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 Dec 2019 Lily
John Michael Biely
Oh When I see you there
Dressed in I used to care
I see that in your eyes
That I'm so far away

I can afford a smile
Because It's been awhile
Since i've been in your eyes
But now I'm so far away

My ghost wanted to see
What had happened to me
But you just blinked
and then you looked away

So I am stranded here
Between relief and fear
With in the simple cage of
supposed better days
Sometimes I miss the toll
The bells of singing souls
That echoed in our time
But now I'm so far away

And everyday it seemed
We were out chasing dreams
Within each others eyes
But now I'm so far away

My ghost wanted to see
What had happened to me
But you just blinked
and then you looked away

So I am stranded here
Between relief and fear
With in the simple cage of
supposed better days
I know that you moved on
Well before I was gone
The tears had left your eyes
Waiting for those better days
A song about the greatest love of my life and how hollow I feel now that we have passed each other on the roads of life
 Dec 2019 Lily
John Michael Biely
In that time
When we were whole
When all we could think about
Was each other

And my soul was clean

We spent time
Learning the riddles
In each others skin
Painting with lightening
And ice
Words like brushes
Arcing across dimensions
All circling about our hearts
A wind in the weaves of fate
Whispering a gift to us
Like we had never known

In the morning
Before work some days past
You came out from about
A wooden corner
You seemed to have a billion eyes
And they all smiled at me
Like the calm luster
Of the moon

"I'm late" you said
And I got half way through
The stupid " you don't work toda...."
When my soul slapped my brain
Across the face with such raw ferocity
That I was worried the neighbors
Would call the police

Stammering like a drunken lunatic
I went to her and embraced the
Glow of her, the energy piercing us
Coiling about in infinite design

Just this once did I ever know peace

We talked about everything
My body went to work
My mind dreamt and my soul...
Well it danced. We brought life
to our parents eyes
and hope to ours.

It was just a few weeks in
And that same wooden corner
And that same beautiful woman
But there was fear
So much fear
A red red fear
And the world turned grey

Her words were like ashes to me
Cast over my frozen body
I stood blank
holding her heaving form

"It doesn't want to stay" she said
"Why doesn't it wan't to stay ?"

I wanted to say something
But I died right there
Still breathing
Holding her in Pompei comfort.
Like a little wooden man
Holding a plastic flower
Begging to forget the answer
To whether or not
God gave a ****.
 Nov 2019 Lily
Francie Lynch
We're in thrall.
Where's your wall?
You dump truck...
You fumb duck...
You other mother...
You worse than senseless thing.
Julius Caesar, I, i.
 Jan 2019 Lily
i want to know somebody

know every detail of their life events
i want to blow the candles on their first birthday
lick the stamp on the first letter they sent

i want to share and be shared intimately

from my brown skin into my core
i want to wrap around his member and see his eyes ask mine for more

i want to nearly bleed to death

over how much I’m able to give
over how much I might withstand if it meant my love would live

because i think people are meant to be shared with one another, tied in an infinitesimal amount of ways; tumbling as one.
© tempest p
 Jan 2019 Lily
skin (1)
 Jan 2019 Lily
can he see the blood rush to my cheeks despite having skin darker than his?
does he see my skin as a barrier or an invitation?
if he locked his fingers with mine, would he see the contrast between our colors as a masterpiece of beauty or a masterpiece of shame?
if he placed his lips on mine, would he understand my relief that something as natural as melanin (or lack thereof) couldn't restrain love?
i'll never have my answers because i'm afraid of

so this is actually the first draft of skin (2), which has been posted a bit earlier on my profile. I love both versions so much, which is why both of them still exist. I decided to write a second poem about this issue just because I felt this particular one didn’t emulate the level of fear that I wanted to get across to readers when it comes to interracial attraction.
 Dec 2018 Lily
The rain finally comes
The spring rises up to greet the sun
On the long river highway,
The road is long
Past the brook
Past the stream
Along the river
Beyond the lake
Past the lagoon
The wetlands too
The highway a ribbon unfolds
Out to the ocean the road goes
With the promise of deepest
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