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Orion Lesneski Jul 2020
In the field,
In the yard,
On the swings,
On the slide.

Childhood was great,
But now it's old.
Orion Lesneski Jun 2020
Never gonna sleep,
Till I’m beat,
Working hard,
Ten hours a day,
Seven days a week,
I think I’m in deep,
Won’t ask for a day off,
Cause I’ll just *******,
Making more mistakes,
When I’m on day breaks.
So im pretty shot. Been working ten hour shifts seven days a week this past month. Gotta day I’m hating it but hey at least my pay check is bigger than before. But not as big as I want it to be.
  Jun 2020 Orion Lesneski
I love being
in love,
I love
being love,
I love
being loved.
I love being
treated kindly,
and being able
to show someone
I care for them.
I love the
thought of love,
but I never faked it
I love the thought
of marriage
even when mines
failed miserably;
but why shouldn’t?
Love is what
I was born to project
and that’s
the impression
I will leave
when I pass.
I’m willing to
be in love
and stay in
love as long as
it’s within me
Orion Lesneski Jun 2020
In my thoughts,

In my bed,

In my world,

Flying with angels
Orion Lesneski Jun 2020
Orion Lesneski Jun 2020
Neve before,
Have I felt this way,
Never before,
Have I wanted nothing,
Never before,
Have I hated you!
Never before have I fallen for such a ****** girl in my life. You are nothing to me! Baylee Gentry! I’m done with you!!
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