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5d · 121
Things I Can Do!!
Changing the way I view things.
Taking Back my power into my own hands.
Controlling my own destiny.
Picking up the broken pieces.
Taking a stand for what's right.
Feeling my heartbeat for the first time.
believing that there are better days coming.
Letting go of the past to create a better future.
Taking back what was stolen from me.
Pushing to become the woman I'm met to be.
Using my wisdom to achieve greatness.
Being able to listen to the beautiful sound in the air.
Taking back my voice to speak up.
Using my creativity to empower and change lives.
Controlling what comes towards me.
Taking back the respect I deserve.
Reaching out to all opportunities that come my way.

I know what I deserve, so I'm taking back what's mines.
5d · 19
Stressing Out!
Fighting the urge to give up.
Screaming out of fear and anger.
heart beating faster than normal.
Trying to hold all the pieces together.
Losing control of my emotions.
Needing to take a step back.
Thoughts are racing through my head.
Feeling cold shoulders everywhere I turn.
Wasting valuable time doing nothing.
Not pushing myself harder.
Climbing to get on top.
Feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.
Not seeing what's right in front of me.
Learning seems to be getting harder to do.
Things are not what they seem to be.
Trusting is getting harder to do.
Feeling like every step I make is wrong.
Pushing away from the right kind of help.
Feeling like I'm falling down a deep dark hole.
Losing sight of reality.
people coming at me from ever

But at the end of each day, things tend to become better
just because I'm taking a deep breath and standing still.
Not rush, and listening to myself and what I want out of life.
stressing out is what a lot of people seem to be doing. sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and just standstill. listen to what you want and not what everyone else wants.
Aug 29 · 33
Don't ForGet
Rachel Gosby Aug 29
How smart you are.
what you're capable of doing.
who's in complete control.
no response is a response.
you were born to stand out.
that taking a risk can change your life.
to see rejection as redirection.
your working for your future.
growth can be uncomfortable.
to fight for you, and what you want.
to learn to be disciplined.
you have a success story to tell.
understanding is silver, and wisdom is gold.
success is a decision.
all glory comes from daring to begin.
your boundaries are important and deserve to be honored.
if opportunity doesn't knock then build a door.

just don't forget
Feb 5 · 53
Just Remember
Rachel Gosby Feb 5
Just Remember
The person you've become
The queen and phenomenal woman you are
All the struggles you've won over the years
Not worrying over things you can't change
To raise your words, but not your voice
How strong you are each day
To always put yourself first
That opinions don't define who you are
A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles
It's ok to step out of your comfort zone sometimes
To continue to stand tall like the queen you are
A negative mind will never give you a positive life
To always give God  thanks for what you have
What's been broken, can always be healed
Never regret a day in your life
You have the power to push past your darkest days
Not all storms comes to disrupt your life
You were born to tell a story, so tell it
Some storms comes to clear a path for a breakthrough
It's not the load that weighs you down, it's the way you carry it
Each day will never end as the as the day before
Better days are coming, and the hard times will end
To always smile no matter what comes your way
Live each day different than the day before
Truthing in yourself first will take you a long way in life
The pain, heartaches, and obstacles, was just for a season
To always follow your heart, and to never give up
You have the power to slow down the spread of your life, not others

So remember To keep the focus on your future ahead of you, and not what's been done in the past, Just truth, and remember that better days are coming
Feb 2 · 42
Beat The Devil Down
Rachel Gosby Feb 2
Stand up
Look him in the eyes
Make him bow down
Don't be afraid to fight back
He can't handle the power of God
Crush all of his plans
Beat him down
Let the sunshine above his head
Lost the battle, but win the war
walk away, and don't look back
The devil can't stand to be mocked
Don't distance yourself from what's yours
Show him who you are, Gods Child
Beat him down
Take back your peace of mind
Show him who's stronger
Make him disappear, so you can be found
The stones his throwing, throw them back
Climb over all struggles Queen
You’re a fighter, so fight back
Beat him down
Use your strength to rebuild what's been broken
Start praying, and releasing the worries
Do something he hates, start praising the lord
Make him cry, make him feel pain
Rest queen, and let God take over
He wants you to regret your choices, don't
Beat him down
You have a purpose, so don’t quiet
When he claps, you clap-back
Take a stand, and realize who got your back
Make a hole so that he can fall in it
Tell him who team you're on
**** him with your confessions

Jan 26 · 195
Stand up Queen
Rachel Gosby Jan 26
You can do it, Queen, stand up
It's important to continue to stand.
It's worth it at the end
The pain will end soon
All the pieces are coming together
Don't cry, wipe your tears away
Stand up Queen, you can do it
Focused on the positivity
The storms are disappearing
Continue to make them moves
Release the negative
It's time to rest your mind
The battles are not yours
One step at a time Queen
Stand up Queen, you can do it
Put your faith in God
The sun is rising
Hold on, don’t give up
Let go, and step out on faith
Learn and live your life as a Queen that you are  
There's always room for a second chance
Stay strong, end continue to be you
Pray, and let it go
You can do it, Queen, stand
Your future is ahead of you
Hold your head up, don’t let your crown fall
Be a savage not average
It's time to be a beast
Be stronger than your excuses
Act like a lady, but think like a boss
Know your powerful Queen
Don't be a lady, be a legend
Step out on faith
leave a little sparkle wherever you go
stand up, and slay
stand up Queen, you can do to

Stand up Queen, you can do it. Unleash the Dragon and let the world have it. You’re a Phenomenal Queen, so show it, Stand up Queen, you can do too.....
Rachel Gosby Dec 2020
Finding my way back to myself
Knowing how to smile once again
Standing my own ground
Learning from my mistakes
Taking back control of what's mines
Not listening for a tick or a tock
Believing in myself once again
Knowing what words to finally  use
Learning to walk again
My reflection becoming clearer
Rejoicing once again
Feeling comfortable in my own skin
Transformation into a better woman
Regaining my voice to speak
Things opening up for me
Standing steel for once in life
Rushing no longer an option
Taking new risks
Grabbing hold to life
Living for tomorrow
Passing throw without regrets
No longer floating away
Opportunities coming my way
The whispers are no longer there
Seeing to believe
Knowing what to do at last
Working harder for new results
Standing on my own
No longer afraid to be happy

I'm finally Pushing Through
Dec 2020 · 140
Rachel Gosby Dec 2020
Breathing becoming harder
You may not be ready to move on
Someone heart is broken
The weight of life is becoming heavier
Best friends are breaking always
The river is losing water
People are losing their life's
Homelessness is growing every day
Things are becoming more challenging
The time on the clocks are moving fast
Virus is taking over
Everyone is stopping  believing in their elf
No one is taking back control
Negativity is in the air
The devil is very busy
Running away is becoming popular
No one is willing to correct their mistakes
Emergency alert system is going off
Danger is approaching
Motivation is leaving the world
People are crying out for help
No one is facing their fears
Opportunities are being overlooked

Warning watch out and change for the better…
Rachel Gosby Dec 2020
To dance free
Me laughing and having fun
About me walking without pain
Of leaving all my enemy beheld me
Me speaking up for myself
I'm being in control of my life
Me seeing what's in front of me
I'm facing my fears
Letting my dreams come true
Of me pushing myself harder
Me singing out loud
I'm thinking before I SPEAK
Me believing in happiness
Just living a free life
Wining something in life
Taking more **** ricks
Hearing opportunities knocking
Me crying for joy
I'm leaving the old for the new
Stopping from running away
Creating something new
Me being a **** good boo
Standing true to myself
Knowing how to slow down
Taking my time for once in life
Letting all the negativity go
Me not letting people push around
Waiting for that special moment
Spreading out my goals
And more important me taking my life back
Dec 2020 · 43
Don't Run Away
Rachel Gosby Dec 2020
Don't runway
Face them fears head-on
Take your stand
Use your voice
Let them people miss you
Rushing doesn't get things done
Lay all your troubles down
Let all the negativity go
Be patience in all things
Don't run away
Walk into your blessings
Follow your dreams
Handle only what you can handle
Take care of you first
Celebrate your accomplishments
Make people guess what's wrong
Believe you got the victory
Stop being someone your not
Don't run away
Be who God made you to be
Don't be afraid to learn something new
Remember you have to practice to get things right
Don't worry about making people happy
Everything will come in order
Truth in the things you do
Don't be afraid for a helping hand
Things happen for a reason
Don't run away
Get ready to open new doors
Block out all the whispers throw out the night
Emergency will come and they also will leave
So don't run away, stay, and fight for what's for you.
Dec 2020 · 43
This Is Me!!!!
Rachel Gosby Dec 2020
Living for me
Taking control
Standing up
Facing my fears
Working harder
Not floating away
Opportunities knocking at the door
Becoming a new woman
Staying where I belong
Trying different things
Feeling powerful
Grabbing hold to life
Living for tomorrow
Truthing in myself
Holding on with dear life
Passing with flying colors
Running towards my future
Taking it day at a time
Laughing out loud
Crying tears of joy
No more running
Dancing freely
Singing to my Lord
My mind is at ease
Loving life

This Is Me!!!!
Nov 2020 · 49
Floating Away!!!!
Rachel Gosby Nov 2020
Without knowing what's going on
Not knowing what tomorrow bring
Lost in a space of my own
Lost in a different time zone
Waiting to find out what going to happen next
Like a clock that tick-tocks throughout the day
Like a butterfly, and stinging like a bee.
Losing control of who I am
Seeing without believing
Feeling like I'm slipping away
Not able to find the right words to say
Forgetting how to walk on my own two feet
Losing sight of who I am
Not knowing what to say
Forgetting how to believe
Not able to see my reflection in the mirror
Feeling lost and confused
Crying out for someone to hear me
Reaching out for someone hand, but no one's there
Exploding from the inside out
Hearing whispers throw out the night
Transforming into a different body
Passing throw life within minutes
Floating away in silence
Losing my voices to speak out
things closing up around me
People turning against me

Floating away
May 2020 · 91
Take Me As I Am...
Rachel Gosby May 2020
I am loyal, adventurous
Make's  mistakes
Not afraid of the truth
Practice kindness
Full of sparkle, and compassion
May say stupid ****
Yes I am a little crazy
Sometimes laugh when I'm not supposed to
Don't regret anything in my life
Strong and beautiful
A fearless woman, and wise
I lead baby, don't follow
Knows I"m not perfect, but do try my **** best
Secure in who I am
Shows my love in different ways
Not rick, but am valuable
Yes I am a whole fool
Don't take ****
Will beat *** if needed
Don't trust people easily
Not Patience all the time
Won't leave you beheld to fall
Will never pass judgment
Don't believe in limit

Take me as I am, or watch me walk away
I am me, and I love me
as I am
May 2020 · 88
Things I Wish For...
Rachel Gosby May 2020
Being who I am
smiling more
More Positivity in my life
No more disappointments
Finishing all my challenges
Speaking up for myself
Being more patient
More opportunities to come my way
Not living a ******* complicated life
For people to stop trying to control my life
My health to get better
People to ******* respect me
Being more proud of all my accomplishments
To feel good from my head to my shoes
Having a better attitude
Being a lot stronger
Believing that I can shine like a star in the shy
Celebrating life as it is Today
For people to stop ******* judging me
Keeping my ******* state of mind
Being more determined
Believing that I am a fearless woman
Being able to Push throw the hard times
To believe that I am beautiful on the inside and as well the outside
To love myself more

I know that the things I'm wishing for maybe too much to ask for, but I have to believe that my wish will come to pass

Just keep believing !!!!!
May 2020 · 83
Many Problems Like....
Rachel Gosby May 2020
Between love and hate
Memories of the past
Not being able to reconnect with others
Refusing help
Missing all the good in the world.
Death in the world
Missing children
Homelessness in the world
Opportunities being missed
Missing the chances to change
Temptations not being told
Outbreaks of Violence everywhere you turn
Trust issues
Losing the site of hope
Blessings being missed
People getting abused
Not willing to change for the good
Being afraid to speak your mind
Being Misunderstood
Coving up the truth
Social distancing
Fighting over material things
Not learning for the mistakes that were made
Not being grateful for what's in front of you
The world can't even say the word thank you

No matter what's going on in the world doesn't mean you shouldn't lose the sight of hope or who you are. You don't have to change because the world is changing. There will never be another you in this world, so do what's best for you.

Just say no more Problems, and believe it when you say it.
Let The Problems Go!!
No More Problems!!!
May 2020 · 59
Lend Me To...
Rachel Gosby May 2020
Challenges so that I may complete
So that I may find true love
Sweet and beautiful dreams
The ability to forgive and move on
Having a peaceful mind
Understanding a lot more
Saving all my beautiful memories
Reconnecting with my love ones
Staying confident but not complacent
Believing in my future to be brighter
The guardian angel that's watching over me
Having a successful future
Using my imagination
Remembering all the good things that have been done
Finding true happiness within myself
Not living a complicated life
Accepting the things I can't change
Being able to cut out any kind of negativity that's waiting for me
Finding new opportunity that's out there for me
Using my powerful voices as I should
Reconnecting to who I am
Being able to see the things that are right in front of me

Open your eyes so that you may see what's really out there for you.
Trust in who you are, so that you may lend yourself into your own true destiny
May 2020 · 71
How About...
Rachel Gosby May 2020
No more disappointment
Finding a new way to love
Not waiting for things to change
Learning how to be happy
Being proud of who you are
Moving past the struggle
Accepting the things you can't change
Laughing a little more
Believing in your future
Cutting out any negativity
Saying goodbye to people who don't care
Removing people without warning
Believing you're enough
Having a change of heart
Not feeling alone and neglected
Believing that it's good in the world
Not thinking your ideas don't matter
reaping the benefits
Feeling comfortable in your own skin

So tell me how about you believing and understanding what's out there in the world for you. how about truthing in yourself and what you can do in the world.
May 2020 · 71
Rachel Gosby May 2020
Who you are
Your accomplishments
The little things in life
beautiful moments
each day that comes alone
all of your success
your heroes, and she-roes
the big, and little victories
milestones as you prepare for the road ahead
the struggle as much as the success
how amazing you are
your individuality
how outstanding, and **** you are
how strong, and fearless you are
your achievements
the risks you take every day
ever lesions you've learned over the years
every win, no matter how small

No matter how hard things may seem to be, celebrate the successful things you've done in your life. every day is a celebration and you should ******* celebrate.
May 2020 · 76
Could You...
Rachel Gosby May 2020
Keep faith
love others as they love you
hope for something new
stay positive
Believe in happiness
be creative
have new ideas
be successful
have peace in your life
use your powerful voices
keep strength to keep moving
try a little harder
do the right things
open your heart to something new
fight for what you believe in
give a listening ear

Yes, you could, you could do anything just as long as you set your mind to it.
Don't let anything tell you anything different.
you are more powerful than what people say about you.
May 2020 · 51
Try Too....
Rachel Gosby May 2020
Live your life
stand tall
find your happiness
understand more
love who you are
see the beauty of life
smile graciously
save all memories
appreciate what you have
believe in who you are
keep the faith
listen a little more
keep your dreams alive
move past the pain, and hurt
touch the stars
reconnect with love ones
rebuild what's been last
remember who you are

Try, try again if at first, you don't succeed you have to keep
trying, and never give up so
Apr 2020 · 54
Rachel Gosby Apr 2020
That you're beautiful and strong.
To always keep an open mind
To never give up hope
To be comfortable in your own skin
That the storms will not last for long
To be proud of what you have become
To stay confident, but not complacent
To believe in who you are
That the sun will shine again
That it's ok to be scared sometimes
That your future is brighter then what you expect
That every day is a new experience
To rejoice in all things
That you have an angel watching over you
To appreciate the things you have
To keep your family close, but your enemies closer
That every day is not promise to you
That you don't have to be someone your not
That all things will come to pass

So remember what has been done in life does not mean you have to stop being who you are or what you are about to become
Remember that you are a
Winner 💯💯💯
Apr 2020 · 55
My World 🌍🌍🌍🌍
Rachel Gosby Apr 2020
My world
Can be a little crazy
Will make you laugh
Will love you no matter what
Would never give up on you
Sparkle overall negativity
Will tell you right from wrong
Can give you a helping hand
Is strong, and has determination
Rejoice over all things
Has creativity, as well as positivity
Has a great temptation
Has the ability to keep hope alive
Is not afraid to speak out loud
Has happiness, and peace of mind
Has the courage to dream big
Has wisdom, and knowledge
Will show you how intelligent you are
Has the ability to forgive, and the strength to move on
Hold no regrets for things undone
Sees all beauty in all things
Will give you joy in your heart
Will put a smile on your face
Will give you all the hugs that you need
Will give you a listening ear

So whatever is going on you can always come to my world 🌍 and have the time of your life.
MY WORLD 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍
Apr 2020 · 335
What We Have🤔🤔
Rachel Gosby Apr 2020
We have our health
Our freedom
Our peace of mind
Our family, and friends
Our conference
Our determination
Our strength to keep moving
Our moment to shine
Our independents
Our promises to keep
Our appreciation for the things we have
Our challenges to make us stronger
Our pride that gets in the way
Our imaginations that run wire
Our Guardian angels watching over us
Our homes to go to
Our future to look forward to
Our temptations to tell

No matter what people may say, or think about you, just remember what you have right in front of you. You have so much to be thankful for, so set back and ask yourself what do you have
Apr 2020 · 68
Don't let anyone take....
Rachel Gosby Apr 2020
Your joy
Your peace of mind
Your happiness
Your smile
Your freedom of speech
Your purpose of living
Your positivity
Your opportunity
Your creativity
Your destiny
Your independence
Your ability to love again
Your ability to keep hope alive
Your ambition to succeed
Your future away from you
Your dreams from coming true
Your temptation

So out of all of the negativity that's out in this world, you keep doing you, and keep being beautiful. Dont let anyone take nothing I mean nothing from you
Apr 2020 · 44
Please Stop......
Rachel Gosby Apr 2020
Wasting time
Hurting people
Abusing love ones
Sending people off
Chasing what's not yours
Being deceptive to people
Pushing something upon someone
Being so negative
Asking for things that's not yours
Playing mind trick on people
Being spiteful, and ignorant
Hurting yourself
Letting people hold you down
Trusting everyone
Hoping for the worst

No matter what's going on in the world, you just keep doing what's best for you,  and please keep the faith.
Apr 2020 · 59
I see you💯💯
Rachel Gosby Apr 2020
Loving who you are.
Building a better life.
Taking opportunity that's kicking.
Finding love, and paces within.
Living without any regrets
Learning from your mistakes.
For who you really are.
Not setting for less.
Listening with a clear mind.
Being patient.
Leaving your past in your past.
Showing who's boss
Smiling, and enjoying life as it is.
Keeping your head up.
Standing strong on your word.
Accepting things you cant change.
Letting people know who you are.
Trusting in what you believe in.
Letting your mind at ease.
Not holding back from your destiny.
Holding tight to your dreams.
Seeing what's right in front of you.

So no matter what people may think of you, or say about you,even the things they have done to you. Keep in mind that you can do all things that strengthens you through christ.
So keep on pushing and pushing and be the  winner at the end........
Apr 2020 · 62
People say I'm😲😲
Rachel Gosby Apr 2020
Losing my mind
Empty inside
A cry baby
A complainer
Not listening enough
A no body
Unhappy with myself
Not trustworthy
A quitter
A rude person
A waste of time
Disrespectful to others
Very judgmental
A bother to them
Not willing to learn new things
Not strong
But out of everything that people have said to me in my life, I still continue to treat people with kindness, even when they try to trample over me emotionally I'll be triumphant in the end. When people often say mean things to me, all I do is remember it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.
Apr 2020 · 43
I Can't Stop....
Rachel Gosby Apr 2020
Beliving in something new.
Hoping for a better tomorrow.
Loving who I am Today.
Having a new attitude.
Spreading joy in the world.
Speaking my mind.
Dreaming a new dream.
Being very independent.
Enjoying life as it is.
Pushing for a brighter future.
Appreciating what's in front of me.
Standing as tall as I know-how.
Singing from my heart.
Being determined to make things happen.
Protecting who I love and what I love.
Being proud of who i am today.
Laughing out loud.
Using my imagination.
Being very motivated.
Keeping security in my life.

I can't and I won't
Jan 2020 · 68
The Time Is Near...
Rachel Gosby Jan 2020
To improve your life.
Between going and coming.
To let new people in without any judgment.
To realize how beautiful you are.
To make new and fun memories.
To heal your broken heart.
To look in the mirror and see the real self.
To not quit on your dreams.
To remember how to love again.
To release all your fear and anger.
To understand with a clear mind.
To be more peaceful within yourself.
To pray for the best and hope for the best.
To stop loving the wrong people.
To explore new opportunities.
To start cutting negative people out of your life.
To pick your head up and keep pushing for the best.
To stay focused and stay ahead of the game.
To not get caught up always be aware of your surroundings.

The time is near to make this clear that this is a brand new year for
new beinging that's coming your way.
Dec 2019 · 73
I Can....
Rachel Gosby Dec 2019
Be anything I want to be.
Fly with the pretty birds.
feel the air blowing through my hair.
Speak my mind and never hold back.
Fight for what I believe in.
Follow all of my dreams.
Move past my fears.
Walk away from arguments.
Forgive and move forward.
Walk away from judgmental people.
Love without even trying.
Set back and wait for my blessings to come.
Dance like no one is watching me.
Accept the things I can't change.
Realize when I have done enough.
See the good out of a bad situation.
Build for a brighter future.
Love myself to set boundaries between me and the world.
Realize that I have a marine in the making.
Admit to my wrong.
Work on the mistakes that I've made throughout my life.
Try my best not to give up on my self.
Realize when someone is trying to manipulate me.

I can do all thing's that
strengthens me.
I can....
Dec 2019 · 79
I'll Be There....
Rachel Gosby Dec 2019
When you need a shoulder to cry on.
I'll be there.
When you need someone to talk to.
I'll be there.
When you need a break from the outside world.
I'll be there.
When you want to laugh out loud
I'll be there.
When you want to dances or sing out loud.
I'll be there.
When you're stressing the **** out.
I'll be there.
When you feel like your all alone.
I'll be there.
When you need to smile.
I'll be there.
When you need me.
I'll be there.
When you don't know what to do.
I'll be there.
When you feel like running away.
I'll be there.
When you get in trouble.
I'll be there.
When you're feeling scared.
I'll be there.
When your feeling lost.
I'll be there.
When you make a mistake.
I'll be there.
When you don't feel beautiful.
I'll be there.
When you need encouragement.
I'll be there.
When you get disrespected.
I'll be there.

No matter how you feel, what you may be going through, I'll always be there for you no matter what. you're always will be able to count on me.
I'll be there.
Dec 2019 · 76
I Am Done Done Done....
Rachel Gosby Dec 2019
Living in fear.
Not believing that there's no love.
Keep getting disrespected.
Wishing bad on someone else.
Not keeping my promises.
Running from my mistakes.
Being stressed all the time.
Helping everyone I know and don't know.
Keep getting my heartbroken.
Stop letting everyone mistreat me.
Moving slowly causes everyone else is.
Letting the world control my life.
Crying over the things I can't change.
Spreading time on someone else shoulders.
Not having someone to lean on.
Letting my insides rot.
Letting people think it's ok to hurt me.
Letting my temper rise.
The fighting, arguing, hitting, punching the wall.
the name-calling that people do to me.
Feeling like I'm sitting on a time bomb.
Feeling like I'm being ****** around.
Believing people lie they be telling.
Being tired of being tired.
Falling for everything.
Not trying my best.
Giving my all, when everyone else is giving 10%.
Being afraid of speaking the ******* truth.

I'm to done with all this ****, it's my time around.
I'm Done Done Done.
let's say it together we're Done Done Done frfr.
Dec 2019 · 157
Please Don't....
Rachel Gosby Dec 2019
Judge me.
Look at me strangely.
Spread gossip about me.
Walk by me as if I don't exist.
Laugh in my face.
Treat me like I'm an animal.
Lie to my face.
**** my happiness.
Play with my heart.
Tell me to throw in the towel.
Put me out in the rain.
Tell me to give up on myself.
Tell me that I'm a failure.
Steal from me.
Make me feel uncomfortable.
Put me in harm's way.
Try to intimidate me.
Try to destroy my soul.
Beat me inhumanely.
Block my progress.

All I'm asking you is to
Please Don't.....
Dec 2019 · 67
You Don't Know Me....
Rachel Gosby Dec 2019
Running from beatings.
Suffering from depression.
Crying out for help and no one there.
Not having food to eat.
Wishing I was dead.
Struggling with sickness.
Being talked about and being prosecuted.
Being burned by my own.
Constantly in the hospital.
Being afraid to live.
Recovering from broken bones.
Walking the cold street looking for a place to sleep.
Losing my mother so young.
Waiting for someone to adopt me.
Being homeless staying in shelters.
Having children prematurely.
Drinking so much alcohol to hide from my problems.
Always getting in trouble.

But after all that I've been through I am here, I am still standing through it all. Nothing stopped me, Yes I have fallen, but I got back up and still fighting like a winner.
Dec 2019 · 68
Let People!
Rachel Gosby Dec 2019
Let people talk their **** like they do.
Let people judge until Judgement day.
Let people roll their eyes until they fall out.
Let people do what they do.
Let people see what they want to see.
Let people hate on you.
Let people laugh on.
Let people miss their own opportunities.
Let people walk on by.
Let people have their own attitudes.
Let people as many questions as they want.
Let people wonder on.
Let people hold on to their grudges.
Let people keep their secrets.
Let people have their own opinions.
Let people be negative all they want.
Let people stay in a world of violence.
Let people try to tear you down.
Let people think what they think.
Let people hold on to their fears.

Because after all that's been done to you, you still are going to come out on top of the world. you're still a winner because you didn't give up.
A hater knows a winner when they see one.
Nov 2019 · 46
I'm That Bitch!
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
Who keeps her word.
Who's not afraid to live her life.
Who's willing to forgive and move the **** on.
Who's brave enough to try something new.
Who would beat that *** and not think nothing of it.
Who stands up for herself.
Who's not afraid to admit when she's wrong.
Who's not afraid to get her hands *****.
Who knows what she deserves.
Who can be a ***** at times and sweet as pie.
Who won't apologize for being who I am.
Who won't accept anyone's BS.
Who's not afraid to walk away from drama.
Who will give out a helping hand.
Who doesn't mind being a ***** to get things done.
Who's a genuine ***** and with a big *** heart.
Who will say thank you for calling me a *****.
who will talk mad **** right in your face.
Who knows how beautiful she is.
Who has a kick-*** smile.
who can beat you at your own game.
Who's in control of her own life.
Who's not afraid to make her dreams come true.

I'm That ***** that will make you think before you say anything to me.
That's how you should see your self. no matter how people may think of you or even say about you. it doesn't matter why because
your that *****.
Don't let anyone tell who you are. If you a ***** then be the biggest ***** you can then. Don't be afraid to be who you are in life.
Nov 2019 · 60
My Lady
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
She's sweet as pie.
She's so kind and gentle.
She's strong like Super Woman.
She's very spiritual.
She is very peaceful with others.
She's very helpful to the ones who in need.
She's so positive, then anyone I know.
She's so creative.
The sun shines across her beautiful face.
Don't ever underestimate her.
She's so smart and wise.
She's a fighter like Muhammad ALI.
She's a great listener.
She speaks are mind no matter what.
She didn't lose herself in the world.
She laughs out loud when she's happy or just because.
She dances like no one is watching her.
She sings like angels in heaven.
Don't try to stop her, because you can't stop a winner.
She stands up for herself, and for what's right.
She's so **** talented to the **** T.
She believes in all of her dreams, as well as others.
She stays motivated, and she's appreciated by many.
She's a ride and die, woman.

She may not be perfect for the world
but she's perfect just for me.
My Lady!!!!
If you have anyone that means the world to you, tell them now and don't wait until it's too late. No matter if she's your wife, your sister, your friend, your aunt. even your grandmother. no matter who that person is to you tells them you love them and your here for them.
Nov 2019 · 47
Do You See Me?????
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
Trying to stand up.
Speaking up for myself.
Loving myself.
Not living in the past.
Fixing my mistakes.
Taking control of my life.
Rebuilding what I've lost.
Smiling more every day.
Being proud of who I am.
Fighting for a better future.
Laughing because I'm happy.
Protecting my family.
Not missing new opportunities.
Surviving in the world.
Walking away from drama.
Not having any regrets.
Realizing how beautiful I am.
Being more determination then yesterday.
Not letting my last get in the way.
Being more positive then I was before.
Not living in fear.
Not staying down when I fall.
Believing in myself and all I can do.
Doing what's best for me.

Can't you see me, I'm doing what's best for me, even if you can't see it.
Even if you can't see me doing what I do, it's me that's doing the hard work to better for myself.
I'm not here for you to see me or not. if you see me then you just see me.
I'm going to keep moving even if that means leaving you behold.
The question is do you see me????
Nov 2019 · 56
When I Die...
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
Will people remember me as the years go bye.
Will people even cry for me.
Will people say they knew me.
Will people say I was a good mother or friend to them.
Will people let balloons go for me.
Will people say good thing's about me.
Will people miss me when I'm gone.
Will people say I was a happy person.
Will people come to my funeral.
Will people be glad that I'm gone.
Will people have a party to celebrate my passing.
Will people say that I was a strong woman.
Will people say that I was a fighter.
Will they say I was beautiful.
Will they say I was brave.
Will they say I was a hard-working woman.
Will they see the good I did in my life.
Will they say I didn't give up.
Will they say I believed in myself.
Will they say I was a good dancer or singer.
Will they come to my grave and lay some flowers down.
Will my children miss me.
Will my family miss me.
Will they stand up for me when I'm gone.
Will they play my favorites sings at my funeral.
Will they be happy that I'm gone.
Will they forget all about me.

When I'm gone will people forget all about me, I won't know because I'll be gone and I won't see anyone faces anymore, I'll be in heaven looking down on them, hoping people are getting them self together.
Nov 2019 · 60
I Can't Apologize.
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
For living my life.
For not giving up on myself.
For not dealing with other people drama.
For letting go of the past.
For not accepting anyone leftovers.
For feeling the way I feel.
For speaking up for myself.
For being in control of my life.
For rebuilding what I've lost.
For standing on my own two feet.
For having high standards.
For choosing to walk away.
For correcting my mistakes.
For taking my time.
For loving who I love.
For looking up and not down.
For having an open heart and an open mind.
For having a strong well to move on.
For keeping hope alive.
For truthing in myself.
For showing people who I'm really am.
For not being stupid to believe someone lies.
For believing that the world is beautiful.
For moving on in my life.
For standing up after I fall.
For giving help where help is needed.

I can't apologize for being me and who I am. I can't apologize for just believing in what I can do, as long as I try.
you shouldn't apologize for being who you are and what you're about.
so I'm trying you Don't apologize, keep doing what you think it's best for you and your family,
believe in your self and know what you can do and what you can't do.
because if you can believe then you can do it.
believing in your self is all that you can do, then you can do anything.
love yourself and do what's best for you and not no one else.
think for your self and believe in what's out here for you.
Nov 2019 · 47
Tell Yourself
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
That you are great.
That you are special.
That you are a lover.
That you are a positive person.
That you are a listener.
That you are a protector.
That you are strong.
That you are respectful.
That you are Important.
That you are a winner.
That you are a fighter.
That you can forgive.
That you can move on.
That you have a big heart.
That you have a powerful voice.
That you are can sing out loud.
That you can dance like no one is watching you.
That you are who you say you are.

Tell yourself, because deep down you are all those things, no matter what people say about you, you know that truth.
Nov 2019 · 58
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
Because you're free.
Because you're happy.
Because you rebuild your life over.
Because you made it through the hard times.
Because of your strong and fearless.
Because you can understand with a clear mind.
Because moving forward in life.
Because your proud of who you are.
Because you're more determined.
Because of your growing.
Because you're moving with greatness.
Because you're not picking up anyone leftovers.
Because you're believing in who you are.
Because you never stay down for too long.
Because you can use your imagination.
Because you know you're beautiful and smart as hell.
Because you can accept the things you can't change.
Because you love yourself.

No matter how life gets, you can always smile because you know you tried your best each and every day.
Nov 2019 · 41
Giving Thanks
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
For giving me a chance.
For not giving up on me.
For believing in what I can do.
For trusting in me when no one else would.
For helping me when I was down.
For being a kind-hearted person.
For giving me your time.
For taking care of me when I needed it.
For walking beside me.
For holding my hand.
For wiping my tears away.
For staying by my side.
For your part in my journey.
For helping me survive the day.
For making me believe in a better tomorrow.
For loving me as you do.
For seeing me for who I am.
For showing me it's ok to cry sometimes.
For giving me the strength when I needed it the most.
For keeping it real with me.
For pushing me to be great.
For giving me a reason to smile and not to give up.

No matter what's going on in the world, tell someone who's been there for you and who's never given up on you,
tell them Thank You
No matter what you been through tell the person who's been there for you no matter what, who's been holding you down and who's always had your back.
just please tell them
Thank you
Thank you goes a long way
Nov 2019 · 64
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
From smiling.
From laughing.
From following your dreams.
From being proud of who you are.
From remembering the happy times.
From keeping hope alive.
From speaking your mind.
From healing within yourself.
From using your powerful voice.
From trusting new people.
From making risking moves.
From staying strong.
From fighting for what's yours.
From dealing with disappointment.
From hurting on the inside.
From missing new opportunities.
From believing in yourself.
From making mistakes.
From making the wrong decisions.

NO MORE STRUGGLING, keep the faith, believe in what you can do within yourself.
Yes, it's hard to say it but it's harder not trying.
Nov 2019 · 86
I Miss You MOM
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
The way you looked at me.
The way you hugged me so tight.
The way you listen to me.
The way you would help me.
The way you laughed at my jokes.
The way you smiled when you were happy.
The way you love me and others.
The way you protected who you loved.
The way you would dance when your favorite song came on.
The way you would hold my hand.
The way you put me to sleep.
The way you walked through the door with a smile on your face.
The way you watched movies with me.
The way you cooked for me and others.
The way you would tell me you loved me.
The way you were so helpful to others.
The way your heart was so big to love.
The way you would read to me.
The way you made sure I was safe.
The way your doors were always open.

I truly never learned what the words I miss you were until I reached for your hand and it wasn't there.
Nov 2019 · 75
Understand Me.
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
When I say I'm great.
When I say I love who I am.
When I say I'm moving forward.
When I say my eyes are open.
When I say I'm blessed.
When I say I'm healing just fine.
When I say I'm a believer.
When I say I refuse to stay down.
When I say my love is here for you.
When I say it's my turn to be happy.
When I say I'm done crying over the past.
When I say I'm done explaining myself.
When I say I'm so done stressing.
When I say I'm strong and a fighter.
When I say I'm done with being disappointed.
When I say I'm in control.
When I say I'm done being silent.
When I say I deserve a good life.
When I say my decisions are my decisions.
When I say don't come for me.
When I say I stay ready for anything.
When I say love me for me, not for what I can do for you.
When I say I'm a ball full of fire.
When I say i choose to forgive and move on.
When I say I'm done apologizing for me being myself.
When I say just listen to me if you are trying to hear me.

Understand me for me not for what you hear about me.
Understand me for what you see.
Understand Me.
Nov 2019 · 66
Wake Up
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
taking a deep breath.
with a refreshed mind
To have a better day than yesterday.
To make things happen.
Kicking ***.
Not to be mediocre.
To fight harder than yesterday.
To feel exceptional.
To be heard.
With determinations.
To make more memories.
Believing today will be better than yesterday.
With positive intentions.
With success on your mind.
With more opportunities.
With a smile on your face.
To realize how beautiful you are.
To be more awesome.
To rebuild what you may have lost.
To understand with a clear mind.
To give out a helping hand.
To be great at what you do.
To try something new.
To love and to be loved.
To takes ricks.
To cry happy tears.

Wake up and be whatever you want to be. Don't let anything or no one stope you. All you have to say is Yes you can do it.
Nov 2019 · 125
Fuck It
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
**** toxic *** people.
**** holding **** to your heart.
**** being unsure of your self.
**** the bullshitting.
**** apologizing.
**** overthinking.
**** worrying.
**** fake *** people.
**** lying *** people.
**** explaining yourself to others.
**** giving up.
**** regretting your decisions.
**** killing your dreams.
**** losing your self into a person.
**** the past.
**** painful situations.
**** being silence.
**** the drama.
**** being stressed the **** out.
**** people ignoring you.
**** trying to be someone your not.
**** trying to make someone happy.
**** wasting your time.
**** rushing through life.
**** being alone.

**** it, start saying **** it, and see what happens next. you could see a lot of things happen right in front of your eyes. when you get to the point where you want to say **** it. just say it.
**** IT
give your self what you want. do what you want to do in life and don't worry about what someone may have to say about you.
just start saying
**** it
Nov 2019 · 57
Just A New Day
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
where you can make better decisions.
Where you could make new memories.
Where you could smile, even more.
Where you can reach your goals and opportunities.
Where you can find who you really are.
Where you can be a better you.
Where you can do more than you think.
Where you can dance, and rejoices more.
Where you can sing louder than yesterday.
Where you can motivation a little more.
Where you can learn something new.
Where you could be more humble than yesterday.
Where you could love even more.
Where you could give a helping hand to someone who needs it.
Where you could show how powerful your voice really is.
Where you can do what's best for you.
Where you can laugh even harder.
Where you can walk a different walk, then yesterday.
Where you can do something different.
Where you can realize how talented you are.
Where you can ask for more help from others.
Where you could be someone new and improved.
Where you can find the love of your life.

So don't just see a new day just a day. another day means you have another chance to do something you didn't get a chance to do yesterday. a new day is more opportunities for you.
Nov 2019 · 73
My Pain Today
Rachel Gosby Nov 2019
My pain I'm really hurting me.
My head is hurting.
My eyes are hurting.
It's hard to keep them open.
My body is hurting.
everything is hurting me.
It hurt to smile.
It hurt to laugh.
It hurt to walk on my two feet.
It hurt to stand on my own.
no medications are helping.
Trying to keep hope alive.
Trying to keep moving.
Trying to keep walking.
Trying to keep smiling.
Trying to keep laughing.
Trying to keep standing.

No matter how much pain I'm in I'm going to keep doing what I do best, and that keeps moving.
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