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 Oct 2015 Karleigh Wickens
I've never cared for money.
Even less for politics.
All of the lies and the chaos
always seemed to make me sick.
I hate going to school,
but I guess I'll play the game.
Or maybe I will quit one day, sellout,
and chase the fame.
I can solve a math equation,
so people insist that I'm smart.
But it's never felt like much to me,
compared to others art.
Others tell me I'm slow
and lack common sense.
But common is boring
so I don't take offense.
I was just guessing.
Kept on turning to the right.
But you're face and my make believe persona of you drove me to the left.
Like a drunk driver behind the wheel, I had no control.
Yet I let you still over come me.
So I found you.
I let you in.
Me, myself have lived on this hell bound planet for 22 years, and still couldn't find happiness.
Past "loves" made these fossil creatures look like peasants kissing the ground their holy queen walked on.
And I was the king.
In other words, you held that throne.
That happiness I was so thirsty for finally quenched me.
You were my absolute everything.
We moved quickly but not with a care.
Blinded though if you may, in a way.
Our family seemed unbreakable cause our contract said forever.
My first true love you were and are.
How *** was always nothing but lust, or what I thought was making love was false.
Till I stepped in you're great door.
Our eyes would lock and no one would ever find the lost key to unlock them.
It wasn't just ******* or sensation.
But making love.
The greatest vice and feeling I would ever encounter.
A year since our fairy tale ending and still I fail to experience that or anything greater, with any woman who has came my way.
From what you weren't aware of was what my previous relationship left me as.
Which was a hidden monster.
So all I knew was how to react off of emotion instead of logic.
Our different ways of life and guiding our own spawns couldn't compromise.
So we started falling apart, like a castle slowly losing it's structured bricks.
Never thought I truly live a real nightmare and knowing there was no waking up.
The plane took me away from our departure and still I wait for a new arrival.
From what it looks like it will never happen.
All I am is set for failure and survival.
You know you were my favorite?
I wish I savored it.
Sometimes I wish I could get amnesia so it wouldn't even be memory.
But how can I?
When you was and still are my everything.
Letting go is easier said than done.
My bedroom breathes, my lunch box talks.
My fingers bleed, my blanket walks.

I am a very satisfied young boy.
You can pretend I am your little toy.
I am


Vacations sweep me off my bare feet.
Car tripping sun burns and sisters are sweet.

I move like a lead balloon rolled down the Pyramids.
You can't upset me or scratch me now.
I am


Gripping the good of your shoulder, surprise.
I tried to tell you with looks in my eyes.
Forever I'm wanting you to call out my lies.

I'm a very ***** little boy, I've been punished by bigger girls than you.

Frightened, you turn, I blush, I look around.
Is there a friend of mine in this **** town?
Sisters are too close and Mom has to work.
Same as I'm used to, don't mind me, ****...

I want to know you...
love is the ups and downs
of natural geography,
the only two feelings
when standing in the shadow of a mountain:  

1. your iris is the northern lights to me;

2. my freckles are grains of sand to you.

let's be realistic,

I guess we were never
in the same place
after all.
 May 2015 Karleigh Wickens
The day I learnt I was broken
I didn’t cry at all,
Instead a laugh escaped my lips,
As I leaned against a wall
and laughed and laughed
as I began to fall.

The day I learnt I was broken,
I started to look around,
But I saw nothing,
Didn’t even hear a single sound.

The day I learnt I was broken,
I didn’t have anyone.
Not a single person to turn to,
No one could be found.

The day I learnt I was broken,
I also learnt that I was alone.
                 With no friends, no heart and no place to call home.

— The End —