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Rebecca 3d
Alas, it was not wine
Just late coffee
Kept me stirred.
So I swirled.
Wicked dance of
Wide awake.
Rebecca 3d
Not to my face.
Shared by no-name.
Write your wrong.
The heart bleeds in beat.
Push forth untrue words.
Spilt poison on paper.
Hoping you feel the paper cuts.
Rebecca 3d
As a child to watch
Yet never be seen;
As a wife to obey
Yet never be heard;
As a caretaker to care;
Yet never be valued.
A woman's life was once
sorry short.
Rebecca 3d
Grown up cedar in cone shape
Sits beside the barb wire fence.
A gift from birds and God.
Not being put to use.
Just awaiting our old truck.
“Holler, if you see someone.”
Chopped with quick aim.
Pushed in back.
Tree for Christmas just for me!
Rebecca 3d
Refuge from pain;
Balance of thought;
Constant defender;
Patient ear;
Loving support;
Now my turn.
I need to protect you;
To hold you steady;
To redirect;
To make it right;
To hold you tight;
To hide my care.
To love you
With all my heart.
Rebecca 3d
As I live the sweetest
Is sometimes so normal.
A day remembered
So simple yet well lived.
As I live it,
I may not know.
Only time bestows
The gift.
Rebecca 3d
In my own space,
With my own thoughts,
Roaming all the territories
Of what I want.
Just a moment to spare
about the thought that as
we age sometimes our minds
no longer are.
God seems to grant a contract
for the mind that expires
Before life.
So I will sit and enjoy
while I still have value.
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