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Judypatooote Jan 2016
Time goes by swiftly
but I remember it well...

For daddy would walk down
with a fun tale to tell...

I would put on the coffee
and we would sit out back...

At the table he made us
for enjoying our snacks...

Now daddy and hubby
are no longer around...

But I think of them daily
I can almost hear the sound...

Of them laughing and talking
I wish they were still around...

Remember time goes by so swiftly
take time to play...

Enjoying each other
and each and every day...

by ~ Judy
A memory of my father and's been 21 years....
Judypatooote Dec 2015
When I was just a little girl
I'd wish with all my might...
That I might hear those jingle bells
Ringing in the night...
A stomping and a ** ** **
I'd know that he was real...
Oh yes, I do believe I heard
One of the reindeer squeal...

The room in which I spent the night
Was cold and filled with apples...
While hiding under the blankets so warm
I'd sneak a bite, well just to sample...
I finally fell a sleep that night
With dreams of what I'd find...
A bride doll, perhaps with brown hair
She was a beautiful sight...

Christmas morning I'd wake up at dawn
And creep on down the stairs...
The tree was lit with colored lights
And tinsel everywhere...
I'd hear a tinkling sound from bells
Bells hanging on the tree...
Oh I do believe in Santa Claus
For my bride doll was waiting for me...

by Judy
This is one of my favorite childhood Christmas memories...
Judypatooote Oct 2015
Those AUTUMN LEAVES keep falling down,
And around the corner you might see a clown.
Or perhaps a scary witch, with a green face,
Its a vision you might want to simply erase.
Oh look there's a princess wearing a crown,
Followed by a fairy, twirling around.
There's pumpkins, ghost, so many sights,
To help us remember it's HALLOWEEN night.

by judy
It seems like costumes have changed so much, not only scary, but gory...are you real?... And then you see a little child so cute, as cute as a honey bug...
Judypatooote Aug 2015

Finding an old friend
from years ago
when we were young
and not so slow...


We would pass in the hallway
on our way to class
saying "hi" with a smile
as we walked past..


It's Friday night
are you going to the game?
Of course lets meet
on the corner of Starr and Main


We would meet our classmates
in the stadium to cheer
Warm in our mouton coats
The 50's were good years...


The game would be over
we'd walk home in the dark
back to the corner
where we would then part...


Now to the stadium
we still go
but now our grandkids
are putting on the show...

by judy
Oh what a difference years make. When we could walk by ourself and never fear that danger was near. If i could bring back anything from the olden days it would be that feeling of never having to look behind you, or whats around the corner, and who to trust.
Judypatooote Jun 2015
When did I start my worry list?
As a child I didn't have to worry, that was mom's job.
But what did she have to worry about.
Certainly not me.
Dad had a job,  and was a happy fella
We did have a TV
With a bubble screen
But she never watch that.
She didn't like cowboy shows or wrestling
An There was no news...
That's it.....
That's when my worry list started...
I became a mom of four children
What did I have to worry about
certainly not them
But then I watch the news
My children have grown
but then I have nine grandchildren
And so my worry list continues on
shootings at schools
children abducted
So many tragedies on news
From tornadoes to plane crashes
Car crashes, Forest fires, Terrorists,
Children with a rare cancer
With no cure...
why, why do I watch the news?
So I know what to worry about?
Or just because I'm a mom and a grandma

My granddaughter named me

By Judy
As I sit and watch the news, I feel a bit of "what if's" . When I think about a simpler time when there was no media....things just happened, but life is a challenge this day...or maybe it's age...
Judypatooote May 2015
Dress up days
I don't mean the times
They dressed up for Church
Or for special holidays
But the times they found
A long dress in their moms closet,
And their moms high heel shoes
Oh and the hats they found
In a hat box in the closet.
Please mom, please....
They were in seventh Heaven...
And the special box
In a best friends basement,
Filled with formals
And a box of high heels.
That insured them a great
Play day...
I grew up in
Dress up days
My girls grew up in
Dress up days
But this day and age
It seems there are
Dress up days
Filled with Princesses
Bought at Target
Or on Amazon.
Stealing the creative ability of a child.
They are expensive, beautiful
And they sparkle
I'm sure the little girls
Probably get more excited
Over Princess dresses
That sparkle
Then the ones that hang
Over their shoulders
And drag on the ground.
Either way, they can still
Have fun while singing
"I'm so fancy"

By Judy
dress up days that I remember
Judypatooote May 2015
Change can mean
So many things.
The loss of a loved one...
The birth of a loved one..
The sale of a house
You grew up in.
All those childhood memories.
The sale of a house
You raised your kids in.
The yard that had maple trees
And flowers which was
Planted with love.
A firepit that was a place
For neighborhood gatherings.
Old home has new owner
New look, new yard
Everything has CHANGED..
CHANGE.....can be Sad, and beautiful.
New home, new friends
Added to old friends
A new set of memories to make....
CHANGE is just a way of life...

By judy
So many changes in life...I feel lucky to have been able to experience them, and keep them in my memory box called my brain...
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