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Apr 2018 · 114
leinstinct Apr 2018
they flew together
never to look back
dreams aligned to face
the roller-coaster of life
they chased the winds of pleasure
two women and a dream
they embraced the love of nature
their souls purified with melody
all they had
and all they needed
each other and nothing else
dancing on the way
like faries of the sunshine  
embracing love
embracing pain
passing yellow flowers
towards the hill of destiny
two women


leinstinct Apr 2018
I cant read
my hyperactivity prohibits my concentration
it is implied
i am always doing something
whilst feeding my procrastination

if i do not like what i do
if there is no reason at all
why should i be dissarayed?
from my creativity
my passion
my love

they say there is no way out
condemnation is our only reality
I only believe in what I have to say
I say we should all keep fighting

whatever is your present
too gloomy
too bad
too shallow
there is always a spec of hope
a glimpse of light
a reason to shine

There is always a tomorrow
Apr 2018 · 306
Keep on Keeping on
leinstinct Apr 2018
No shame
     in personifying vice
         all they can ever do is judge
If maybe
       you are not where you are supposed to be
just maybe
       life has deprived you from your dreams
The sun is shinning
             but you cannot embrace her love
                        your hopes are fading
                  you have lost your will to fight
somehow Magically                                
                Even if you are completely lost
You find a reason
                                      "keep on keeping on"
Apr 2018 · 284
leinstinct Apr 2018
I fell from your *****
Onto an empty soul
I took her pains with no regret
She confessed she'd never felt
The years of flowers, musical sunshine
She took care of my sorrows
I was taught to forgive
Now i lay on her soul
Hoping to never fall again
Apr 2018 · 190
leinstinct Apr 2018
There is no turning back
                                           Long gone is the time spent
Do you love?
Do you feel?
                                           Do you understand my pain?  
                          I may turn to a different love
                                     You may change your drip-****** ways
Apr 2018 · 248
A word of advice
leinstinct Apr 2018
Give me something to be deprived from
                    I will take it anyway
If there are no rules that I can follow
                    I will break them anyway
Whoever said it's simple
                    Never tried to LIVE a day.
No truth can be prescribed through
Apr 2018 · 330
Purple beauty
leinstinct Apr 2018
Beautiful and sweet
Such innocence
So deer

To battle with my bitterness
Embraced by your forgiveness

Non deserving
I must confess
I never learned to live

You taught me how to love
Forever grateful
For your purple beauty
Aug 2017 · 155
leinstinct Aug 2017
"Listones of breads of colors
That shine through the day endeavours
That turn to pleasure keepers
That save our deepest secrets"
Aug 2017 · 93
leinstinct Aug 2017
I haven't figured out, what I'm doing with my time,
So precious in my life
Vanishing day by day.

Why are you afraid?
Why do you let me comfort you?
If we can all be ****** up once
We can all be disciples of time too
Jul 2017 · 137
leinstinct Jul 2017
I know I'm lost,
I don't know why.
I know its wrong,
But it feels so fine.
Guided by pleasure,
I cannot admit,
I've betrayed my own escence
I don't do what I preach.
Call me a hypocrite,
I cannot say I am not.
But aren't all we sometimes!?
Please let me feel it's OK!
Because if I don't there will be no other way but to change
Jun 2017 · 250
leinstinct Jun 2017
Take a look around
Reflect on all you are
What are you made of?
Your accomplishments?  
The people that surround you?
How much wealth you have?
But what would you like to be?
Work towards something
Don't let go of your dreams
All you do, do it in order that you may fulfil your soul with passion and love
Apr 2017 · 241
leinstinct Apr 2017
Everyone is so obsessed with suffering
Everyone thinks everything is wrong
Everyone preffers to complain
No one looks out through their window
Realizing the perfection of beauty

It all seems so impossible
Excuses of human pain
As if we were all so undesirable
As we were all so wrong
As if beauty was an illusion
We seek what's out of our control

Its cool to be depressed
And everyone has a broken heart
What kind of beings have we created
We can't distinguish hate from love

Everyone wants to be so special
By being a simple pawn
By doing what you are supposed to
By thinking the way you are told
By criticising through appearance
By forgetting about LOVE
Mar 2017 · 283
High on anything
leinstinct Mar 2017
I see things
I feel them too
I'm paranoid
I don't know you
I know things
I know it all
They're blinded
By my love
Don't hate me
I am you
I'm inoffensive
But you don't know
I couldn't hurt you
Don't run don't go
Feb 2017 · 537
better than us
leinstinct Feb 2017
denial seems to be our specialty
blinding ourselves from what we even could have loved
in honor to the essence of reality
we follow whatever convenience seems right
a come back or a fall down are too similar
same monster just another mask
denigration is just another vice

we judge so we can fill our empty sorrow
to pass the pain away
like anestesia for our sorrow
we denigrate the ones who fulfilled our mandate
we dishonor the ones who are not ashamed
deep inside we wish we would be like them
but they made it
and we are restrained
Jan 2017 · 356
leinstinct Jan 2017
You don’t want to see me
You believe I don’t belong
Lack of courage in your being
I am sure I am alone
It is fine to be a believer
I don’t think that you are wrong
When acceptance is deceiving
And the rumor is too long
Name the hollow time I ask for
Name the person I could be
Lie along my own persona
I am deep within my dreams
Should you mind my flesh without a soul nor an aura?
Could you really care for me?
you are one among the holly
i am buried underneath
Dec 2016 · 236
leinstinct Dec 2016
What can I say
I may exaggerate
But the pain is real
Entirely physical bearable but terrifying

My heart just aches
Not from love
Nor from spiritual pain
Entirely physical this is my pleading for help

May be all of my vices
Every excess  
But I cannot reason
Oh this terrifying pain

Every thought is melancholic
Consumed by anxiety, fear and pain
Paranoid and devastated
Worried it may be my last breath

Every breath intensifies my pain
Entirely physical somebody save me
My heart won't like to work

I don't lie I am always honest
This time it may seem other wise
But worried as I am I can assure thee
My health conditions are at risk

My heart just aches
Not from love
Nor from spiritual pain
Entirely physical this is my pleading for help
True, moment
Dec 2016 · 309
Peace and joy
leinstinct Dec 2016
Not only I give
I love and I am
Reciprocation is no necesity
It is gratitude and it is love
All I know is love
I hope you know as well
So we can love life in peace and joy
Dec 2016 · 231
leinstinct Dec 2016
You need time on your own
You are going through some ****
I just wanted to help
But I really just make it worst it seems
And it's OK it is not wrong
We all go through things
Sometimes on our own
But please be sure
And forever know
I will be there cuz love is strong

So much we've been
Now we've dissolved
But I won't forget
You are still my all

Fulfil my heart my destiny
Please dont cry
I am not redeemed

I've fallen low and it hurts you too
But I am in peace
I am glad I'm fulfilled

Don't worry about me
I will do fine

Sentimental *******
I found myself
In love with everything
Forever in pain
But all in all the joy fulfils
One with myself one with the universe
One with your love
I dont get you I don't deserve
Dec 2016 · 350
Being alive
leinstinct Dec 2016
Caught again
I know it's love
I know you care
But time itself and all my dreams
The enlightened ones
The ones who are free
If you overthink
Or say too much
If you secede
If you give up
You lose your soul
You lose your life
But if you don't
Dec 2016 · 639
Lack of love
leinstinct Dec 2016
Now days people only receive but they never want to give apathetic by nature sentiments are kept within only living for themselves only feeding their desires no one really wants to help no one really cares for one another as obvious as it is they'll only exist when they can get something out of it most people in our planet are condemned with lack of love most people in our planet are condemend with selfishness condemend with avirce condemend with SLAVERY
Dec 2016 · 275
Free for all
leinstinct Dec 2016
The breeze holds my hand
It's grip restrains me from my destiny
Love is so **** blank
It is filled on melancholy
We hold our thoughts together
So we may not be so insane
But insane is another portal
It's the way through the universe
Live life love all
Thats all I know and am
If you really want to know
I can show you all I am
Nov 2016 · 834
leinstinct Nov 2016
It's sad to see everything pass away so fast
It can't be understood how many lifes were left behind
No explanation for such a tragic tragedy
But our hearts and souls are with all your friends and families
Today more than ever today we are one

We realize our mortality
We live to give love
To those who have left the planet
To those who gave it all
You graced us with your game
And thankful forever we are

An example of all is possible
An example of courage
And insatiable thirst for glory
You have taught us
We have learned
And forever grateful we are

Nov 2016 · 1.1k
Motherfucker without a life
leinstinct Nov 2016
Nice job everybody
You managed to be cool
To follow social stigma
To become another fool
Let me applaud your achieved conquest
Let me tell you how proud I am
Another lingering pawn of the system
Another ******* without a life
Nov 2016 · 288
Love within
leinstinct Nov 2016
Words are less expressive than the boldness of our actions
But words are instant medicine to the pains in our souls
And people may seem hollow
And their vocabulary may be short
But we were not sent to judge
To feed from our vanity
We are here for joy and peace
We are here to find love within
Nov 2016 · 4.2k
Art an everlasting orgasm
leinstinct Nov 2016
Art is not an element
Art is not an object
Art is soul and heart depicted
Art is the subjectivity of the objective
Art is love and all the beauty
Art transends reason and logic
Art is pure abstractal medicine
Art is expression and entertainment
Art is life and death conjucture
Art is an everlasting ******
Art is to our souls as what oxygen is to our lungs
Art is pleasure and pain conjucture
Art is an everlasting ******
Art is life beauty and escence
Art is perception attitude and perspective
Art is life
Art is love
Nov 2016 · 407
Irony / Religion
leinstinct Nov 2016
I respect your views, ideals and philosophies
But respect mine too
No one is the same
World views will always differ
But culture is an essence that some will try to deteriorate
Extinguish ancient history
To force believes into our minds
They catch us at our lowest sentiment, to make us one more of their own kind
Using freedom as a weapon
Using faith as an excuse
They will rip your essence and enslave you with an excuse  
Everyone so egoistic only thinking for their own
It’s the base of discrimination
Biggest hypocrisy humanity has ever known
Nov 2016 · 395
LIFE another LOVE story
leinstinct Nov 2016
I never thought I could
be time and nature itself
The universe is my ally
I'm one with all my surroundings
No greater joy or pleasure
Than what it is to be alive
The realm of all spiritual
The escence of our love
To mingle with our passions
Work for our dreams come true
Totally go against conviction
Rebel against society
The system tries to enslave us
Don't let that be
**** whoever tries to change you
That can only be your job
And forget anyone who hurt you
Though a lesson must be taught
Still the only thing that exists is LOVE
Nov 2016 · 321
leinstinct Nov 2016
Existence and the realm of everything we hold as true
Our reality simple perception
Love is the only thing in existence for me and you

Search through your own reality
your own purpose
your own path

No one can tell you who you are
Or who you are supposed to be
You where born unique
You are legitimately free

You can't stop a human from feeling
Emotions are the most beautiful things

Pain slithers through our souls
Making path for what is best and yet to come

Showing with no fear
Sentimental giving
Never expecting to recieve
It is the beauty of believing

And when two people hurt each other
Love vanishes leaving only ashes of what could've been
But sometimes sparks don't last forever
And scars so perpetual by nature
Never leave they stay forever  
Until they become part of your escence
Until you can finaly learn to embrace them

The pain becomes your ally
While something good awaits to bloom

Tears are full of blessings
Timing can be a *****
But good is always triumph
No matter how long a pain may last  
It is the course of live and living
It is LOVE
Nov 2016 · 222
Better off
leinstinct Nov 2016
Sad i could forget you so easily
Sad your love could not vanish so fast

I am not a course
I am not a blessing

You don't really want to love me
You don't really feel this way

Desolated and Heartbroken
Your harm was never meant

Neither should you take the blame
Just take it as it is

A reason to be better
Better off away from ME
Nov 2016 · 323
leinstinct Nov 2016
maybe if i look real close
maybe your reality may shine

someone once said you give
only to take back

they say isolation is a sin
well i find pleasure everywhere

It be boring just to state
all the facts i find so true

no one ever will be impressed
by the fame of such a fool

we are born so we can live
so we can die
so we can LOVE

we are here for such a journey
a journey we may LOVE

to bring joy in overflowing happines
a different purpose for everyone

intentions are so important
what separates the good from the bad?

all in all i could just ramble
for hours without end

i could feel just like a wisdom
like a wisdom of a million years

but there is nothing more important
than a message well portrayed

let me find a way to express it
let me leave with no real pain

Because everything is simple if you believe in only LOVE
in my ideal and perception the only thing that exists is

Nov 2016 · 430
Happy birthday
leinstinct Nov 2016
Such a beautiful person
Such a great i know
Ups and downs
I love you through it all
Can't imagine life without your dear existence
Companion of my life you are my lovely sister
Oct 2016 · 449
leinstinct Oct 2016
It's late and i don't have a tongue down in my throat
It's tough when your game does not even work when you are drunk
Addictions they're so nice, they help me to go on
Women they enchant by the end of the night they're not your's
Maybe we should balance the party ,and the work
I am such a **** i am an *** but it's just work
I don't love you I'm just lonely
I know it's no excuse
If i hurt i am sorry
Desolated by the night
Oct 2016 · 241
You and I
leinstinct Oct 2016
You are nice
You've always been good to me
I notice your love
I embrace your soul and accept it gracefully
But I am not really the one
I'm sorry but you should know
I'm toxic and distorted
I will only hurt into your core
You see i don't feel as you do
And it is something sad to say
I know i would actualky like to
But i don't have a choice
I don't have a say
I cannot guide what is in me
I cannot control my destiny
We are not actually meant to be
Though you may be all i really need
Oct 2016 · 407
call 911
leinstinct Oct 2016
I have to leave i am way behind
My soul is here my life is not
No one can tell who i have become
I fell of my words call 911
Oct 2016 · 255
With much love
leinstinct Oct 2016
Everyone is sad heartbroken and depressed
Everyone is whinny
Everyone is a mess
Everyone is offended
Nothing can be said

It seems like a new trend
Privatization of everything and all
Fear is roaming through our streets

Everyone is a judge
Just like everyone knows it all
No one smiles anymore

You ****** pieces of ****
I think i will ******* all
Oct 2016 · 529
leinstinct Oct 2016
I think i want to do something good to you
Something nice
something to show i care
I think i may even say i love you
I never meant it
i guess that is just ok
But do not be restrained
i am actually quite good
I may be super toxic
But i am addictive too
My soul means no real harm
my intentions are real pure
My love is never ending
there is nothing it can't cure
My senseless intoxications
Are just part of a the journey you may embark
Don't be afraid to show your insides
I can't promise i don't bite
Oct 2016 · 251
leinstinct Oct 2016
It's sad i know that i can have it
I advice your mind but now it's blinded
Your heart so nice and good to me
Your soul so precious
It is not all i see
Messed up i know i can't retreat
Us two one hurts it is not me
Sep 2016 · 193
leinstinct Sep 2016
See how do you think i can still make it through?  
It is hard
My life is aware of the risks and unpaid dues
She is far
Un-existent but perfect my love
What i want?  
There is no answer just call me **** up
Look at me it is hard I'm as ugly as can be
Senseless and normalcy
All i see is...
Soulless senseless normalcy
Sep 2016 · 116
Lucky ever after
leinstinct Sep 2016
That is just how it is
I like to do touch and see
Why fight when love is all we need
leinstinct Sep 2016
I am venom to you all
I should not stay i should not go
I want you here but go away
I can't won't work at such a place

Who am i?
What do i really want?
Indecisive no questions answered
Stay away I'll break your heart

Time happens it all leaves
Like crashing  waves of i wanted to be

Get it?
of course you don't
can't find myself away from my want

All i want and all i need
All is towards what actually fullfils

I am what i be
I be what i am
Whatever you say i don't give a ****

Biggest **** up
You will ever meet
Who knew such disgrace could ever be me?
Sep 2016 · 333
I am
leinstinct Sep 2016
Yes i am
So long lost
Try to find
Meaning on my life alone
It is no depression
I don't believe in that ****
It is no" suicidal tendency"
Life is meant to be lived and happily
It is more of a confusion
More of a too much going on
More of a nice battle
More of a looking forward to the war
More of a learning period
That is where i am at
Lost confused but glad i am
Aug 2016 · 733
Timing is a bitch
leinstinct Aug 2016
Oh you and I
It sounds so nice
We could we should
But can't is an option too
I can't  belive how cruel is our destiny
How could we be?
If it is all against you and me
Aug 2016 · 213
leinstinct Aug 2016
People complaining think they know it all

Objectively talking there is no such as love

feelings and needs
Wants and dreams

Everything so beautiful it's part of the trip

Special comes from species
We all come to be
No one is on trial
We have the right to be free
Aug 2016 · 301
leinstinct Aug 2016
Don't ask me how i do
I do not really know

Just want to sleep it off
Im always better on my own

The vibes of the mostly fakes
And being held captive like on a cage

Rebelty my only escape
Art what feeds my vibrant  soul

I know nothing about anything
I do not really want to know

The truth it's so deceiving
Leaving you all on your own

It's hard to just stop thinking
And easy to over think

I was happy with no discipline
Happy when i seemed free

I was happy on my independence  
With people pure like me

Crashing back to my reality
Realising so many truths

What i have is not what i really want
What i need seems to not exist

I should leave it all behind
But the easy way is no perpetual bliss
Aug 2016 · 296
leinstinct Aug 2016
Come back to my senses
A withdrawal for my thoughts
Exiled from infinity
Outcasted by your love
Alone with a sensation of what it could have been
Then fell into demention
No coming back from that  it seems
Addiction a life partner stronger day by day
From the drinking to the smoking to the drugs i always crave
The happenings of happiness
The happenings of life
It all moves with such intensity
All happens much too fast
At the end just all the memories
The moments and the love
Nothing else that matters
Nothing else we have
Aug 2016 · 175
leinstinct Aug 2016
She fell into my life without a prior notice
Her heart is made of shine and all she gives is glory
NOT to idolize but she is the nearest to perfection
More than i ever wanted her soul is pure connection
For you
Only for you
I would
leave my wife my children and my mistress
Jul 2016 · 410
leinstinct Jul 2016
When you reached a destination at the ends of the earth
And life has given you troubles you could easily amend
When you acumulated the wisdom of a million years
When your being has replaced all your fears
When caring has founda diffrent meaning
And your words have become a profecy for other beings
When love takes over and you realize the ultimate truth
The only thing that really matters and exists is love
Jul 2016 · 454
leinstinct Jul 2016
Everything is dim
Someday we will all just fade away
Leaving no sign of our existance
But the legacy we portray
Our gift to humanity
Our gift to the universe
That has breeded us with such mercy
A miracle in the making
Jun 2016 · 312
I love you
leinstinct Jun 2016
Few to none
All to more
They are aware
Of my love afair
How it was fake
How bad i was
The **** i was
The **** i am
The feelings i felt
But cowardice took me apart

I take all blame i broke you up
It seems like bagage was all i had

Seemed not to care for your perfect self
Seemed not to give but still expect

Such a person i had to be
To become the person I'm meant to be
All the ******* you had to take
Cuz maybe you loved and cared  

But here i am renewed at your feet
No way of contact
Many years later i seek
A chance i know i don't deserve
A clue that you remember and care
A last advice now meant for you
A little time to show you
That i evolved
That i am new
That i did care
Care about you  
That i know i love
I love you
Jun 2016 · 615
leinstinct Jun 2016
To all the purpose i will have
To never change but evolve in some way
To all the words i could not find
To all the memories i tend to forget
To all the thoughts that destroy my mind
To hope i found in everywhere
To the one i was the one i am
To all the people i thought i loved
To all the things i could not say
To all the moments that fade away
To chances lost and chances found
To sharing life love and peace
To every perfect including life and me
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