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 Jan 2021 Khan BA
 Jan 2021 Khan BA
a skeleton hides
in this old, wooden closet
that i have become
everything seems dusty
I smoked to fill my lungs
to **** the flowers that grew there
the ones you planted last december
 Apr 2020 Khan BA
 Apr 2020 Khan BA
Quarantine, a blessing it may be
When the busy ones, admire their baby
And the daughter dresses her father
With the clips and bands, making him fancy
Its a time when all laugh and glee
And observe their family's beauty
Which was wrapped in love and glory
and yet you are unhappy
Thinking its a mess only?
Stay home stay safe😄😄😄
Faintly smiles the sun
The colour of the full moon
Shy in cloudy sky
 Dec 2018 Khan BA
I never told you this before
My dearest, closest Hp friends
But I love the things you say
I can feel your words within

Unraveling out of darkness
A million brilliant lights
Imagine all the poetic eyes
On the screens of some device

Connected in a web of riddle
Laced with rhyme
A maze of broken love set free
On different waves and lines

Storms and calm waters
On one big poetic sea
Seriously my friends
Without you
Where would we be?
Traveler Tim
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