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What will my parents do,
If I go back to my crew,
They thought I withdrew,
But that’s untrue,
I always come through,
And make do.
I miss my friends....
I’m going crazy,
My mind is all hazy,
Should I go lazy,
Or go into a frenzy?
I don't know what to do....
If you ask me,
How many times have I shed tears,
I’ll tell you,
Only a few,
Throughout the years,
But that doesn’t mean I’m heartless,
I have a heart,
But it’s torn apart.
I recently started talking to someone and they have started my fire again, but they live in a different state. :(
Smoking bud,
It warms my blood,
Even though it makes me a dud,
I turn into a stud.
When will I learn,
And start to discern,
What would happen if I yearn,
To turn,
Into a Mimosa pudica fern,
So I can burn.
Punching holes through the wall,
Christmas break was like a brawl,
People tell me to stay strong,
How can I when everything I do is wrong,
My parents say it's all my fault,
That I'm the reason why we're falling apart,
And they wonder why I'm this way,
I'm sick and tired of coming home,
Having to deal with the same **** everyday,
So I drink some Brandy,
And some Gemma di Luna,
Locked in my room,
Waiting for my life to go !!BOOM!!
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
You talk to me like there’s still a we,
You ended it and said I’m a pesky bee,
So why are you still ******* at me,
Your being a sand flea,
Hopping around me at the sea,
So please just let me be,
Before you make it a dead sea.
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