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Nov 2020 · 191
Not Wine...
Khan BA Nov 2020
"I want a brew that is not wine,
I want to sip it in musical rhyme
I want it to take me far away
Where existence has come to stay..."

(From Khan, BA)
It was in reply to some on all who had sent a greeting message..
Jul 2020 · 195
My Baby..
Khan BA Jul 2020
"My Baby sleeps without food..
O'Allah, give her courage,
To tide over the lies that come in barrage
And let the truth find its way to fulfill her suffrage.."
about my precious one
Jul 2020 · 138
What is Real...
Khan BA Jul 2020
What is around is not real,
And what is real is in and around,
If you want to see the real
Come let you dwell inside.

(Khan, BA)
Replying to Tetrametracall1 on twitter, July 16,2020
May 2020 · 140
Wails of Mother Vale...
Khan BA May 2020
Everyday the buds fall
In my Garden oh I am mother of them all,
Among the rubble that covers my *****
The spilled blood creating a chasm,
The welling orbs and sealed lips
Telling a tale of alien's whip,
How long I have to bear this gore
O' Lord, be my savior, I can't take it anymore.

on Twitter 20/5/2020 5:20am
The daily killings continue in my Valley...
When will there be peace..?
Apr 2020 · 135
Khan BA Apr 2020

'”The Words come and I pen them down
Not knowing whether I am sane or being a clown,
But then they are my emotions written in rhyme
And if you call them poems, that will be fine."

(by: Khan,BA)
in reply to @Realistic Poetry on Twitter, on April 6,2020
Apr 2020 · 149
My Prayer...
Khan BA Apr 2020
"Give me the wings,
         to fly over the horizon..
To see beyond,
         to see the unseen."

(by: Khan, BA)
Mar 2020 · 139
A Picture
Khan BA Mar 2020
A Picture

‪"I like to paint the picture of you in my heart..‬
‪But try as I might I can't play this part,‬
‪I an't no artist, nor I have this art..‬
‪The brush just trembles to play its part,‬
‪So all I can do is to sing your song..‬
‪That you taught me word by word all along"‬

‪(Khan, BA)‬
Twitter 22-03-20 (11-50pm)
My beloved has no form
Mar 2020 · 424
Give Me A Hand...
Khan BA Mar 2020
Hey give me a hand
Hey please give me a hand
Have mercy on me, at least
Give me something just to eat
I have been hungry for over a year
Don't you all have His fear
Don't you see I am all bones
The flesh eaten away by war & drones
There is no roof over my head
Only mother Earth my all time bed
The bullets & shells took away all
Until I couldn't stand the fall
I am feeble & can not move
This hunger has eaten even my torso
While the World watches me die
How will it face the Creator with its lie
For I will not forgive you on that day
When I will stand tall on the Judgement day.

(Khan, BA)
For those hungry orphans of Yemen and Syria
Mar 2020 · 111
Khan BA Mar 2020
"Yes I have taken grapes and I still do..
Infact they grow in my backyard too,
But then grapes do not become a brew
That is made by those around me & you"
In reply to one of my class fellows KD on 02/11/2018
May 2019 · 234
A Poet
Khan BA May 2019
A Poet

"If I am a poet then my words may be poetry,
But these are not poems nor I a poet to be,
I write what a lover will write,
For his beloved wherever she may be,
And if these are poems,
Come let us talk about this poetry"
Realistic poetry wanted to  share the poets pic and thenI put it there yesterday
Apr 2019 · 303
Khan BA Apr 2019
"A "Sufi" doesn't question any one..
Otherwise he is not the One..
Let the World run its Run,
It has its own caretaker, from whence we all come,
Who are you and me to decide why all this fun."

This was in reply to @ameerniaznoor on twitter on April 24, 2019
Apr 2019 · 252
I Kiss The Dust..
Khan BA Apr 2019
‪"I kiss the dust that wash off your feet,‬
‪Every kiss making me restless, But sweet,‬
‪fragrance  of your being keeping me on my feet,‬
‪And then I hold you in my arms, the feeling so sweet."‬

‪(BA Khan)‬
This was in reply to @Peeraiman on twitter.
There was a  beautiful  mentioned in her tweets.
Dec 2018 · 425
Khan BA Dec 2018
Come come who wants to enter
The door is open just surrender,
Take a step into all yonder
And embrace the eternal wonder
The sip you take
Tastes like no other,
But takes you to the land
Where is no morn or eve ever after.

(BA Khan)
Dec 2018 · 181
A Walk..
Khan BA Dec 2018
A walk in the woods while holding your hand
And me adoring you with your given garland,
And putting those primroses in floating whorls
While watching your beauty with radiant smiles,
And then music from the flowing stream
You playing its harp and me its tune,
All around this beauty that glows from you
And those who travel this far, so very few,
This peaceful calm is A part of the lace,
In and around everywhere is your grace.

(Khan, BA)
Dec 2018 · 268
Khan BA Dec 2018
It  could never be written in prose ever
And in poems that so many litter,
Or painted on canvas in colorful attire
Or chiseled by the hands of a sculptor,
To know what I just utter
Close your eyes but not in slumber,
Listen to the inner voice coming from yonder
And the ringing bells  so clear,
It is all around, what a wonder
and all a part of it in surrender,
Everywhere is the same wonder
Some name it God while some the Creator,
To me it is all whatsoever
I am a slave and He the Master.

(BA Khan)
Dec 2018 · 235
Khan BA Dec 2018
‪It is all that is you,‬
‪Your glory and the beauty too,‬
‪Wherever I gaze, I find you,‬
‪Even this insignificant that is me,‬
‪Words can not express your beauty,‬
‪Nor thank you enough of your glory,‬
‪I bow my head at your feet O' Praiseworthy‬
‪A humble servant of your deity.‬
‪( Khan, BA)‬
Dec 2018 · 299
Khan BA Dec 2018
‪"If thou find darkness surrounding thee‬
‪And everyone else mocking in glee‬
‪Peek inside and dive deep‬
‪Have faith and take a leap‬
‪From within, the light will thus shine‬
‪Tearing apart the darkness and its whine‬
‪Make you glow like morning Sun‬
‪And Serenity at your helm"‬
‪(Khan, BA)‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
This was in reply to Medaline(@Medelei59233215) and @ Poetirrational on Twitter on Dec 1st,2018
Khan BA Sep 2018
"The words do not come always,
And the pen is out of ink sometimes,
I do not write poetry everyday,
But when the ink is wet and pen primed,
They let the clouds burst in their own way"

(Khan BA)
Sep 2018 · 180
A Sip..
Khan BA Sep 2018
‪"This very evening I had a sip..‬
From this stuff that you call dew,
As it kissed my dry lips
I knew it was known to only few,
For you it may have been askew..
But to me it was the eternal brew."
(Khan, BA)
Sep 2018 · 144
No Title..
Khan BA Sep 2018
'Though I am a boarder
But I do not ride the border
In recluse I submit,
To HIM that is my creator."

(BA Khan)
Sep 2018 · 153
One Learned..
Khan BA Sep 2018
I come a long way from those dreams,
I had dreamed but never got  streamed
How I longed for the pretty face
And the dancing girl in red lace
Ah those rides on hot bikes
And the singing with liquid vices
The winds truned and then time churned
And one day I woke up all burned
All was gone  save the face of One Learned
And he made me look in those deep eyes
Suddenly I felt naked and without any ties
With just two words he set me  on fire
That changed all and started an unseen pyre
No more fretting and no more desires
Serenity is this that you may say
But to me I am nothing and that is the way
No more I, only He everyway
All is Him... no more to say.

(Khan, BA)
These words may be a jorgon for some, but these are not.
The known know
Sep 2018 · 151
Live By The Blue Brook..
Khan BA Sep 2018
‪Come let's live by the blue brook‬
Makes our dreams true as in the Holy Book,
With stars keeping vigil above
And meadows listening with patient glow,
The song you & me will sing
The words known to the few of the ring,
If such be the beauty of the Creator
I gladly sing his lovely prayer.

(Khan, BA)
These words were written by me for Realistic Poetry on Twitter on 7/8/2018
Jun 2018 · 194
A Day..
Khan BA Jun 2018
My Everyday is a Mothers Day,
My Everyday is a Fathers Day..
My Everyday is a Daughters Day..
My Everyday is a Sisters day..
My Everyday is a Sons day..
My Everyday is a Great day..
I am a father, a son, a brother and all of above all in one.

(Khan, BA)
(First posted on FB on 17/07/2018)
Everyday is a day.. for everyone.
Jun 2018 · 206
Neither Happy Nor Sad..
Khan BA Jun 2018
Neither Happy Nor Sad..

‪Neither happy nor sad, not anymore‬
To be either is like embracing a claymore,
It's but a trance  and one must endure
Laughter or dismay is not the answer,
To be immune to such upheavals
Is key to the eternal elements,
Shun these robes and  become transparent
Embrace Serenity, the only relevant.

(Khan, BA)
Only when you are there..
The realization will be self evident..
Khan BA Jun 2018
Forgive me my love, I beg of thee..
Often I forget to love you, myself so unworthy,
Even when I am away from you..
It is that I am in love with you,
Is there any niche where You may not be
All is yours and everywhere is Thee
So how is it that I am not with you,
Forgive me my love, I beg of thee
Often I forget to love you, myself so unworthy.

12th June,2018
Even when one is away and not thinking of his love and lover, the heart is always there in tune with the beloved...There is  no place without the presence of beloved..
Jun 2018 · 388
Cupid's Arrow
Khan BA Jun 2018
"‪What has no beginning has no end‬
The Cupid's arrow knows no bend,
Take a deep breath & hold still
Dive inside that seems so little,
Love so pure will find its way
And meet its lover somewhere on the way,
Don't fight this pain anymore
Make it a friend as you swim towards the shore"

These words were written in reply to Madeleine (Madelei59233215) on Twitter.
Pain is the sweet companion of love and lovers..
May 2018 · 188
This World..
Khan BA May 2018
This world is a cage..
That is what says the sage,
It is a big big charm..
And taketh man to the greatest of harm,
What to you appears real..
Is just pure plain evil,
Once kissed by its lips..
It is difficult to leave its pits,
And when Adam slipped and fell..
He couldn't dwell,
In the Eternal Home of His Master..
Promise broken with such disaster,
Only one way to be back on the road..
Just follow the love that  lovers load,
It is lonely and may appear to have a bend..
But that is there to mend,
The lonely traveler of love..
Once there with your love,
There all is just none can tell..
It is ecstatic and oh beautiful,
So be on your way..
While there is still time left to pray."

(Khan, BA)
May 2018 · 166
Modern Times
Khan BA May 2018
"Here idiots are advisors and fools at the helm of affairs,
Here dogs attire in human clothes and heavy  golden rings,
Here telling the truth is sin among highest of the sins,
Here I became a mute after watching  idiots talk like dust bins"

(Khan, BA)
Apr 2018 · 207
Earn A Coin
Khan BA Apr 2018
" I have sinned that I know,
Why blame the Lucifer, May  I know,
Well now the tide is still low,
Yes I can prepare for the final glow
And earn a coin to pay for the tow."
when on journey must have somethinng to pay for fare..
Khan BA Mar 2018
I am what I was meant to be,
No more, No less I was made to be
This cage that holds the amber,
May be looking ugly and under,
But it is meant to be like it was created,
By the Master Himself and then saved,
So who am I to change the way,
When it is bound one day to decay
As the amber leaves on its way...
(Khan, BA)
In reply to one of my friends poem.
We were created perfect.The Imperfections that we find in us are only in our minds, not knowing that we are perfect as meant to be..
Dec 2017 · 286
A Drop of Water
Khan BA Dec 2017
In my youth I used to fret about a lot
And thought myself wisest of all,
Now an old frail traveller on this golden path
No more wit and youth all left in the fall,
I see myself like a  drop of water,
Eager to join the ocean after all.

(Khan, BA (c) 18-12-2017
No no notes
Dec 2017 · 236
Khan BA Dec 2017
"I don't want to recall the past,
I think I found peace at last,
Away from this mad mad crowd,
There is a World where purity sets you aghast."

[Khan, BA (c) 16-12.2017]
To remember past is painful, too often.
Dec 2017 · 192
Khan BA Dec 2017
long time back I saw you here,
Your beauty amazing and just like your attire,
I tried to capture you on a canvas here,
But your beauty stopped my brush painting further"

(By Khan, BA (c) Dec 8th, 2017)
No canvas can hold its shape or form
Dec 2017 · 299
Khan BA Dec 2017
'Your beauty makes you invisible to all,
Save for those who have crossed the unseen wall,
It is but a cage that holds the illusion,
A puff of wind and then it is only one fusion."

(Khan, BA(c) Dec. 8th, 2017)
Nov 2017 · 223
Khan BA Nov 2017
'Lost in thought, I stare at nothing
Without seeing anything I pass through it  all
Like a cascading waterfall
Only to be transparent in it all"

( Khan,BA  (C) 30-11-2012)
Comments welcome
Khan BA Nov 2017
What is small and what is big,
I am yet to know the jig,
To me all is the same old wig,
What lies beneath you have to dig,
To find neither small nor any big."

(Khan, BA 28-11-2017)
For Valso George
It doesn't matter... does it?
Nov 2017 · 403
I Want To Run Far Away..
Khan BA Nov 2017
Is there a way to fly away,
From this mad crowd, never at bay
I see them selling their life away
I see them buying hell everyday
Painted faces and fools all in disarray
The serpent has his perverts in every way
Dancing to his fiddle night and day
Seeing this madness all around me
I want to run far away
From this mad crowd, never at bay
To a place where love and solace is the way
And serenity has bound time to stay.

(By Khan, BA (c) 22-11-2017)
I am not alone
Nov 2017 · 290
Sun And Moon
Khan BA Nov 2017
Khan BA Nov 2017
Sun and Moon
Moon  shining ever so bright,
Enshrining everything in silvery light,
Even the stream flowing like silver fright
The flowers too lost in this cascading night
All in awe of the delightful sight
Yet they will know the truth in the morn light
When the Sun will shine itself so bright,
All the silver gone from the previous night,
And shining gold, true to the truthful bright
For it has ever been thus from the first light
The Sun always shining true and bright.

(By Khan, BA (C) 19/11/2017)
Knowing Folks will know the value of Sun and Moon
Nov 2017 · 337
Khan BA Nov 2017
The rain cascading from heavens above,
The drops melting on the velvet of your brow
Oh how we reached for each other somehow,
Like a wild rose hugging its supporting bough.
Misty petals adoring the bees on its heaving *******
Lost in their frenzy  in their lovers nests
Consuming nectar from serene pits
Its sweetness only known to beloved's lips.
Finally lover holding the beloved so tight
Together as one, enshrined in pure light
Its ribbons protecting it from the sight
But only lovers enjoy its  sweet delight.
Who am I to describe this tale
Of the realms that live yonder in the Vale
Those few who unfurl their sail
Attire the cloaks of mute Abigail.
(By: Khan, BA;(C)  Nov 14th, 2017)
A poem in parts
All stanzas are separate  or can be visualized separate.
Nov 2017 · 214
Khan BA Nov 2017
The Gardner reclined in the shade of the big tree,
That he had planted with his love so free,
And a smile lit his glowing face,
That his garden had bloomed with love and grace!

( By: Khan,BA)
Nov 2017 · 441
Two Daughters..
Khan BA Nov 2017
A pious man had two daughters beautiful set forth ,
Till one day he married then off both,
one wed the farmer and other wed the potter,
the wise man called on them a year after.

To the farmer’s wife he asked how she felt,
"A lot happy father, only there is one thing I want yet
We sowed some seeds and the rains have not made the fields wet",
Do not worry dear I'll pray after I have left.

As he crossed the fields green,
He prayed for the  clouds  to rain.
and went to see the other one of his lineage,
who lived yonder in the next village,.

To the potters wife he asked how she felt,
A lot happy father, only there is one thing I want yet,
We made some pots and the sun is not as hot as it should get,
The wise man sat up and soon he went out and left.

Under the big tree.. he knelt down and prayed
Asked His forgiveness, uttering these words as he raved,
O Lord.. thou are the only one to know what to do,
The wisest of all, thou only  knows what is the best..!"

This is a story narrated to me by my mentor (Moula)..longtime ago and I only gave it a shape of a poem. Before this I had posted  it on my Multiply blog.

(By: Khan, BA..01-1-2017)
however man may try to alter the things  ultimately it is the Divine that sets is right.. the key lies in finding the path to Divine and stick to it..
Nov 2017 · 401
Mysterious Poet..
Khan BA Nov 2017
Inside a room dark with  little moonlight
Peering over pages clear as white
With hair long seeming unkept to the sight
Scribbling words that common couldn't get right
Heart & mind together a tender thing in delight
Lost in ecstasy of his beloved's image upright..

"Dazzling with golden curls serpentine bright
The beauty that perceived through the orbs bright
And the pleasure of the beloved in clear sight
Beauty unexplained by tongues tight
And that none could put on paper nor write
Sages mentioning of it only in esoteric delight!"

Finally the pen scribes on the paper white
That the beauty of the beloved is itself a shield tight
Then the figure turns the head, just slight
And catches itself in silver of seeping moonlight
who is this being now that we can have the sight
Lo; it is none but the  mysterious poet.

(By: Khan, BA on Nov 1st, 2017)
The discription of the poet who  beholds  his beloved and trying to describe the beauty instead  comes to know that it is such that  no descrption  will do justice to the beauty of the beloved.
Oct 2017 · 305
Home By The Lake..
Khan BA Oct 2017
Come let's build a home by the lake,
I will cherish every pie that you'll bake,
We'll have kids, grow old & fat,
Together my love till it's late.

You will sing and I will play the fiddle,
Till morning hour we will solve the riddle,
While you soak and make me sizzle,
Together my love till it's late

Some may say that love isn't everything
But then I know they know of it nothing,
Pure as truth and infinite in everything
Love is all and nothing beyond its wings.

Come let's build a home by the lake,
I will cherish every pie that you'll bake,
Feed me your love in azure cups,
Till there is only love and nobody else.

(By BA Khan...I post it again for my friend)
Oct 2017 · 692
Without You..
Khan BA Oct 2017
What would I do with out you
What good I am if not with you
You by my side is dream come true
Your leash on me is the reward for me
From the hour my eyes held your gaze
I lost myself to become your vase
And the river ready for ocean's embrace
What good I am without your grace
How can I rest and lie down once more
If your golden curls, my eyes do not adore
Even with eyes closed I see your radiant face
As your fire sets my inside ablaze
How can I breathe without your embrace
Even when every breath adorns your name
Some say I become a slave of your love
Does it matter as long as my love is my love?
What would I do with out you
What good I am if not with you.

(By: Khan, BA on Oct 28, 2017)
It doesn't matter what one becomes as long as he is in love..
All that matters is the lover's  love fr his beloved..Rest is all immaterial
Oct 2017 · 249
For Mystic904
Khan BA Oct 2017
"This life is but a rain bubble..
Stop playing with rubble,
Look from whence you have come,
Start your stance towards that realm"

(by: Khan, BA) 27/10/2017
Oct 2017 · 509
Khan BA Oct 2017
Beauty to a common is just physical,
Beauty to a mature is all irrational,
Beauty to a wise is exceptional
Beauty to a mother is her blossoming flower,
Beauty in a flower is its captive nature,
Beauty in the clouds is in its downpour,
Beauty in night sky is bejeweled sphere,
Beauty in a river is its flowing nature
But Beauty to a lover is beyond anyone's sphere..

(by: Khan, BA)
In reply to Anne Nechetta
Oct 2017 · 321
Khan BA Oct 2017

I am not a poet, nor this a poem from me,
I am nothing  nor do I intend to be,
I have this restlessness  that breeds in me,
I tried to tame it, instead it tamed me,
I become a slave, that is left of me,
I seek it as it seeks me,
I hear it as it hears me,
I love it as it loves me
I ain't separate , not it from me,
I say no more, now is not me,
I am it, as it is in me.

(b: Khan, BA)
For those who took the least travelled road..
Oct 2017 · 487
Haji.. My Friend
Khan BA Oct 2017
Haji My friend..

Haji is my dearest friend,
And yet he never thinks of the end,
Often I think he is so naive and young,
But then his is my dearest little thing,
Haji thinks I walk with oldies and am too old,
But will he ever know old is so precious gold,
Come my dear one let me show you the way,
Where the young and old just fade away,
And there is none but the purest of the way,
It is like this, as has been all the way.

(By: Khan, BA)
(For My Dear friend  Dr. Najeeb.. I call him Haji)
Oct 2017 · 229
Khan BA Oct 2017
None can tell Him what to do,and
None to ask why if and when,
For He is that which can not be seen
He is hither and thither too,
So what He does and doesn't move,
It is HIM that must worry, not you.
(By: Khan, BA)
Sep 2017 · 415
Gul Kak On A Walk..
Khan BA Sep 2017
Gul Kak On A Walk..
Gul Kak.. You and Me did go on a walk..
On these roads where we had spent our youth and stalk,
These are the roads of our yester years,
When we were young and ye yet to see the light of days,
Many a times have we trampled these stormy roads,
Sometimes a laborer and often a coolie in many ways,
Our work was honest as honesty itself could be,
And earned a buck that fed our family happily,
Now on these same roads we do see,
Treacherous folks in the guise of nobility,
Ah these tramps don't remember HIM,
That sees all and knows all and the human whim,
Gone are those days of simplicity,
When our women folk would walk freely,
It is not the time that has changed,
But humans and its values deranged,
So we are come to the brink,
Where the roads end without any side link,
Gul Kak is sad to see it end this way,
That before long he asks his friends to take a walk the old way..,
If your soul is clean and heart so pure,
Come join Gul Kak in this walk for sure,
Gul Kak You and Me did go on a walk,
On those roads where we had spent our youth and stalk.

(By: Khan, BA)

Author's Note...
( Gul Kak is a fictional character, honest, patriotic and very much in love with his land. He is amazed at the way the time has changed and his land that he loves, has been razed. So, he takes a walk on the same roads… Down the memory lane.)

Gul Kak is a fictional character who is sad to see the change from the simple days to present larcenous ways
Gul Kak is a fictional charchter who is sad to see the change from the simple days to present larcenous ways
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