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 Sep 2021 Larianne
Sophia L
I love myself more.
 Sep 2021 Larianne
 Sep 2021 Larianne
Seek repent...
Forever, no one
among shall astray
 Sep 2021 Larianne
farthest star
I wish I were dead.
But not really dead, just unfeeling.
Unfeeling of pain, unfeeling of love,
unfeeling of all of the above.
But I resist everday
and stay alive.
Hoping and praying
I'll stop feeling dead inside.
I'm tryna fight my depression but DAMNNN DEPRESSION GOT HANDS
 Sep 2021 Larianne
They love me
Because I’m me!
But what if…
I was no longer me?
Do you think
anybody would notice
the protagonist in there
Traveler 🧳 Tim
 Sep 2021 Larianne
She was lost
She was numb
Yet she pretends
As if she was alright
 Sep 2021 Larianne
Mitch Prax
Her blue hair
played the blues
upon my heartstrings-
a song so beautiful
she entranced the moon above.
Together, we danced beneath the starry night
wondering when her song
could cure our blues.
some say she was born with a broken heart,
unmendable by word or deed, and now armed
with a quiver full of witticisms and deft vertical
palm, friends, lovers, the world, all held at bay,
lest they discover her sorrow
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