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Rescel Dec 2020
My wardrobe's full of sparkly dresses
But I don't know anymore who to wear them for
My life's excess has sustained the press
I asked for more, became their darling *****

They gave me a glass cage and called it a home
Put me on a cross and called it a throne
Danced like a ballerina in hopes to please
The hungry abonnés should fulfill my wish

Spotlight on the stage replaced my sun
I'm a property of everyone
And I sometimes think I do regret
Selling myself as a marionette...

Ruffled hemline dresses, different shiny gowns
Nightly royal dance ball in different shiny towns
Smiling to impress and not to express
A damsel should not let them see her distress

They gave me a noose and called it a necklace
Told me to patch up my porcelain crevice
Broke my fingers to make it fit into the shoes
Stitched my lips into a smile, romanticized this abuse

Camera flashes replaced my stars--
A price to pay for a superstar
And I always think I do regret
Selling myself as a marionette...
Arms tied with hard strings
Lips sealed for the ventriloquist
And I do, I do, I do regret
Selling myself as a marionette.
Rescel Aug 2020
You searched the world for a lullaby
and found it in their screams and cry.
Your greatest art was death itself
and your melody was their beg for help.

But let's go back to your story's start,
when you still didn't have a monster's heart.
Let us go back to your innocence,
when your world was confined behind your backyard fence.

You once had been a young good boy
but with a family like those broken toys.
Your parents' fights were your fairytales
and your bedtime story was your mother's wails.

You'll go to school with hidden cuts--
black-blue bruises from your father's bat.
And though they tried to be friends with you,
their happiness was your source of blue.

Until one day, you found a cure;
her name's Emily, a bliss so pure.
Her smile, your happiness; her eyes, your stars;
her hugs, your haven; her tears your scars.

You learned to find the sweet from the bitter,
hoped that maybe there's a happy ever after.
You've buried your heart in darkness' grave,
not knowing that soon enough, you will be saved.

Yet fate won't let you get away;
peace and joy will never stay.
Your precious one, they took and ****--
Emily's dead, lying cold and still.

The pain you've buried for many years,
the darkest past, your endless tears
the rage you've buried brave
came crawling back out of its grave.

"Evil is good, retribution is fair!"
Goodness became something you don't want to care
Justice you'll bring with bloods on your hands
Farewell to the angels, by the devil you stand.
Killer's Tale
Rescel Aug 2020
You carved your name on my skin
Without planning on staying
Hoping to leave behind
A scar to use any time
And your I love yous
Ceased to mean anything—
They are naught but a spell
You know how to summon me well

But why do you have to use
Dark spells on me?
You caged me inside
my own fantasy
We used to be magical,
Didn’t we?
So why do you have to use
Dark spells on me?

I’ve given up my youth
To have your knowledge
And felt some emotions
I could barely manage
Gave you my heart
Once stony cold
Only for you to melt it
In fire and blood

Is there really no soul
in that lonely shell?
Are you really that miserable
To not treat me well?
I drank your tears
In hopes to understand you
I broke my own heart
To gain your point of view

But why do you have to use
Dark spells on me?
You caged me inside
my own fantasy
We used to be magical,
Didn’t we?
So why do you have to use
Dark spells on me?

We could have been enchanted
But now I just wanna be free
You should have never used
Your dark spells on me.
Rescel Aug 2020
walking away from you
feels like walking barefoot
on a rough pavement littered
with a million little shards.

walking away from you
feels like being stuck
in an asylum full of
crazies while I have
the misfortune of
keeping my sanity.

walking away from you
means bleeding every single
night as the demons
dance on my bed
and carve their
names on my

walking away from you
is the same as melting
my heart slowly
into blood and

but i'd rather walk away from you
and squeeze my heart out of
this fiery passion and emotions,

i'd rather walk on the million
unforgiving shards,
and be imprisoned with
the insane savages,

i'd rather let the demons
**** my soul...

...than stay with you
and not be loved
back at all.
Rescel Mar 2020
Light, light the rose candle
and let it brighten up the night
listen to the story it tells
before it fades by your sight.

Smell, smell its sweet scent
and watch its little flame dance
know, know what it has meant
before you lose your chance.
What does this mean?
Rescel Mar 2020
I was afraid of darkness once

of silly things, and deadly dance.

I was afraid of nightly tales

where lovers died and heroes failed.

I was afraid of phantom woes

and wails at night of dreadful ghosts,

I was afraid of witches’ spells

and demons in the burning hell.

Yet all these fears were proven small

compared to one I’d learned in fall

for the greatest fear that was soon to call

was having you and not at all.
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