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  Jul 2015 Jason Cole
AK Bright
What is it that holds the oceans back
or makes the flowers bloom
what is it that hangs with precision the sun
and makes it to chase the moon

What is it that makes us savor love
and makes our minds to dream
what gives a baby his first breath
and just the right air to breathe

What makes us long for something more
Contentment, a school boy's crush
We chase it around 'til we think it's cornered
But it always escapes in a rush

We're all searching for something deeper
Something beyond our mortal power
We won't find it in our vices
Or atop the Ivory Tower

I found the answers in eternal hope
And everything unseen
My treasures lie on the other side
This life is but a dream
The dream was broken in transit
with an ant's bite
the rest of the part in another night,
in another dream
but that didn't happen

Then one day
at the last bus of the night,
I saw her with someone
Not in a dream rather in the reality  

She got to the next stop
I called out,
She left with a mystic smile,
disappeared within the shadows

Then  didn't go anymore
I missed the bus or the bus left me  
Either couldn't went back to home
Or not to go any other place in front  

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
When your dreams and reality both lost in transit then you have no way to move/ This is the reality of millions of people who lost their both ways ( dreams and reality) but there is still a reality and that is noway..
if like please share/comment/ repost.
Thank you for reading my poem.

Why do we grieve the heart of God
With the things that we men do
If God audibly spoke
He might say these words to you

Men talk about intolerance
Yet I still give mercy and grace
Men change the definition of marriage
And slap me in the face

Men bicker and argue and fight
About a waving flag
With all that's still to be done
About enough I've had

Men **** unborn babies
Yet I hardly hear a prayer
But the pleas of the unborn
They rise to me through the air

Men have taken me out of school
No longer there am I allowed within
Men have left me at the door
Of a place where once I had been

This list goes on and on
Men know the things I mean
Why can man not read my word
And from its pages wisdom glean

There is on the horizon a day
When every man will understand
When I come down from heaven
To give justice unto men

So go upon your merry way
Push the truths of God aside
Your guilt is not upon me
For to gain your obedience I tried

I will give unto men more time
I've an abundance of mercy and grace
But know within your heart o man
You will someday see my face

  Jun 2015 Jason Cole
Dawn King
it doesn’t matter enough
it matters but not enough to change it
it matters but not enough to admit it
it matters but it’s too difficult to change it
pride and shame stand in the way
fear stops change
nothing is done and the paralysis of denial takes over
the people you hurt forgive you and move on
they want you to do the same
  Jun 2015 Jason Cole

when it dawns
and the sky is passing fair
in the peace in a time of silent prayer
in the breath of a
newborn child's sleep
there are mem'rys
we will always keep

when a mother first holds her child
in the strength of a mustang
running wild
in the hush of an ocean's
silent depths
there are feelings in us
that we'll ne'r forget

eagles fly
and soar on lofty wings
infants cry when their
time of life begins
seedlings grow
from the fall of gentle rains
these are things we know
but can we fully explain?

in the rise of a harvest moon
in the scent of a rose
in fullest bloom
in the grace of a
dancer's swirling form
then our senses make us
glad we're born

in the flames of the setting sun
in softness of night that's
just begun
in the lights of the pinpricked sky
there are times we pause
to think and ponder why?

breezes blow
and yet are never seen
there's a mind
that can only think a dream
can you touch the light
of falling stars
these are things we know
but can we prove they are?

in the roar of a breaking wave
we are kept from the
cradle to the grave
we may know
in our last and final hour
a loving and



a song

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