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Once you uttered
And do not be reversed
It remains either in the air or in the disc

Just as

Once the heart when I gave you
The freedom went to exile
Birds are caught in the cage

And the words within the words are lost
As like as your mystic form,
Vanished slowly on the horizon

Some songs roll over your mind
Some words are as deep marker
Still exist, after the departure of

Just as

Even after the train going away
You're standing at the station
But the mind does not want to return

What is the fault
Lost in the wind of memory
Seeking the truth beyond the existence

Was written in order to leave
Ah! What a difficult moment!

Life is the game of light and shadow
Stay away from the dark for some time
@ Musfiq us shaleheen

Silence, Silence.
Is all I can hear
Shaking in darkness
Never to be clear

Waiting, waiting.
For you to see
That I am something
One crying plea

Fading, Fading.
Till I am gone
Shading shadows
A soul undrawn.

Forsaken, Forsaken
Living in parts
I realize the reason
For one broken heart

I loved and lost, and that's okay.
For my Ahkira, thinking of you always

© Copywrited

With every throbbing moment
I can hear you sing
Don't sing as loud as my heart please
I've been chasing my tail
The space between has never been so daunting
Let me close it
Zip Zip
The colours
Dripping off voices
Sweet and Salty
Come back as you were
Like how you are in my head
I'll sing with you
To the silver
You say ice had lists
Fire had regrets
What remains of littered bones
Snap like little bones please
You don't know how lovely you are
Can you answer me in the dark then?
Fade like my sorrow
Rush back to the start
The start of loving
Back to when I had taken a drink
Of youthful water
It tastes like metal
Metal and blood
Dragon scales
Night prevails
Black and white wings
Creaked with wood
Cracked with suffer
Come up and tell me
What do you hear?

This is how I feel when I'm with you
You are my Drug

This is what you do to me.

© Copywrited

Could you see your beauty
Through the mirror of my eyes?
Would you see a normal person
Insignificant in size?
Or would you see someone perfect
On both of their sides?
I always wanted to show you
The choice for you to decide
A mirror, so silver, so exact
Showing a reflection calm and real
Sharpening your senses
Cold to touch and still
You look at yourself;
What do you see?
A shattered reflection
Or something to be?
If you saw yourself
Shining back unclear
You are still perfect
The darkness will disappear
I will bring the mirror
A perfect pane of glass
I will show you a reflection
A precise image that will last
The shadows will fade
And you will no longer be blind
To the way you look
Perfectly in my mind
You beauty is breath-taking
More stunning than the moon
Your eyes of brown
Criticizing your image too soon
Your radiance
Coming from your skin
Amazing as you are
Even beauty from within
Just one touch
Is all it takes
For the mirror to crack
The pieces to break
The broken mirror falling
Gleaming a silver flash
Your perfection still reflected
In the mirror that fell to Ash.


*I look back on it now
And wonder how?
Lawd this poem is so old. So very old. From 2013. Probably my first good poem. I look back on it now..

© Copywrited
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