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Khan BA Jun 2018
My Everyday is a Mothers Day,
My Everyday is a Fathers Day..
My Everyday is a Daughters Day..
My Everyday is a Sisters day..
My Everyday is a Sons day..
My Everyday is a Great day..
I am a father, a son, a brother and all of above all in one.

(Khan, BA)
(First posted on FB on 17/07/2018)
Everyday is a day.. for everyone.
Khan BA Dec 2017
In my youth I used to fret about a lot
And thought myself wisest of all,
Now an old frail traveller on this golden path
No more wit and youth all left in the fall,
I see myself like a  drop of water,
Eager to join the ocean after all.

(Khan, BA (c) 18-12-2017
No no notes
Khan BA Sep 2017
Along the Way...
To walk together along the way,
To sing our song along the way,
And face the devil head-on along the way,
It is pact from the beginning anyway.
Only cowards finish it half the way,
And finish the final line on the way,
Is the beginning of the eternal day.!
Tug along my friend on this way,
And truth will shine within thee on the way,
Till then pace the heart and nourish your soul along the way,
Glory be to the one who showed me the way,
O' Sheikh Ali is the one whose amber is on this way.

(By: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Sep 2017

I never knew what larceny breeds,
I never learnt to give it any heeds,
It is Sheik Alís amber that just needs
I am nobody it all His deeds.
My teacher painted a painting few could see
But those who did flared with glee
The painting such that it looked like glass
Those who had eyes would see through the moss.

(By: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Mar 2020
A Picture

‪"I like to paint the picture of you in my heart..‬
‪But try as I might I can't play this part,‬
‪I an't no artist, nor I have this art..‬
‪The brush just trembles to play its part,‬
‪So all I can do is to sing your song..‬
‪That you taught me word by word all along"‬

‪(Khan, BA)‬
Twitter 22-03-20 (11-50pm)
My beloved has no form
Khan BA May 2019
A Poet

"If I am a poet then my words may be poetry,
But these are not poems nor I a poet to be,
I write what a lover will write,
For his beloved wherever she may be,
And if these are poems,
Come let us talk about this poetry"
Realistic poetry wanted to  share the poets pic and thenI put it there yesterday
Khan BA Sep 2018
‪"This very evening I had a sip..‬
From this stuff that you call dew,
As it kissed my dry lips
I knew it was known to only few,
For you it may have been askew..
But to me it was the eternal brew."
(Khan, BA)
Khan BA Sep 2017
A Step..

It only takes but a step
To be a reader or a thief,
Now I wonder who will misstep
To cross the line, to be the thief?
Judging by your words down and up
Most of us do not have a belief,
To be right and to keep it up
And that is the greatest of the grief..!!

[ comments about the reading the book either by barrowing or by stealing, On FB post mentions Iraqi tradition]
A thief is a thief even if he steals the book to Read.
Khan BA Dec 2018
A walk in the woods while holding your hand
And me adoring you with your given garland,
And putting those primroses in floating whorls
While watching your beauty with radiant smiles,
And then music from the flowing stream
You playing its harp and me its tune,
All around this beauty that glows from you
And those who travel this far, so very few,
This peaceful calm is A part of the lace,
In and around everywhere is your grace.

(Khan, BA)
Khan BA Sep 2017
Basket Man..

I am a basket man from basket town,
These baskets I weave are fresh from my oven,
In them you'll see my strength and blood,
For I have put my everything in their cloud,
You don't heed my words anymore,
For now you are asleep like before,
God has given me this way to live,
Why should I complain when it is His give,
So let us not worry about mansions and palaces,
These can't be your company in eternal solace,
It is only the deeds you do,
That will speak "there" for you.

(by: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Oct 2017
Beauty to a common is just physical,
Beauty to a mature is all irrational,
Beauty to a wise is exceptional
Beauty to a mother is her blossoming flower,
Beauty in a flower is its captive nature,
Beauty in the clouds is in its downpour,
Beauty in night sky is bejeweled sphere,
Beauty in a river is its flowing nature
But Beauty to a lover is beyond anyone's sphere..

(by: Khan, BA)
In reply to Anne Nechetta
Khan BA Sep 2017
Bend in the Road..

Do you worry about the bend in the road?
And what there may be if you do behold,
But I tell you why think about it if you have taken the road,
...It only means someone else is traveling the same road.

(By: Khan, BA)
For Deby ..31.1.2011-035am
Khan BA Sep 2017
Birds Chirp...

Birds Chirp...
For some it is chatter,
But the wise listen
To it as Music, not clatter.

The seasons change,
The leaves golden fall without any heft,
All say O' Autumn is come,
But for me, the Wise have left.

The winter is gone and the snow melts
The flowers bloom and the waters cascade
The people dance spring is come
And the wise are wiser, the slumber is at end.

The summer is hot and dust abound,
The road is long and without wend,
All take a siesta on the mound,
And the traveler lone, moves for the bend at the end.

(By: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Mar 2020
"Yes I have taken grapes and I still do..
Infact they grow in my backyard too,
But then grapes do not become a brew
That is made by those around me & you"
In reply to one of my class fellows KD on 02/11/2018
Khan BA Sep 2017

"O' my cup of chocolate, oh my moll,
Come here & nourish my soul,
Lift me up from this crazy World,
Take me to the place where beauty lies unfurled,
Your beauty dazzles my vision
Your aroma a sweet seclusion,
That sweet touch on my lips,
As I imbibe you in relishing sips.
Ah every sip that I devour
Sends a feeling of sweet surrender,
O my cup of chocolate, oh my moll..
Come here & nourish my soul..
Lift me up from this crazy World..
Take me to the place where beauty lies unfurled.

(by: Khan, BA)
This was for Anne Nechita who likes chocolate
This was for Anne Nechita who likes chocolate
Khan BA Sep 2017

High in the sky, silently I float,
The mountains tear and shear my grace,
Torment myself, and I bring rain,
To nourish the ground, to sprout the seed.

The golden Sun and the emerald ocean,
Together they brew the magnificent potion,
Upon the azure bed with no motion
Till I prime to burst with emotion.

From whence I come, thence I go
My life is this, and happily so
All this been my destiny lo,
From whence I do not care to know...!

It is all His grace and go
That runs the Universe Mill,
I too am His insignificant till
He is All, everything His will.

(By: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Dec 2018
Come come who wants to enter
The door is open just surrender,
Take a step into all yonder
And embrace the eternal wonder
The sip you take
Tastes like no other,
But takes you to the land
Where is no morn or eve ever after.

(BA Khan)
Khan BA Jun 2018
"‪What has no beginning has no end‬
The Cupid's arrow knows no bend,
Take a deep breath & hold still
Dive inside that seems so little,
Love so pure will find its way
And meet its lover somewhere on the way,
Don't fight this pain anymore
Make it a friend as you swim towards the shore"

These words were written in reply to Madeleine (Madelei59233215) on Twitter.
Pain is the sweet companion of love and lovers..
Khan BA Sep 2017

Daffodils in the garden made my day,
Even as they bloomed but couldn’t say,
I watched them spring out of the wet clay,
The first of the flowers that made my day.
The serene beauty that bloomed out from petal lips,
Greeted the coming spring with their dancing hips
The joy that flooded my 'umble heart,
Was great to feel in a life, time apart.
These daffodils in my garden aren't unknown,
But those that my Gardener had earlier sown,
They have the beauty of his golden eyes
And so soft that only his grace imbibes.
I bow to thee O my Master, my Lord,
Unworthy of thee but still your part,
These daffodils that you have grown,
Is my reward that I am not alone!

( By: Khan, BA for His Master ,April 5, 2011 at 11:52pm )
For my teacher, my master, Sheikh Ali
Khan BA Dec 2018
‪"If thou find darkness surrounding thee‬
‪And everyone else mocking in glee‬
‪Peek inside and dive deep‬
‪Have faith and take a leap‬
‪From within, the light will thus shine‬
‪Tearing apart the darkness and its whine‬
‪Make you glow like morning Sun‬
‪And Serenity at your helm"‬
‪(Khan, BA)‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
This was in reply to Medaline(@Medelei59233215) and @ Poetirrational on Twitter on Dec 1st,2018
Khan BA Sep 2017
Did You See My Love...?

O’ Daises and daffodils,
Did you see my love pass by?
O’ Velvet green,
Did you feel the tread of her feet as she whisked by?
O’ Thou pearls of shining dew,
Did you offer her your velvety sheen?
She is my love; my life always has been.
Oh here I am in her realm.
(By: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Sep 2017
Don't Let Me Go...

Even if this World comes to an end,
Don’t let me bend, don’t let me go,
Your ***** is my heaven, your embrace the end,
Hold me tight don’t let me go
They may say that I am mad,
Sure as can be I am, in your love
Hold me tight and don’t let me go,
Let this be till eternity.

(by: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Apr 2018
" I have sinned that I know,
Why blame the Lucifer, May  I know,
Well now the tide is still low,
Yes I can prepare for the final glow
And earn a coin to pay for the tow."
when on journey must have somethinng to pay for fare..
Khan BA Sep 2017

“Drop by drop the rivulet formed,
Its fragrance traveling to the oceans *****,
To embrace itself the coliseum,
And to be called Union.”

(by: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Apr 2020

'”The Words come and I pen them down
Not knowing whether I am sane or being a clown,
But then they are my emotions written in rhyme
And if you call them poems, that will be fine."

(by: Khan,BA)
in reply to @Realistic Poetry on Twitter, on April 6,2020
Khan BA Sep 2017

What is it thou says O’ Preacher.
To me it does not matter,
Bury my body or throw it in the pyre,
To me it does not matter.

I need the grace of my eternal Father,
At His feet, I lay my ****** armour,
For all belong to thee O' my Master,
I need thy grace O' my Father.

My face is wrought with sins thou forbade my Master,
I need thy grace to keep my honor,
Without it I will be a dishonor,
Bless thy grace on me O’ my eternal Father.

It is Thy speck that breaths in me,
It is Thy soul that flows through me
From the beginning to the end all is Thee,
Shower me your grace it will be honor for me.

Thou is the light that shines all around,
Thou breaths in trees and mountains and in every kind,
Thou is the beginning and the end,
At Thy feet I lay my head at the end.

(By: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Sep 2017

There are flowers in my garden,
They are beauty par beauty,
Every morn I touch their silken lips,
Every eve I smell their adorable tips
I know they never sleep nor slumber,
For they are here to nurture the Nature,
They see things none can tell,
Yet they never do swell,
In their bloom they tell a tale,
That every gardener knows under his veil,
Their simple beauty tells us all,
Be with the One who creates this all
It is His way of showing his nature
It is all the jubilation,
No I, no we, but all His celebration.

(by: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Sep 2017

I am the flute,
And I am the wind,
I blow through its chute,
I make its tune so cute,
If thou are of the love,
Must listen to it now,
And will know its creed,
For in reed lies its magnificent breed.

(By: Khan, BA) 28-5-08
Khan BA Jun 2018
Forgive me my love, I beg of thee..
Often I forget to love you, myself so unworthy,
Even when I am away from you..
It is that I am in love with you,
Is there any niche where You may not be
All is yours and everywhere is Thee
So how is it that I am not with you,
Forgive me my love, I beg of thee
Often I forget to love you, myself so unworthy.

12th June,2018
Even when one is away and not thinking of his love and lover, the heart is always there in tune with the beloved...There is  no place without the presence of beloved..
Khan BA Oct 2017
"This life is but a rain bubble..
Stop playing with rubble,
Look from whence you have come,
Start your stance towards that realm"

(by: Khan, BA) 27/10/2017
Khan BA Nov 2017
The Gardner reclined in the shade of the big tree,
That he had planted with his love so free,
And a smile lit his glowing face,
That his garden had bloomed with love and grace!

( By: Khan,BA)
Khan BA Mar 2020
Hey give me a hand
Hey please give me a hand
Have mercy on me, at least
Give me something just to eat
I have been hungry for over a year
Don't you all have His fear
Don't you see I am all bones
The flesh eaten away by war & drones
There is no roof over my head
Only mother Earth my all time bed
The bullets & shells took away all
Until I couldn't stand the fall
I am feeble & can not move
This hunger has eaten even my torso
While the World watches me die
How will it face the Creator with its lie
For I will not forgive you on that day
When I will stand tall on the Judgement day.

(Khan, BA)
For those hungry orphans of Yemen and Syria
Khan BA Sep 2017

Pluck the strings of your guitar,
Pluck them one by one at par,
The notes may be different if you hear,
The song it sings is but so unique and clear.

These strings I just strike
Makes my slumber fade like morning mist,
And the music that streams out,
Gave me a life that is not on any list.

(by: Khan, BA)
I used to play on guitar, but then long time back it was smashed by the security forces in our rented home and since then I never touched the instrument.
Khan BA Sep 2017
Gul Kak On A Walk..
Gul Kak.. You and Me did go on a walk..
On these roads where we had spent our youth and stalk,
These are the roads of our yester years,
When we were young and ye yet to see the light of days,
Many a times have we trampled these stormy roads,
Sometimes a laborer and often a coolie in many ways,
Our work was honest as honesty itself could be,
And earned a buck that fed our family happily,
Now on these same roads we do see,
Treacherous folks in the guise of nobility,
Ah these tramps don't remember HIM,
That sees all and knows all and the human whim,
Gone are those days of simplicity,
When our women folk would walk freely,
It is not the time that has changed,
But humans and its values deranged,
So we are come to the brink,
Where the roads end without any side link,
Gul Kak is sad to see it end this way,
That before long he asks his friends to take a walk the old way..,
If your soul is clean and heart so pure,
Come join Gul Kak in this walk for sure,
Gul Kak You and Me did go on a walk,
On those roads where we had spent our youth and stalk.

(By: Khan, BA)

Author's Note...
( Gul Kak is a fictional character, honest, patriotic and very much in love with his land. He is amazed at the way the time has changed and his land that he loves, has been razed. So, he takes a walk on the same roads… Down the memory lane.)

Gul Kak is a fictional character who is sad to see the change from the simple days to present larcenous ways
Gul Kak is a fictional charchter who is sad to see the change from the simple days to present larcenous ways
Khan BA Sep 2017
Hafiz of Shiraj
Kept a fast to be with the Creator,
Not till Attar handed him the cup of nectar,
And lo Hafiz of Shiraj
Beheld lover of lovers, the Creator of All.

(by: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Oct 2017
Haji My friend..

Haji is my dearest friend,
And yet he never thinks of the end,
Often I think he is so naive and young,
But then his is my dearest little thing,
Haji thinks I walk with oldies and am too old,
But will he ever know old is so precious gold,
Come my dear one let me show you the way,
Where the young and old just fade away,
And there is none but the purest of the way,
It is like this, as has been all the way.

(By: Khan, BA)
(For My Dear friend  Dr. Najeeb.. I call him Haji)
Khan BA Oct 2017
None can tell Him what to do,and
None to ask why if and when,
For He is that which can not be seen
He is hither and thither too,
So what He does and doesn't move,
It is HIM that must worry, not you.
(By: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Sep 2017

My home is where I lay my hat,
Yet this being has been around if you come to that,
Not that I don't have a home,
It is just a sweet sweet home.

(BA Khan)
Khan BA Sep 2017
Come let's build a home by the lake,
I will cherish every pie that you'll bake,
We'll have kids, grow old & fat,
Together my love till it's late.

You will sing and I will play the fiddle,
Till morning hour we will solve the riddle,
While you soak and make me sizzle,
Together my love till it's late.

Some may say that love isn't everything
But then I know they know of it nothing,
Pure as truth and infinite in everything
Love is all and nothing beyond its wings.

Come let's build a home by the lake,
I will cherish every pie that you'll bake,
Feed me your love in azure cups,
Till there is only love and nobody else.

(by: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Oct 2017
Come let's build a home by the lake,
I will cherish every pie that you'll bake,
We'll have kids, grow old & fat,
Together my love till it's late.

You will sing and I will play the fiddle,
Till morning hour we will solve the riddle,
While you soak and make me sizzle,
Together my love till it's late

Some may say that love isn't everything
But then I know they know of it nothing,
Pure as truth and infinite in everything
Love is all and nothing beyond its wings.

Come let's build a home by the lake,
I will cherish every pie that you'll bake,
Feed me your love in azure cups,
Till there is only love and nobody else.

(By BA Khan...I post it again for my friend)
Khan BA Sep 2018
"The words do not come always,
And the pen is out of ink sometimes,
I do not write poetry everyday,
But when the ink is wet and pen primed,
They let the clouds burst in their own way"

(Khan BA)
Khan BA Apr 2019
‪"I kiss the dust that wash off your feet,‬
‪Every kiss making me restless, But sweet,‬
‪fragrance  of your being keeping me on my feet,‬
‪And then I hold you in my arms, the feeling so sweet."‬

‪(BA Khan)‬
This was in reply to @Peeraiman on twitter.
There was a  beautiful  mentioned in her tweets.
Khan BA Dec 2017
'Your beauty makes you invisible to all,
Save for those who have crossed the unseen wall,
It is but a cage that holds the illusion,
A puff of wind and then it is only one fusion."

(Khan, BA(c) Dec. 8th, 2017)
Khan BA Sep 2017

(IT has been named many things,
but it is the same....)

Some call it yin and yang,
Some call it right and wrong,
Some call it dark and Light,
Yet some say it is left and right,
Science name it positive and negative,
Scriptures call it Heaven and hell,
Pagans say it is all spell,
And to some it is drum beat swell,
The common call it the good and the bad,
But hey ascend to the heights,
And sure, there is no more shell!

(By: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Nov 2017
Is there a way to fly away,
From this mad crowd, never at bay
I see them selling their life away
I see them buying hell everyday
Painted faces and fools all in disarray
The serpent has his perverts in every way
Dancing to his fiddle night and day
Seeing this madness all around me
I want to run far away
From this mad crowd, never at bay
To a place where love and solace is the way
And serenity has bound time to stay.

(By Khan, BA (c) 22-11-2017)
I am not alone
Khan BA Sep 2017
I Will Survive...

You may curb my voice against your tyrant crown
And beat me blue or blood brown
You may strike my body down
And tear it into shreds & yet not frown
I ‘ve survived many such strokes by cruel crown
I will survive ..I’ve survived…I always will survive.

Whatever act you may pass on myself,
or take the job from my poor self
or may play with my family like cruel elf
Yet my resolve is like pillars of resilient cliff
Overlooking your treacherous weak self..
I will survive …I will survive.

My poor brethren and my poor kids
Made to shut their eyes and shouting lips
By your pellets and by draconian acts
And they shed their innocence like blooming tulips

Yet my resolve never weakened by your dichotomous strife…
I will survive …I will survive.

How many of my children will you mime and ****
How many of my brothers you will throw over the mill
How many of my sisters you will **** and ****
How many of my mothers you will send over the frenzied hill
It will never change myself and my inner will..
I will survive …I will survive.

Many a times you have tried and often lied,
To buy myself and my self-respect, and I sighed
It hasn’t changed my resolve a bit, You lied
and cheated myself and my countrymen ready to fight.
Yet you failed and I stand my own-self & my own height.
I will survive …I survive.

You razed my land & looted my stand
You plundered my Valley just like lightning wand,
How can I forget all your bogeymen & band
Who ate up thousands of men without leaving a trace at hand,
I cannot forgive nor forget this cruel strand..
I will survive …I survive.

My children who cannot see,
Their sight & brothers taken by your killing spree,
Their mothers wailing a silent song,
They cannot forget the loss that you gave them all along
Their blossoms enduring every pain all along.
I will survive ..I will survive.

I pray for your tyranny to end,
Of course the future is round the bend,
Bright and hopeful like morning Sun,
From my ashes will arise
The sword that will strike you down.
I will survive .. I will survive...I always have.
a poem against the oppressor ...

(by: Khan, BA)
a poem against the opressor ..
Khan BA Sep 2017
Leo was happy till the storm came to the woods
The trees flew like leaves and chaos all around,
Is this then the world for which one strives day and night,
Hark man... forget this frenzy and go to the land where time stands still...!

(by Khan, BA)
On this one leave your thoughts.
Khan BA Sep 2018
‪Come let's live by the blue brook‬
Makes our dreams true as in the Holy Book,
With stars keeping vigil above
And meadows listening with patient glow,
The song you & me will sing
The words known to the few of the ring,
If such be the beauty of the Creator
I gladly sing his lovely prayer.

(Khan, BA)
These words were written by me for Realistic Poetry on Twitter on 7/8/2018
Khan BA Sep 2017
Lofty Pine...A lofty pine was I that sprout from the ground,
Spelling wide and holding pride all around,
I didn’t see my ground, from whether were my roots bound,
But only the gentle breeze that sang through my green hairy mound.

And those who chanced to call out to me.
I would never listen but there was that  'I' inside of me,
The time went by and then summer came to a cold end,
The chill was there and no more spring round the bend.

My sap went suddenly short and so dry.
And my boughs shedding green with no tears or cry,
O' Lord what was it I had done,
Why this as I had only just begun!

An old owl suddenly spoke from the hole in my ***** frill
It was as if he had been sent to make his chore like a drill,
"Whoever comes hither will eventually leave for thither

This is the way of things, though few eventually do remember."
All of a sudden the fog was clear from my dull interior,
And now everything was so crystal clear,
Then the wind came and I no more did face it like before,
But bowed deep that my boughs brushed its noble decor.

Now it is no more thou and I as before,
But there is more love and more than there was before,
All around I see only one and One that could be,
No more I and no more thee but only One to be.

(by: Khan, BA)
Khan BA Sep 2017
Look Where We Have Come...

Look where we have come,
After Tilling the land for years,
All friends around with laughter and tears,
Just like olden days even surpassing all these years.
O how can I forget the tug on my tail,
I feel it even now with happy tears,
That push in the water ever so frail,
And the laughter from my dears,
The bug in the books and hug of the friends,
Cramming pharmacy and medical trends,
Listening to lectures with dozing eyes
After nights spent in learning pathology and its vibes
Those clinical classes we attended
And all the laughter that we attracted
How can I forget those days at all
The love and laughter together of us all
With all of you together makes my Holy Grail,
My friends my friends are my dears all."

(By Khan, BA)
these words were penned on the spur, when my class fellows from my medical school (GMC'77)  came together. The joy was such immense. a jubilant moment
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