing's that they want out of life. I want people to do what they stand their grown and do it
220 · Jul 2014
there are six of us
Rachel Gosby Jul 2014
There are six of us and we are one of kind of woman.
We are a team, we fight as one, we lean on one other.
We learn together and we love the same
We understand one other better then other can
There are six of us
Sometime u might want to change your sister but if u change anything about who they are or what they do
We would not be the same u may ruin something so specail that you cant get back
There are six of us
We are so close we could possibly be some people think sister are.just sister.but no. Sister are best friend and my sister will always be my best sister no matter what happen in life
There are six of us
Sister are like one person, they are friendly helpful understanding confidence and if you hurt them they are like water is hard to put them back into pieces
There are six of us
sisters are like peace in your soul love in their hearts guidance to whatever you asked him when they're sad they need a hug.
There are six of us
never take your sisters for granted keep them in your heart no matter what happens love them honor them showdown that you love them just called them every once in awhile just say hello the accident thing be mindful of them.
There are six of us
198 · Jan 26
Stand up Queen
Rachel Gosby Jan 26
You can do it, Queen, stand up
It's important to continue to stand.
It's worth it at the end
The pain will end soon
All the pieces are coming together
Don't cry, wipe your tears away
Stand up Queen, you can do it
Focused on the positivity
The storms are disappearing
Continue to make them moves
Release the negative
It's time to rest your mind
The battles are not yours
One step at a time Queen
Stand up Queen, you can do it
Put your faith in God
The sun is rising
Hold on, don’t give up
Let go, and step out on faith
Learn and live your life as a Queen that you are  
There's always room for a second chance
Stay strong, end continue to be you
Pray, and let it go
You can do it, Queen, stand
Your future is ahead of you
Hold your head up, don’t let your crown fall
Be a savage not average
It's time to be a beast
Be stronger than your excuses
Act like a lady, but think like a boss
Know your powerful Queen
Don't be a lady, be a legend
Step out on faith
leave a little sparkle wherever you go
stand up, and slay
stand up Queen, you can do to

Stand up Queen, you can do it. Unleash the Dragon and let the world have it. You’re a Phenomenal Queen, so show it, Stand up Queen, you can do too.....
196 · Nov 2019
Say No More
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
To hurt.
To pain.
To stress.
To being weak-minded.
To suffering.
To angry.
To drama.
To being messed understood.
To moving backward.
To falling.
To living in fear.
To violence in the world.
To negative people.
To disrespectful.
To hearts being broken.
To be confused and lost.
To mistakes being made.
To try to please others.
To the world judging you.
To feeling guilty.
To running away.
To not being real.

No matter what the world may say about you, Just say no more.
because it's not what people say about you, it's what you say about yourself. you have the last say in your life, not the world.
Say No More.
195 · Jul 2017
Rachel Gosby Jul 2017
listening to your heart.
loving what you do in life.
believing in who you are.
Enjoying living your life.
thanking God for what you have.
respecting yourself, and who you are.
looking through the pain.
opening your heart for something new.
letting the wind blow throw your hair.
being honest about yourself.
learning more in life while you can.
Being proud of who you are.
Holding someone hands.
motivating yourself for something wonderful.
standing tall, and fight for yourself.
keeping beautiful memories.
giving second chances, because you never know long you have.
being the person people love to be with.
growing into a beautiful person that you are.
staring in the eyes of fear.
making great decisions.
when you think you can't, all you need to do is
192 · Oct 2019
Can You Hear Me Now?
Rachel Gosby Oct 2019
I love you.
I forgive you.
I care for you.
You are a beautiful person.
You can motivate others with your words.
You don't let others bring you down.
You're a winner and a loser.
You're brave and very smart.
You're very talented at what you do.
Keep standing tall like you are.
keep on smiling and never stop.
Keep imagining and dreaming.
Don't stop believing in yourself.
don't stop pushing for a brighter future.
Don't let no one change what you are.
let your hair down for anyone.
let's keep appreciating what's in front of you.
Don't let no one tear you down.
You are who you say you are.
You have a beautiful spirit on you.
Never let anyone tell you any differences.
Never try to please other people.
you are one of a kind.

So the things I say to you, listen to me, and to all I have to say to you.
So Can You Hear Me Now ???
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