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Don’t give any suspicion, no, not ammunition

I wouldn’t want a repeat, but there’s always another lurking.

You’ve checked my closets far enough, breached and infringed on all my stuff

How does it feel peaking, ravaging the room and sneaking

What knowledge are you peeping?
I see that you are freaking.

Yes, I’ll change, yes, I swear.
Go away, don’t ******* stare.
No, I haven’t slept in days.
I’m pondering my next escape.

It’s really quite exhausting,
I’m either paralyzed or resolving
a bleak and bleary future,
maybe drugs and unhinged stupor

But you know as well as I
That I absolutely need to survive
I can’t afford to die
I can’t afford to die.

If not for myself, I’ll live in others
They’ll recall me when they shudder
Something’s in the room? No, another
Hallucination, some type of clutter.

You’ve built my insecurity,
you’ll fall for false maturity
The doctors will say I’m a-okay
Holy hell, she’s changed her ways.


But now?

Wellbutrin’s in the flower,
the flower’s in the tea ***,
resting by my bed side,
you’d never check my bed side.

Razor’s in the picture frame,
I reminisce of when it maimed
my skin and I felt something,
now I feel just nothing.

I tried to hide, these things of mine,
well enough you wouldn’t find

something wrong the next time,
there will not be a “next time.”
Poem about people catching onto your mental health and scavenging your room, breaching your privacy, locking you away, until you take the steps to get out of it.
hitherto the crows enveloping the sky
and whereupon my zest for life decayed
were a trio of three- she, him and I

in the meadow grew hollyhock and rye
he catered to the grain, i to the flower
the roots began to shift and the rustling wind sigh

though beautiful, she was the apple of my eye
the flower paled in worth, my attention drew elsewhere
her voice was soft and musical; enamourment nigh

quiet was the night and little time did i bide
for death only lay dormant and life dreamt uncertain
so I offered her a walk, a moonlight stride

‘twas lovely until she dipped down, collapsed and cried
i, mortified, could not quell her despair
had he heard?; not a minute passed and ‘lone he arrived

her despair was my own and solace i could not find;
the hollyhock has long since died; i wish for no more
hitherto the crows enveloping the sky
were a trio of three- she, him and i
Elizabeth Sage Nov 2018
Let us imagine-
For a moment.
That he doesn’t love you at all.

That his mind is filled with greater things;
And that someday he will cease
to answer your every beck and call.

Let us suppose-
For a moment.
That it has all been a game.

And that your emotions are ludicrous;
they leave you vulnerable,
And serve only to entertain.

He calls himself a God,
And yet suffers from terribly insecurity.

This arrogance is not attractive, but you brush it off,
And try to comfort him Reassuringly.

But you do so for naught;
For perhaps he doesn’t much care.
Because he knows that he can control you
And that the love is not shared.
Elizabeth Sage Oct 2018
"Elizabeth, you need to open your mind"
"Get out of the house and let yourself unwind"
"See the world for what it is, instead of living in your shell"
"Depression shouldn't define you; I want you to be well”

I am, I am.
Don't you see?
Just Read My ****** Poetry.

My mind is blank
My heart is full
And any sense of direction
Is completely null.
November, 2017
Elizabeth Sage Oct 2018
A cerulean gaze passes over,
cold like a midwinter breeze.

A smile pinned to the lips;
words emitted from a ******.

"Darling, it isn't normal
to find beauty in dark things."

We wish you would smile,
for you haven't in so long.

Instead your lips are painted black,
and you hum a dark song.

(And that is wrong.)

The character turns;
you're being pushed off the stage.

"You're too far gone to be helped,
Elizabeth Sage."

For isn't it obvious?
Any happiness was just a phase.

— The End —