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as a kid
there's nothing
like wasting away inside a tiny
sitting on the backrest
of the couch
looking out the window
and seeing her
tread through the rain

a red umbrella covers


she's going back
to the liquor store
We need another Martin Luther King
Today now more than ever
Someone to take the faithful leap
That will bring us all together

Who sees the plight of man for what it is
All one race, no color
Where together in harmony we all shall stand
Sister to sister, brother to brother

A leader with a vision
With open arms and callused hands
That will peacefully fight for all that's right
Over every square inch of this land

To lift us out of this world in doubt
Not silent on what really matters
Raising our voices in joyful sound
A world where we love each other

One who hears the righteous call
And says here I am send me
For freedoms sake above it all
Like Martin Luther King
 Oct 2017 Judypatooote
In a castle, near a mountain
in his dark, dire paradigm
dwelled a Doctor, the concoctor
of the monster, Frankenstein.

In a house not of the living
where people used to dine
he found a head in a bed
for the monster, Frankenstein.

In a graveyard near his castle
where the sun refused to shine
he found some noses and some toeses
for his monster, Frankenstein.

And on this night there came a storm
where lightening struck a line
of his fusion with execution
there rose his Frankenstein.
Halloween Fun
Love always hates
when there's no one to love
No where to go
to give itself up
No one around
deserving of love
But isn't that really
most all of us

It's not that love doesn't
go out of its way
In spreading itself
where ever it may
From the best parts of town
to the worst you can say
Love hates to not
give itself away
The wind directs the snow
Horizontally down Spartan Ave.,
But for a moment,
A snow-funnel pirouettes
Like a music-box dancer.
I hum some Tchaikovsky
As it exits.
Act II follows,
I sweep the stage
For the soldiers marching across frozen fields.
The music stops.
I shut the door.
Enough Tchaikovsky for this winter.
Title is from Chuck Berry's masterpiece, "Roll Over Bethoven."
if one mid-summers day

love came rolling in on a cloud

i'd gladly say let it rain

and puddle up around my house
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