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Ellen Marie May 2015
Did you know
that you don’t need a boy
to validate the fact that
the face in the mirror
is ******* beautiful
and you don’t need a boy
to take you out to a movie
and eat all your popcorn
and complain about the romance
you don’t need a boy
to take you to a dance
and step all over your toes
and complain about how tired he is
you don’t need a boy
to call you gorgeous when you first wake up
even though your hair is a disaster
let’s be honest, he’s lying anyways
and you don’t need a boy
in order to smile in the morning
and to be happy every ******* day
because a boy won’t solve all your problems
and a boy won’t make you love yourself
and a boy won’t make you find joy in everything
you can only do that yourself
so you don’t need a boy
you need yourself
Why be unhappily waiting for someone special to love you, when you can be living the life you have right now by simply loving yourself?
Ellen Marie Apr 2015
let's talk about God like it's 2 am
your bitterness has been lacking as of late
and all I want is your hand to reach for mine
but your blood is staining my shoes
and your words are poisoning my blood
stained wooden beams cut the moon in two
and I'm still here stuck waiting for you
Ellen Marie Feb 2015
set fire to my soul
and let it consume me
because i need the passion
that only pain can give
but i have no ambition
for the ache
of a broken heart
so set fire to me,
my love
and let me leave
so that i might find
the passion in me
Ellen Marie Jan 2015
It's more than your empty words
Long ramblings to validate the space someone carved out of your chest a long time ago
Beyond the lack of comprehension that your actions have as they pull you further and further away
I stand here far back with
Eyes clearer than the moon shining on a west coast lake
And know that when you broke her heart
She stole yours
Ellen Marie Dec 2014
it’s midnight and I’m dead
drowning in my thoughts again
perhaps I never left
but maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up
and the sunrise will erase your words off my skin
and I can get your ghost
out of my bed
Ellen Marie Nov 2014
You should smile more often
they always say
As if a twitch of muscles
could take this pain away
Ellen Marie Nov 2014
Is magical, my mother used to say
It will
You and leave you
b r e a t h l e s s
But she
Didn’t tell me
That love is the gap between your thighs
That love is the entanglement of
skin on skin
She promised a feeling
Not a rough touch
Of someone who just wants to use you for
A night
What is love
But long-term lust
That will teach you
Brokenness does not mean
You are torn in half
It just means you thought for a moment
That love
Outside of storybooks
And beyond the depth
Of a one night ****.

— The End —