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hannah Feb 2014
I'm sorry to let you down
I knew I'd destroy you
So did you
And you let me
You wear your heart on your sleeve
And love like a fool
I hope your freedom stays the same
Whereas my heart is too cold for you
Our flame was but a spark
That was trampled under my foot
What I need is a blazing inferno
Hot, fast and passionate
You need a gentle flower
With a ***** mind
I'm too rough
I'm too pure
I burn too brightly
hannah Jun 2014
She was the kind of girl that could make everyone notice when she was talking
Who stole hearts with a smile
And minds with a word
And never stayed long
hannah Mar 2014
you said forever
i knew that wasn't true
nothing outlives its end
the debt is paid when its due
no extensions provided
no questions asked
no warning letter sent
no longer a flag up its mast
slowly but surely it came to an end
you fell like a leaf at Autumns End
"'til death we part" is bitter sweet
i'll suffer in silence 'til again we meet
hannah May 2015
Baby drip drip drop
You're in my veins
The sweetest poison
My hearts in pain

Baby drip drip drop
You're in my bed
Said I'd avoid it
You're in my head

Baby drip drip drop
My eyes pressed shut
Pains sharp as daggers
Dance in my gut
hannah Feb 2014
She had a mind as sharp as the razor she took to her skin
And a laugh so captivating it masked the insanity hidden within
Her hands so pretty and delicate no one saw how they trembled
Or the way she would lock eyes with someone he resembled
hannah Mar 2014
Pure lust hidden behind a crumbling facade
White lies and all the torment they have made
Against the shadow of our past
Before our future was cast
We struggled with ourselves
We struggled by ourselves
We struggled so we might last
hannah Jul 2014
I felt you
I felt your soul slide into mine
And our thoughts intertwine
In only a glance
Imagine what we could have if we took the chance
hannah Feb 2014
You own my mind
But not my heart
It has been this way
Since before the start
I wanted it all
You wanted love
My fear of pain
Came above
Above my heart
And above my mind
My heart is cold
And yours is kind

Your touch, gentle
Patience fleeting
When you decided
I wasn't for keeping
hannah Mar 2014
Your touch is electric
I crave your spark so deeply
I can feel it melting my insides
Turning me to goo
And if kisses were fireworks
We'd be an electric storm
Your touch burning
Destroying my mind
And if I were to die
I rather be electrocuted
By your touch
And in a sudden jolt
hannah Apr 2015
She is the type of person you may only meet a few times in your whole life;
always in brief encounters.
The type of person you could fall in love with in a heartbeat,
who opens up a world you didn't know existed.
You may catch her doing something mundane -such as filling a kettle-
and that's all it takes to fall in love again.
And if you're careful, very careful, you'll still recognise yourself when she leaves.
Because she will leave.
She is the sweetest poison and the body has habits of flushing out toxins.
hannah Jul 2014
Can't you see I'm not alright
I grit my teeth and tell my lie
And maybe if I grit hard enough I'll get by
hannah Mar 2014
Last week I told you I missed you
Another lie I can add to my jar
As the days turned to weeks, it's almost a month
I never though we'd have gone that far

And I don't think of you as often
You don't dwell in my mind
Just a passing thought
Visiting from time to time
But for you it hasn't been three weeks
It's been three girls who couldn't stay
You couldn't give them what they deserved
Because you miss me you say

So next time you ask I will not lie
-I do not miss you and I don't dwell
I wonder if your world will crumble
Or if you've been lying as well
hannah May 2014
I don't want to talk to you right now
I'm happy if we never talk again
I made a promise
I made a promise, you see
To be the best you never had
I know you think you're top dog
But your tricks don't work on me
Because I made a promise
To be the best you never had
hannah Apr 2014
I've stayed hidden
Haven't come out for days
I fear if I venture out
I'll be blinded by the suns rays
I don't want you to see me
You'll only be disappointed
Please stop believing in me
Find someone else to appoint it
hannah Mar 2014
It's nearly been a week since we last spoke
I've been counting the days
I hope I can keep counting
If you know what I mean

You smile when you pass me
But don't dare say hello
Don't you dare say hello
hannah Aug 2014
Caught in-between
Lines blurring to grey
What's right and what's wrong
Is there another way

'Don't think, just do'
I heard you say
The day before what was left
Fall away
hannah Mar 2014
You scared me away with your lust and your longing
Your trust too easily earned, with your sense of belonging
Long term commitment, a future, your love
I'm sorry but I can't match that when push comes to shove
hannah Nov 2015
I remember one night we shared a bottle on your kitchen floor
"Love doesn't always slam the door on her way out"
At the time that was comforting, almost peaceful, and I loved you for it
But lately I've been thinking about it over and over again, the thought haunting my mind
I should have asked "What happens when she leaves quietly in the dead of night without a word? How long would it take to notice her absence?"
Now I wish she had slammed the door behind her, at least then I would have noticed she had gone
I can't lay claim to his words, and neither can he. They belong to another
hannah Jan 2014
Sleep would be hogs
Hogs would be cool
Cool would be cry
Cry would be arid
Arid would be Tibet
Tibet would be Werner
Werner would be guide
Guide would be Zoe's
Zoe's would be awesome

**what did I just write?
hannah Mar 2014
Someone smiled at me today
I thought I'd pass it on
So now I'll smile at you
And hope you'll pass it along
hannah Feb 2014
I told you I'd ruin it
That I always do
That I always have
Only one was a lie
But we were built on lies
Little tiny ones that built up
Strong and steady they stood
Until a gust of wind destroyed them
And like the lies you fall too
Only I was the hurricane
You fall in love with
hannah Dec 2013
How am I ever
going to get over you
When we were never
Seen as two
Parallel lines
Never destined to cross
Always to find
We're each other's biggest loss
hannah Mar 2014
The way your eyes crinkle when you smile
Tells me your real
The way your easily offended
Tells me you feel
The way your fingers trace over my hip
Tells me need
The way you fall in love so easily
Tells me you bleed
The way you brush off punches
Tells me you heal
The way you help me get dressed
Reminds me it's real
hannah Feb 2014
I'm an emotional swirling vortex
Trying to hide in vain
Nothing will touch me
No one will see
So many possibilities getting muddled in my head
That I won't let happen
I'm a mess
I'm a wreck
I'll build up my walls so high no one can climb over
And so strong nothing will destroy them
Nothing will destroy me
Nothing will hurt me

I couldn't let anyone in even if I really wanted
I find it extremely difficult to trust
It's for the best
I'm happier this way
hannah Apr 2014
What makes you so special,
so high up above the rest?
Why do I still love you,
when I was always second best?
hannah Feb 2014
What if a shooting star
Granted all the wishes I've made so far
What if you could see
All that you really mean to me
And what you were to die
I'd die too and I don't know why
But what if all of my wishes came true
All I ever wished for was you
hannah May 2014
It's when I'm tired, sad, and lonely
The thoughts come creeping back
To destroy me at my weakest
hannah Jun 2015
I need to stop collecting kisses from paper mâché hearts
I need to stop my constant fleeing before it even starts
I need to pull up my socks; I need to hide my pride
I need to find your reckless arms before I die inside
hannah Apr 2014
A girl in a heavy coat
Walking with a heavy heart
Down below the heavy clouds
A stranger from the start

A boy with a tear-stained face
Shaking droplets from his hair
A crushed bottle in his hand
Stumbling through the glare

In his drunken haze they met
Sharing a tiny smile
Sensing each others hurt hearts
Only strangers for a while
hannah Dec 2013
I'll take away
Your ability for badness
Capacity for madness
And lock them both up tight
Without these traits
Your head can think straight
And we'll be together tonight
hannah Jan 2014
Searing through my system
A trail of fire
Burning short and bright
An engulfing desire
hannah Jul 2014
I fell in love with you the moment I saw you
And every moment after that
And every time you bared your soul and confessed your thoughts
I fell a little further
Until I was so out of my depth for you I drowned
And you let me
old poems, old memories
hannah Mar 2014
I** thought I could live without love

Love was foolish and pointless
Or so I told myself
Very often
Every minute of every day

Yet I fell
Out of control
Unbelievably fast

— The End —