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He had been a vocal critic of the government
trying to expose their lies
that the people accepted as the gospel truth
knew he was being watched
certain it was not paranoia nowhere to hide
his privacy was denied!

His video channel censored and taken down
found it hard to be heard
began to feel his life maybe in grave danger
still determined to speak out
as agents began rapidly closing in on him
knew getting real facts out slim!

Began to shut himself away kept in contact
with others in his circle
who became known as the hard resistance
telling what was really going on
with little success as the public in a bubble
unable to see they were in trouble!"

Most wrapped up in themselves unable to see
a bigger picture of a society
those divided and trapped by social injustice
wars destruction of nations
where the innocent were continually dying
as upon us all they were spying!

He was a sincere man who loved his family
but he was found with his wife
daughter and pet dog slaughtered at home
the official line he was the killer
murdering them then committing suicide
but his friends knew they had lied!

All his files and documents were missing
yet the conspiracy was accepted
for most of the population it was shocking
a tragedy but what happened
main news outlets clearly said it was true
so no official enquiry would ensue!

Is this another conspiracy theory or a fact?

They all felt the truth was not being told!

— The End —