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Heather Apr 2021
It's getting bad again.
An hour feels like four and days feel like weeks.
I'm losing my motivation.
Relationships that mean the most are breaking.
I'm tired of waking up just to fight the same battles in my mind.
  Jun 2020 Heather
once, it was like a knife
grabbing at my insides,
cutting up my thoughts,
my heart, my mind,
a clear line of chaos spliced
into this line of fire

now, it is but a teardrop
left uncried, sitting on my
eyelid, a muted feeling
that rings harmoniously
through my soul.
As I grow accustomed to pain, I feel scared. How do I know when I've reached the limit?
  May 2020 Heather
Corona made people Jäïn,
People are turning vegetarian.

Stock markets made us Đïgämbär Jäïn,
Now we're pauper & don't have any clothes.

Đïgämbär Jäïn don't wear any clothes,
They stay **** as a part of their penance.
My HP Poem #1841
©Atul Kaushal
  May 2020 Heather
i would spend my life
watching beautiful
sunsets with you ;
Heather May 2020
How do I cope with the pain.
Everyday I drift away.
I can't cry and I wonder why.
Taking pill after pill.
All I do is lay still.
Music and yelling in the background.
Just laying there wondering when this will end.
Everything goes black and I wake up the next day with a worse pain.
All I can think is "when will this all go away"
  Jan 2020 Heather
Orion Lesneski
When will I learn,
And start to discern,
What would happen if I yearn,
To turn,
Into a Mimosa pudica fern,
So I can burn.
  Dec 2019 Heather
Zack Ripley
You broke my wings
That helped me fly.
You broke my heart
With your broken promises and lies.
You broke my bones
And taught me to fear.
But you know what?
***** you.
Because I may be broken,
But I'm still here.
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