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When you left me,
Your absence worried me,
Like ache of soul, pining my heart,
Losing my identity,
Longing beyond bearable sound,
Screaming with a pain when my heart started bleeding,
And making me empty.
Absence, worry,ache, soul, identity, scream,bleed,empty
Once for all thirst of a coarse woody debris to seed,
Is to freeze with Go Green.
When the entire sky was blue, you added a heavenly warmth to it.

You entered the bride's forehead,
And you gave her a new family.  

You fell and splashed
on the leaves,
Autumn was called Fall after that !

Mixed your tint with Moon,
People smelled it like

You are the color of birth.
The Color of a beginning to
The color of a river running
inside us, You symbolize
All the aspects of life.

Especially the thing which holds us together, Love.
Without you, there is neither roses or kisses.

You bring out the best
With your scarlet touch
Even on the Sun,
That sets in the west.
Whenever pencil and paper smooches,
Fascinating Illustration is made !
Without your presence my room was dark,
Whenever I close my eyes, I felt irony black shade without seeing your snap,
Even my mobile screen was dark without your message,
Entire heavenly body was ebony without you !!
Then you came like a twinkling star of my room, my world !
When I get notification of your text !

— The End —