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Monicah Kiptoo Sep 2015
So we fall into conversations over cups and tables.Because it is what people do sometimes.Because we might get an insight inside the other world.The other's world.

So we take walks and stretches,just a mile isn't enough. Because we desire to.Because it's a new experience .Always ready to explore.

So we touch and let touch,it's the feel of it.Because it's a level of human connection. Because there's a certain feel good about it all.Pleasures of all time.

So we live and let live ,some matra we picked.Because we've seen and done much.Because we are yet to see and do some more.All stuff good and hell-ish.

So we are that kind of flame,fast but steady.Because the world runs at our pace.Because the world is ours.It's all beautiful really.
For mganga
Monicah Kiptoo Sep 2015
Now and Then
It's the taste of cake
And the smell of wet soil
Now and then it changes
To insatiable hunger
And the smell of death
It's a cocktail
Of fairytales and nightmares
In my head
It's love and peace
Chaos and loss
Now and then
It's a little bit of heaven
And a little bit of hell
Now and then
It's you
And then
Your demons
Monicah Kiptoo Nov 2014
One day I woke up
And it wasn't you
Monicah Kiptoo Nov 2014
To Love
Is a unique sickness
A different kind of ill

To Be loved
Is a torment
A different kind of debt

To love and be loved
Is inexplicable
A different kind of heaven
Life and love
Monicah Kiptoo Oct 2014
I met a man in church today
Reminds me of my sunshine
He led the praise and worship team
I kept looking
And wondering
What was it..
Maybe his brows
Thick and distoted
Perhaps that archaic smile
Or his short teeth

No,not his face
His voice perhaps?
The colour of his pants?
The green
On my favorite watch
Painted on my bedroom door
Maybe it was just me
On another episode
Of my imagination
Primal and raw

I must **** my darlings
I will strangle them by the neck
Slowly and surely
Strip them of their beauty
Of their allure
Always captivating
And cultivating

And I will prepare a dirge
In their honour
Ooh their beauty I will praise
Their creation I will
Forever be thankful for
Ooh darlings,
I will weep for you
And then let you go
I need you gone
Good riddance!
Monicah Kiptoo Oct 2014
I am In Love With The World
I am in love with the rain when the sun is shinning
In love with the thinning blades of grass when noon is peaking
The change from dusk to dawn
The mating of birds and hounds.

I care for the full moon
And the constallation of stars
I'm in love with the African baboon
And the roses that bloom in june
Trees and shrubs that just are
Green and sparse

I delight in the birth puppies and the milking of cows
Creatures of the earth that walk or just  crawl
I am in love with sedimentary rocks
And sands of the sahara

I am into streams and rivers
Gold and silver that I am yet to see
Into themes of the titanic and dreams of a mad man
I like the farmer at his digging and the proffesor at his teaching
The pastor at his preaching

I admire the rapper's muse
The idential triplets on the news
I admire a soldier's courage
As do I the techniques of the runway model.
The orange cottage by the hill

I am fascinated by the witch doctors juju and miracles of the Christian faith
The politician's sway
The beauty of love and the comfort of  hope
And ooh! The milky way
I am intrigued by the internet's scope

I love the lover's gaze and..
The rainbow after a storm
Nature and all creation
I am intrigued by the prophet Muhammed and the philosophy of the atheist
Monicah Kiptoo Oct 2014
I Am
I am Imaginary and I am real
I wonder About heaven and hell.Death
and the after life.Reincarnation
I hear words of a poem never written
I see the the letters dancing on my
I want To create the unknown
I am Imaginary and I am real
I pretend to will power over the past
and the future
I feel powerful
I touch the intagible
I worry I will not get to to touch
I cry about the unseen
I am Imaginary and I am real
I understand reality
I say dare imagine
I dream pictures
I try to paint the canvas
I hope for a beautiful creation
I am Imaginary and I am real
This is me in a poem guided by one of those I am formats.
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