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Rebecca 6d
Tripping with delight
in time to the music
of my heart.
Spent with the love
so bright and pure.
Moving with the thrill
of "yes, I am sure."
Not thinking of what
might be, but
how it feels.
Move in time with
reckless step.
Dance of life.
Dance of instinct
Without thought.
Rebecca 6d
Floats to the surface
With oxygen that truth
Always seeks.
Truth never hides
Under cover.
Truth needs open
Spaces and blue skies.
The big reveal is always
Pregnant with life
Waiting to burst forth.
Rebecca May 6
My dear first;
Want to cling to the good
But the bad keeps rising.
Fell asleep in your car?
Who were you holding?
Said yesterday was good.
Who got that day?
Seems all I get is crazy.
Like them, Helluva lies.
Excuses not even good.
Don't care enough to cover.
Goodbye, *******.
See you never.
Rebecca May 4
Stop toting.
Lift with reward.
Sorry short.
Not sorry lived,
Unload the burden.
Do the spectacular.
Walk with direction.
Love with reckless abandon
Each day with open heart.
Hear the news
Not with sorrow,
But with understanding
Sorry short,
Not sorry lived.
Rebecca May 3
Today would be the day;
A day without a trouble.
Easy and placed well.
Not exactly a Friday.
But a delight all the same.
Maybe not exactly good news.
Just overall satisfying.
God blesses us all
With such days.
Happy mediocre.
Cherry picking.
No sorrow, no blame.
Just a quiet thought.
Rebecca May 2
Not enough time.
The day passes
With all my chores.
You sit and brew.
My slight no notice.
Spite invigorates.
Things amiss.
Hid and placed.
Clutter my brain with loss.
Shame on me.
Add a search of hours
For things amiss.
Trick on me
As you sleep.
Replaced as you awake.
Shame on me.
Trick on me.
Rebecca Apr 27
Enough today
No more.
No more dancing.
No more love.
Just a bit of rest.
Selfish nothing.
Give no more.
No more gentle touching.
No more words.
No more thoughts of youth.
Enough today, I'm old.
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