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does not render someone useless,
nor does it mean that the end has come,

It simply means
that the person has been mishandled,
I believe, that this is the case, for some.

does not mean hopeless,
nor does it mean that better days,
for the tired soul, will not arrive,

It simply means that the person
has to work harder
to bounce back,
to be brave and stay alive.

in itself,
is beautiful,
it means that the person
has lived,
experienced and survived,

means strength and endurance -
It means, that by a Warrior,
defeat was denied.

By Lady R.F ©2016
 Dec 2016 Broken
Another Song
Do you remember what it feels like to fall?
With eyes wide and arms flailing
Do you remember the fear?
Heart racing and blood pounding
Do you remember the fear?
Consuming your every thought
Do you remember feeling helpless?
Hugging yourself and clinging
Do you remember the hope?
Praying as you were falling that you would survive
Because I do
I remember what it's like to fall in love
 Dec 2016 Broken
Another Song
I keep every single one of your smiles
Every smirk, every laugh, every crinkle of your eyes
I keep every single one of your words
Every whisper, joke and thing I have not heard
I remember every single touch
Every pat, hug that's not enough
But most of all I remember you
Even when you forget me
 Dec 2016 Broken
Another Song
Easy 8 Step Bake

1. Add a sufficient amount of cute, so much that you'll never stop looking
2. Add 3/4 tbsp of a killer smile, to stop your heart
3. Mix with 2 eyes, that you could look into forever
4. Laugh as you add the humor, so you'll always smile when they're around
5. Let it settle for 10 min, so that your heart gets used to not beating without them
6. Insert into oven at 666 Fahrenheit, it'll make you do anything for them
7. Take it out after what feels like a lifetime of waiting for them has passed
8. Watch them love someone else
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