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Broken Dec 2016
Can you show me the way to my heartbeat
When my love was so simple and pure
Can I please find a way to go back there
To relive my sweet yesteryear.
  Dec 2016 Broken
The Faithful Dreamer
Easily crushed.
Easily broken.
Shattered to pieces.
By the pain of rejection.
Bearing scar upon scar.
Yet still...
it goes on loving.
it reaches out.
To embrace the broken.
Even at the risk.
Of its own breaking.
Tenderly it loves.
Easily wounded.
But vast.
In its capacity.
To love.
To break.
To love.
And break.
Again and again.
"Love never fails." (1 Cor. 13, Holy Bible)
Broken Dec 2016
Merry Christmas and God bless
And yes I still love you
As my last teardrop turns to a snowflake
I have nothing left to lose
I wish I could give you the world
And a life together to live
But a few broken peices of my heart
Is all I have to give...
Broken Dec 2016
Poetry is breath for the broken
When air isn't enough to keep you alive
When speaking no longer suffices
To express what you're feeling inside
It's for pain beyond what you knew existed
It's tears when you run out of tears to cry
It's for all of the words left unspoken
And the times you never got to say goodbye
Broken Dec 2016
I used to believe in fairy-tales
Before my face bore all these scars
Before most of my heartbeats were broken
And I locked what was left behind bars

I used to believe in true love
Before true love stopped believing in me
Before I was thrown in a prison of memory
As she walked away with the key

I used to believe I was Prince charming
I would slay the dragon and save the day
Then I took a good look in the mirror
And I saw the beast lived in my face

I used to believe in happily ever after
It will would turn out alright you'll see
Then my own fairy tale lay broken
And in fairy-tales I no longer believed
Broken Dec 2016
It's not what it once was
This broken love in pieces on the ground
We still smile but both know it's fake
We still love but we're both holding out

Too afraid to commit
To somthing that we know could break
We can't live through that pain again
So we **** ourselves and say we're ok

So we love with our hearts half numb
Just incase things don't work out
Hoping our numb parts will be left
If everything else crashes down

It simply is not what it once was
This broken love in pieces on the ground
Broken Dec 2016
Adventure was in her spirit
Love was in her soul
Her heart a raging sea
That no one could control
Fire was on her fingertips
Wild was in her eyes
Freedom was her battle cry
As unchained as the sky
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