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Triscuit May 2019
We collect words throughout our lives
We share profound thoughts and insignificant snippets
But will they know you when you die?
Will your words still resonate?
Will your thoughts dissolve into the wind?
Or will you forever be interred on a wall, your script timeless in it's verse?
Will they know you when you die?
Just a thought.
clark Feb 2019
thoughts like a train;
faster, faster, faster
despite the rain
they never cease.
each thought is a landslide
to different ideas, imagination
flourishing with vengeance
and repeating, repeating
over and over and over
we run rampant
along the tracks
glistening goals just out of reach
and the stars call out
because soon they will catch up to you
and everything will fall apart.
i've been having trouble concentrating lately
Lshassan Aug 2017
They hope you do good,
But not better than them.
You have magical technique
That causes them to be weak.
You have what they want,
Don't be too arrogant, but flaunt.
It's not your situation
So don't lose concentration
Use them as a motivation.
A Sep 2014
Same old stories told,
never too loud, never too bold.
The world shifts fast.
It won't be worth it,
If you don't make it last.

But this treacherous journey,
this promise for plenty.
They have corrupted
our fickle minds,
To make stupid decisions,
to love and not to bind.

Stay in focus, keep it clear.
And hold on to everything you call dear.
You don't need to carry everything,
Just to understand the most important thing.

— The End —