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Jun 2015
When did I start my worry list?
As a child I didn't have to worry, that was mom's job.
But what did she have to worry about.
Certainly not me.
Dad had a job,  and was a happy fella
We did have a TV
With a bubble screen
But she never watch that.
She didn't like cowboy shows or wrestling
An There was no news...
That's it.....
That's when my worry list started...
I became a mom of four children
What did I have to worry about
certainly not them
But then I watch the news
My children have grown
but then I have nine grandchildren
And so my worry list continues on
shootings at schools
children abducted
So many tragedies on news
From tornadoes to plane crashes
Car crashes, Forest fires, Terrorists,
Children with a rare cancer
With no cure...
why, why do I watch the news?
So I know what to worry about?
Or just because I'm a mom and a grandma

My granddaughter named me

By Judy
As I sit and watch the news, I feel a bit of "what if's" . When I think about a simpler time when there was no media....things just happened, but life is a challenge this day...or maybe it's age...
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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