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3.9k · Sep 2014
Out of Focus
A Sep 2014
Same old stories told,
never too loud, never too bold.
The world shifts fast.
It won't be worth it,
If you don't make it last.

But this treacherous journey,
this promise for plenty.
They have corrupted
our fickle minds,
To make stupid decisions,
to love and not to bind.

Stay in focus, keep it clear.
And hold on to everything you call dear.
You don't need to carry everything,
Just to understand the most important thing.
1.5k · Aug 2014
A Aug 2014
I am a damsel;
I need not a prince.
I need not a knight.
I'm a modern damsel with a need for life.

I am a damsel;
Distress is always there.
Challenges are everywhere.
I'm a modern damsel who takes down mountains.

I am a damsel;
I feel fear, and maybe that's a good thing.
I feel uncertain, and maybe that's not a bad thing.
I am a modern damsel who gets to feel everything...

Because that's what damsels in my generation can do.
1.4k · Sep 2014
Star Trail
A Sep 2014
Shooting stars are for wishes,
So are wells.
A promise whispered,
But why trust it? It fell.

"Everything that falls, breaks,"
Or so some people say.
But stars don't fall, they shoot.
They make their trails from
where they stood.

And with the star's trail,
shall be your wish.
Waiting to be delivered,
waiting to be fulfilled.
747 · Aug 2014
What You Have
A Aug 2014
I didn't want this
I didn't want any of that
Neither would anyone
If they knew that it felt this bad

There are things God gave you,
There are things you were born into.
Some of them aren't yours to take,
Most of them are yours to make.

So learn to appreciate, the things you have.
Someone around you might not have what you have.
People can't appreciate what they don't possess.
And people can't control what only others could profess.
399 · Sep 2015
fool me once
A Sep 2015
there were once two sisters
one neither young nor older
than the other.
both had a lot to say
so mother,
fed up and done
started to make rules

"repeat it only twice"
and the two girls said yes
"mummy what's wrong" one said
"mummy what's wrong" the other repeated
and just when mummy had enough
"mummy what's wrong" said neither the older
nor the younger

"I told you to repeat it twice!" mummy shouted
and left them both for good
"mummy you're wrong" said neither the younger
nor the older
"you told us to repeat it twice"
and repeat it twice they did

— The End —