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2.5k · Oct 2012
Fuck you Haiku
Klaus Oct 2012
I always knew it
That he wasn't just your friend
Don't get syphilis
2.2k · Oct 2012
Klaus Oct 2012
Are we now not on two different planes?
Hearing new songs in lay, in sideways  borograbes
By your feet too do these crisped, grey leaves scatter?
These humming autumn inscects remind me it doesn't matter

That shining floral fantasy is now merely fauna
I smother now the tinted leaved cantaluna
Can a buried flower blossom and grow?
I yearn not to care or know.

This old marigold once shimmered with light
Age and decay resisted any honest plight.
Henceforth I am the seed, waiting for the warm sun's yawn
These boyish locks now retire, waiting for a new man to dawn.
No future no past
1.6k · Aug 2022
Klaus Aug 2022
Like a shooting star

you were there and then were gone.

Searching for your heart.
this is your last haikuesday. Where did you go?
Klaus Apr 2013
****** with headphones in
Longboarding never felt so
good this late at night.
1.4k · Apr 2013
yet hope
Klaus Apr 2013
Instinct becomes arbitrary when my willpower deters my integrity
Aspirations are mere illusion when my intuition exceeds my ailing grasp

A ******* creep of disintegrating fantasies releases
of realism.

Nicotine surfs my limbs
as thoughts align with tectonic disasters.

Malice masks insinuating balance,
An inevitable roar of discontent prefaces
A cruising tune of initiated indifference
yet hope
1.3k · Oct 2012
No substance
Klaus Oct 2012
This cigarette;
A disguised kiss
Is it

This barley wine
While bathing with mine
Am I

This green
A safe dream
So it seemed

No bloom
This grief and gloom
It is
1.1k · May 2013
Klaus May 2013
My way will be found...
To these "warm waters"
and abundant agave among
a lingering, gentle devil
more potent than that austere burn.

It's the gaze you give me,
though gated by hissing apertures, screens, & skype,
that deters my sensibility. For this unconventionality is certanly fathomed.
Believe me

But it's the glittering glances, shot offscreen in blushful bantering
shocks my compass not due south

but to wherever you are.
but it isn't merely just those things
Klaus Mar 2013

Pin drop atom bomb sparks

an incise, rasping raw hiss.
the instantaneous buzz ignites a crescendoing, numbed fuzz belonging to no known octave
1.0k · Oct 2012
Klaus Oct 2012
What I see
Wishes blindness upon me
Echoes on selfishness what I hear
I fear
Your sinful nature
Lack of willpower
Makes me hate loving you

You peak behind your path contoured
A quarter glimpse keeps me coming
Following your silhouette
Forgetting what I heard
994 · May 2013
Klaus May 2013
My timbre-
Like a slightly chewed cassette
Burrows in your tongue-tied loanwords,
& bunter bound beam.

Bounce, & twirl, & tango
Don't stop
For each tantalizing accent from your
Sensually slurred syntax
Tenders mein Herz evermore.
898 · Nov 2012
Klaus Nov 2012
I cannot become this curmudgeon.
a soul
  deep fried
    blue balled
     and bludgeoned
764 · Nov 2012
Klaus Nov 2012
Grow a pair;
Lets punctuate
Not fluctuate

It's not in the release I hesitate

but in the frisky, frazzled farewells
714 · Oct 2012
Klaus Oct 2012

Is suffocating.

Is perverting.
and you
Klaus Apr 2013
I will with diligent gratitude disregard my right not to copy

For I am...

A Tyrant ,
I Confess
but not quite destroyed,
though perhaps Forgotten.

A Bird,
Dead, yet Beautiful,
& Mysteriously still Producing Eggs
though lost in the trees.

A Zebra
that is Gold,
though still worries.
About 6 months ago a few artists collectively planted a seed in me, and poems started endlessly sprouting. High fives to anyone who catches any references.     What inspired you??
685 · Mar 2013
Klaus Mar 2013
Your eyes,

they catalyze-

an anaerobic exercise

of my loosely stitched heart
& sepia stained scruple

If you squint once more
i might rationalize

a brief grasp,
and galvanize.
just sayin' :-*
651 · Oct 2012
Daywave #6
Klaus Oct 2012
Take the penny
That's why it's there.

A Casual copper calling;
A slick plan palming

It's quaint weight does not care
613 · Nov 2012
Klaus Nov 2012
Do we feel alone?
With Hoards of Human Beings?
I do not know you.
604 · Mar 2013
10 mile stereo
Klaus Mar 2013
A sickly saunduring sonnet.
Of silhouettes, & cartographic breaths

By dazed trudging SWIM wander to where meandering;staggered-thoughts last began. I once thought I had a plan.

Instead - this perpetual plateau
593 · Apr 2013
Broke Mall Haiku
Klaus Apr 2013
Mall rat lingering
No cash-beginning to end
Haggard and forlorn.
576 · Apr 2013
Klaus Apr 2013
Tired, but wired
Espresso love at se7en
Sleep is for blockheads
552 · Mar 2013
Klaus Mar 2013
I drive too dashing
Not to impress
but because my feet can't stop shaking

I walk too fast
Not to digress
but because your cold shoulders are aching.

I talk too much
Not to transgress
but because I'm buzzing

I wish not to boast, ambush, or blather

I need to slow down
I realize
You'll be here longer
491 · Jun 2013
Klaus Jun 2013
Tell me to slow down.
Give me a reason  nonetheless.

Now would be nice
but forever might suffice.
490 · Mar 2013
Klaus Mar 2013
Receding snowlines,
befuddled bark, emit the
breath deep in my lungs
459 · Oct 2012
Hung Haiku
Klaus Oct 2012
Too often this ale
What this groggy mind ponders
Now I must clock in
410 · Apr 2013
Feeble (10w)
Klaus Apr 2013
I've been limping

Allowing love
To conduct my step.
400 · Apr 2013
Anytime (10w)
Klaus Apr 2013
in what was.


Shys me away.
384 · May 2013
Klaus May 2013
I wish you'd tell me
         that I know better

For I hope your dying
              to hear me say
                ­     that I don't care.
379 · Oct 2012
All the best
Klaus Oct 2012
I can not hate
I have no room
You play with me
I'm still lying to you.
293 · Sep 2022
harvest moon
Klaus Sep 2022
it’s a full moon tonight.
It’s a harvest moon

on this harvest moon, I’ve hurt someone I admire

I grilled, you brought the Bordeaux. You brought dessert.

On this harvest moon, I’ve hurt someone I admire.

I’ll try the tiramisu in the morning
249 · Feb 2020
Sunrise Vs. Sunset
Klaus Feb 2020
“Sunrise used the night's darkness
and massacred the stars in front of their mother's eyes (moon)

The court of the galaxy has sentenced him to death

You can watch the execution at sunset time.”


Sunset used the dusk’s dark, burnt orange
& beautiful breeze
to distract, and cloud
the court of her deceitful deeds

But a new dawn will rise
and the sun will shine a crisp, clear, blue truth through the clouds  
and the morning’s mist...

Case dismissed!!👩‍⚖️⚖️👨‍⚖️
A friend "Sunset" (from Iran, not a native speaker) wrote an incredible poem accusing/condemning the sunrise of ******! She asked for, but nobody initially defended

[Even though I do prefer sunsets... as an American we’re told all people are supposed to be treated “innocent until proven guilty” and that everyone has the right to an attorney and fair trial.] You choose who is guilty!
Klaus Dec 2020
Moonlit tarot tides-

Taking tricks, and trumping scripts.

202 · Jan 2020
Cuş Kuß
Klaus Jan 2020
My heart hums melodies of distant birds...

Over yonder, below the big blue
A cardinal croons
A redbird misses you

Over yonder, below the big blue
A yellow bird cries
Warbling “woe is you”

Two birds dance
and skip, and trade in verse
While softly wishing, on the same wire they’d be perched

A dance to court,
Hopeful heartfelt flying nigh

But it’s a bluebird’s kiss
Whose cadence I wish were mine
This is literally about being jealous of a bird. Afterwards I realized it has a  resemblance to that old children’s song “buckeye Jim”  but was not intentional
166 · Jan 2020
Klaus Jan 2020
In the morning
I meander

A quick drag
A sultry sip

In the morning
I meditate,
I meditate
Madness into a makeshift manual

A fresh breath
that lets out a quick crisp snap
and a call to all airs

A jittering jolt
followed by smooth calming hum

In pitch, on cue
Knowing what to do

The poise of a being
Into a day
Take a deep breath
157 · Jan 2020
Klaus Jan 2020
Don’t hesitate.
Don’t forget to participate

If two things fit
That’s it!
This poem was made in tandem with a Kurdish Turtle
122 · Sep 2022
GetHighLetDown haiku
Klaus Sep 2022
Getting high off of
All the times you let me down
Bitter ends linger

🎶 let down and hanginggggg aroundddd 🎶
118 · Jan 2020
Klaus Jan 2020
To smell your hair
Would mean to be near

To smell your hair
Means we share the same air

To smell your hair
Means we both see clear

To never smell your hair
Is just what I fear
91 · Sep 2022
Klaus Sep 2022
I haven’t heard from you
and I’m glad

but because you’ve realized how small I am
82 · Jan 2020
Klaus Jan 2020
Like the juice of June’s strawberries,

Your words gush through my soul
Breaking down all cells of rationale

but there is no sweet syrup
That can diminish the bitter taste
     of humility
& embarrassment
from these shaking lips

You make an old soul
  feel like a silly young boy
picking raspberries alone....
Klaus Sep 2022
Scream into my mouth
Unleash your heart, and wrap your legs
around my brain

75 · Sep 2022
Waking up
Klaus Sep 2022
Go on. As a dream.
My words, whispered into the wind.
Were you even here?
63 · Jan 2020
Klaus Jan 2020
I’m beguiled;

Babbling, blathering, hot, bothered & bursting!

My heart

& sends a surge of boiling blood through my body
Numbing all rational notions

I’m stumped
I’m beguiled

— The End —