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 Feb 2020 Joanne Heraghty
i fear no one today
i am my own escape
in this world of pain
i fear no one today

i'll scream and i will run
the fun has just begun
i'll fall, and my knees scrape
for i fear no one today

i'll live life like a dream
one no one's ever seen
i'll cry til my lungs ache
i'll fear no one today

i'll love with all my heart
for love is but an art
i'll give this heart away
'cause i fear no one today

i've cut off all your strings
what does tomorrow bring?
i am my own escape
i fear no one today.
a song by me
 Feb 2020 Joanne Heraghty
If we were only friends with perfect people
Our lives would be pretty freaking lonely
Is sinking
Into silence..
Letting go of
That which appears
To grasp our coattails
And clouds the Identity
Of our true Self..

This is not to inquire
Into coattail attachments
But to directly recognize
That in which
We as well as our coattails
Make our stage appearance...
 Feb 2020 Joanne Heraghty
I've drank the finest of wine
Down to the bottom of the bottle
Only to witness an ocean alone
Barely surviving my own hands

A fire burned through my viens
That was blew out by the wind
Breezing through the leaves
A calmness that sits with me
Before calmness dismisses me

I walked across the tallest blue sky
Where wide winged birds soar high
Til promises of white clouds turn grey
And so there I fell with the rain
Dripping through the lowest gutter

Many times I was buried, lying in dirt
Like a grave, needing no help
Finding the dark inside of myself
But I always rise with the blades
Of the greenest fresh spring grass

No matter what feeling I catch
None of them seem to everlast
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
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