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  May 2015 Madison McEnroe
Alyssa Gaul
It's funny that I can sit here and say
that my life is something, when I was lazy today.
I stayed inside, watched a movie or two
Cried my eyes out, feeling rather blue.
But after it was over, reality came back
and I realized that I... hadn't done jack.
Sure, I had felt, I had feared, I had wished,
I had procrastinated, and stuck up my fist.
In today's world, however, what does it mean
if you're not an athlete or mathlete; you're just unseen
Unseen because you have blocked yourself completely out
from the world, from danger, from the coming drought
of people who  actually cared about others
and not just their next Friday night lovers.
Can I call myself accomplished at  high
when all I've done is weasel my way by?
Using the bare minimum of my brain power.
Waisting little energy staying up for hours.
I've been lazy.
I AM lazy.
But should that validate anything I've done?
Should I waste away a life that's only just begun?
Or should I stop being lazy, here and today,
turn off the device, take a look around at... May?
That's the month, isn't it so?
I can't remember, do you even know?
I have been stuck in a grave mindset
that blocks out every responsibility or threat;
but I think I should awake
and see the world for it's mistakes
yet still embrace it 's wit
and never ever never quit.
I'm lazy, yes, but I can make my life something.
Because after all, we all started as nothing.
You know what *****?
You've waited for nothing
Then you realized
That you've waited for the words
"I don't love you anymore."
And it hurts like hell,
Because you know that he will soon
be gone from you.
there will be a time when your story will end
but for now you can just turn the pages forward
looking for the better more beautiful chapters in your life
making some good old memories you will never forget

there will be time when you will fall in love
maybe with your bestfriend or maybe with a stranger
you are young and gorgeous, a little bit to innocent they say
so please my love don't let them take adventage of your broken heart

and one day you will find your own way to happiness

loving this girl was so magical and strange
she has these blue eyes that make me go crazy, all the time
she has this smile on her face when she looks at me, it makes me melt

Im searching for more words to describe how I feel but I simply can't
and maybe that's what being in love needs to feel like, rare, special
the fact something is so complicated and mysterious
that you just can't find the right words..
but even your bestfriend was a stranger once.
Madison McEnroe May 2015
Today I was called a charity case,
for its my fault that all I wish had happened to me was drown,
for its my fault that my hair is dyed,
that I wear leggings every day,
and eat anything Im served and just say "Ok"
for it's my fault that I'm not sensitive,
or that I get straight A's,
But it's not my fault my parents weren't around,
it's not my fault that I had to struggle just to rise above the ground,
it's not my fault I need to work full time young to just succeed,
it's not my fault that I get help from people decent enough to help a person in need.
But I am not charity case.
I work hard for the things that I have,
for the future I will grasp,
So take your ignorant self,
and bang your head against some glass.
Im proud of who I am, and for the kids who work hard for there futures when coming from a hard background
The darkness in my soul, never left.
It was always there
It was suppressed when you where here
And filled me up when you left

The darkness in my soul
Plagued what I hold most dear
Infected my heart
Infected my brain
It growed into a tumor, and latched untill it became a part of me.
You see my dear, you where the sun in my sky. The angel of me.
And I? Hehehe.... I was just the demon in you, killing what you wanted to be...
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