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Aug 27 · 90
Waves in the Rain
Kiki Shaw Aug 27
It's never quiet by the sea.
There's always something
Always something, always

Never nothing.

The silent something carries
A boat perhaps to shore
You wave, I check behind me but
The something swallows you whole
Before I can cry for help.

Goodbye, sweet
May 7 · 337
Prom Queen
Kiki Shaw May 7
did you hear the murderous yell
when they announced
"there's a dead girl in the pool!"
did it make you shiver, make you squirm
did you watch her mother weep?
did you see the unbearable
blood, pulsing out
streaming from her eyes?
her new Chanel dress
blossoming orange now
as she lay perfect in the pool.
do you wish that she was you?
you're the one who put that
poor girl there-

The dead girl in the pool.
Kiki Shaw May 5
I've survived this long, so long
It can't all just end now
I didn't stay alive for it to be
The end of the ******* world.
But neither you or I can do much else
To save our simple souls
So we'll lie in the grass to death
With Betelgeuse and Mars.
I have a treasure map under my hat
I wonder where it leads
But now I guess we'll never know
So we spin a sorry tale
Of the mudlarks and the moonbeams.
Mar 26 · 163
the library at 11:58
Kiki Shaw Mar 26
you probably shouldn't be here
in the doom and the gloom
drop dead at midnight
Mar 19 · 509
Pure and wholesome
Kiki Shaw Mar 19
Based on a blackout poem from an introduction to Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland.
Mar 19 · 390
What could have been
Kiki Shaw Mar 19
almost poet,
Based on a blackout poem from an introduction to Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland.
Kiki Shaw Mar 19
the company
proved over-ambitious
as it
I've been getting into blackout poetry lately, so here's an early attempt based on one I've made. The article was originally about Domino's Pizza becoming richer and richer
Jul 2016 · 449
The Scream
Kiki Shaw Jul 2016
Although I'm howling in exhilaration
And despair and excitement
The world continues with
Hardly a sigh.
Perhaps grains of sand shifted
Or maybe clouds died
And the waves stop for a moment
To undo their lies.
But the rest of the world
Continues with hardly a sigh.
This is based on my interpretation of Edvard Munch's painting 'The Scream'
Dec 2015 · 242
Kiki Shaw Dec 2015
They float into this world
Like a fallen angel;
A fairy,
A loved one,
A memory, perhaps.

They are unique in shape,
In size,
In pattern,
Yet we always know
That they will bring joy to this world.

White in colour,
They flutter through the air
And we will remember
The love that they spread.
Sep 2015 · 226
Kiki Shaw Sep 2015
The good
Up loud
Sep 2015 · 321
Fire, fire
Kiki Shaw Sep 2015
Fire, fire
Burning bright
In your eyes
In my soul.

Fire, fire
Forever flaming
In my eyes
In your soul.

— The End —