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hannah Jul 2014
Can't you see I'm not alright
I grit my teeth and tell my lie
And maybe if I grit hard enough I'll get by
hannah Jun 2014
She was the kind of girl that could make everyone notice when she was talking
Who stole hearts with a smile
And minds with a word
And never stayed long
hannah May 2014
It's when I'm tired, sad, and lonely
The thoughts come creeping back
To destroy me at my weakest
hannah May 2014
I don't want to talk to you right now
I'm happy if we never talk again
I made a promise
I made a promise, you see
To be the best you never had
I know you think you're top dog
But your tricks don't work on me
Because I made a promise
To be the best you never had
hannah Apr 2014
A girl in a heavy coat
Walking with a heavy heart
Down below the heavy clouds
A stranger from the start

A boy with a tear-stained face
Shaking droplets from his hair
A crushed bottle in his hand
Stumbling through the glare

In his drunken haze they met
Sharing a tiny smile
Sensing each others hurt hearts
Only strangers for a while
  Apr 2014 hannah
numb, number and dumb
he put his finger on the trigger
and pulled it back to his thumb
swearing to god
'love is a flaw'
she is natures *****
messing with the value of power
and the need to want more
her hands reach with greed
sowing thoughts with fantasies
then tearing away
before you can plant your own seed
overcrowded, with 'flowers
growing in the darkest parts of the mind'

where hope is soiled with misery
and damp from goodbyes
if he could, he would cut her,
**** her, then crush her like mary
get high off her sorrows
and become legendary
a man who could live free
of the devils caress
but instead, finds his life
in the shell of lead death
hannah Apr 2014
What makes you so special,
so high up above the rest?
Why do I still love you,
when I was always second best?
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