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Joshua Trevino May 2016
Sometimes I want to
check my luggage and leave it
forever unclaimed.
  May 2016 Joshua Trevino
My phone dings with familiarity of notification
I fail to reach
Failing to  identify the messenger
Thoughts all point to one thing
My chest constricts with fear as a sharp inhale shakes my body
It could be you
This knowledge, this esoteric ideology about who you really are, limits my tounge.
I can't speak
I can't explain you to anyone because the classic Marvel villian is much too kind.
Realization dawns on my face
I then exhale- slowly, taking comfort in the truth that eases my fragile heart: death prevents all forms of communication-especially druken texts after midnight.
We are drunk in our fears
We are high in our passions

We still-cangetbacktogetherright?
You are my best poetry
Written in longhand
Spoken all in one breathe
But death
And leaving voicemails
And coming to my house
And calling my mother
And harrassing my sister
And-well, moving on is hard when you, still want to move in.
Special thanks to Joshua Trevino
  May 2016 Joshua Trevino
Red dirt haunts the bottom of your boots
All of your curiosity cannot be contained in one suit
You will do the things most men dream of.
You will colonize a land unknown.
I asked you what your dream was
And you said you wanted to go to the stars above
Apparently Mars has always been your dream home
You want to colonize that red speck in the sky
And believe me, I know how good you can colonize
I mean you’ve already taken over my heart
Your footprints will stay there even if we were to part
Your words are more treasured artifacts in my chest
And so far I think I like them better than the rest
Stay on my planet for as long as you need to
I will help you here until Mars needs you
Use my poems as your rocket fuel
Keep them with you until they are useless
Let my hands be your shelter
Make my mind your control center
I will be whatever you need me to
Even after you’ve blasted off into the blue.
i swear i write more than just love poems i just really like relationships at the moment
Joshua Trevino May 2016
I saw all the space
and every corner that would
be haunted by you.
Joshua Trevino May 2016
The spaces between
our heartbeats & hands narrow
whenever I see you.
Joshua Trevino May 2016
Why did I fall in
love with every single smile
thrown my way tonight?
scribbles on a bar napkin
Joshua Trevino May 2016
All it takes is one
gesture of love once a day
for the rest of days.
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