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Rebecca 17h
The hunt
The push, the pull
The heat of anger
mistaken for the heat of passion
A love not sweet nor sharing
A hunt with hurt
Mean for strength
For dominance
No true care
Ich liebe Dich nicht
A harsh emotion of obsession
Without a basis in love
Never to release and never to truly want
One last call before the great love
One more attempt to pull her back
One cruel time before the date
One last phone call "I think I might love you."
Give it up ******* - I have gone
No more chase.
I won the hunt.
Rebecca 18h
Drop in his arms
Feeling the security of love
Gaze in his eyes
Feel the music of trust
Hearts beat the rhythm
Close with no other
Hair nearly sweeping the floor
Swoop, I am up again
Swirled away and back
To his safe embrace
Lips tickle my neck
His hand runs the length of me
My forever
To hold the moment of perfection
Who knows how long it will last--
for this moment forever.
Rebecca 18h
Good to give
Immediate relief
Possible regret
Honesty told from the heart
Release of feeling
Brush of romance
Seal of words and jars
Tell by tremble
Stiff feelings unknown
Mother's blessing and nightmare
Protest good and bad
Start and finish
Receptor of hedonism.
Sealed in death
Rebecca 1d
Know your place
Step away
Too much shows a lacking
Of the one who should have known better
Walk softly
The one lacking is crowded
Love of village is never
What mother seeks
Mother wants no threat
Step softly with others kids
Know your place
Step softly in your place
Love with proper distance
Rebecca 1d
Love me as I love you.
Seek no more than I have.
I will do my best to
Be amazed at every
Stupid thing you do
If you do the same for me.
Stand by me
Through life.
Love me as no other
Straighten my reckless mess
With your ordered crazy.
Never ever end.
Rebecca 4d
Buzzing in my ear
Trapped beneath the sheet
Can't see it
Just waiting for the landing
Hoping to smash it
**** thing numbs me
Takes it's plunge
Tiny little scoop
Leaving behind poison
In place of blood
Tiny little *****
Leaving itches
That welt upon my touch
Tense with purpose
Slap the little nuisance
One red smear of battle won
So much for that
Rebecca 5d
Three a. m.  I  went outside.
Full moon lighting night
Wind blowing in the new spring leaves
Dancing along wood's edge.
Unknown blessing in my path.
Alone with God,
Yet feeling the presence of another.
The night sounds warning of impending loss
The leaving of my father
As he traveled to eternal.
The wind was his gentle touch as he left the earth
Gently brushing my hair.
'Thanks, daddy, for the visit.'
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