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Broken Nov 2016
I lay here in stillness
Snow falling around me
Your head on my chest
My heartbeat is pounding

Our souls dance together
But we don't make a move
For fear we will break this
That this moment well lose

I wish I could stay here
And just relive this day
But like everything I love
It will fall away

I know now it's over
Fingers intertwined
I've fallen, I'm yours
I only pray you'll be mine
I love you
Broken Nov 2016
Yes, you were my beauty
And I was your beast
You taught me how to love
I taught you to be wild and free

But I was still only a beast
And that's all I would ever be
Unless the spell was broken
I needed you to say you loved me

As my time began to grow shorter
I could see that you were hurting
And I loved you with all my heart
So I had to set you free

But before the last pedal falls
Come back and say you love me
Before the last pedal falls
Be my beauty and I'll be your beast
Broken Nov 2016
Why don't you feel this like I do?
How are you not torn apart?
Don't you lie awake all night too?
And think of me all alone in the dark?
Don't you cry where no one can hear you?
Don't you feel alone all the time?
Don't you feel homeless without me?
Aren't I your home like you are mine?
Don't you crave my lips upon yours?
And my heat when you're out in the cold?
Don't you still reach out for my hand?
When you desperately need one to hold?
Don't you wish I were there to talk to?
To tell everything that goes on in your life?
Don't you feel incomplete without me?
Remember, you were almost my wife?
Why don't you feel this like I do?
How can you just turn away?
Don't yout know that I love you?
Those are the only words I can say.
Don't you know I love you?
Those are the only words I can say.
Broken Nov 2016
Alarm clock**
Wake up. Why?
To get out of bed. Why?
To get ready. Why?
To go to work. Why?
To make money. Why?
To pay bills and eat. Why?
To live. Why?
To wake up..... Why?
You were my reason why. Life is not really worth it without a reason.
Broken Nov 2016
How do I love you this much?
After everything you never say?
How does this still hurt?
Every second of every day?
How do I still miss you?
As I lie here in bed alone?
Will this ever be over?
Will I ever get to come home?
Broken Nov 2016
B.attle scared
E.ternally bruised
I.ncredibly still
F.illed with
That's her
Broken Nov 2016
Why keep on beating
Broken heart filled with sorrow
Why wake up today
When she was my tomorrow
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