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  Jun 2015 gregory obrien
Arlo Disarray
I keep my tears inside a tiny ocean
With salty beaches kept behind my eyes
Never letting anyone see my emotion
Keeping the grey inside my stormy skies

I keep my feelings in a bottle labeled "poison"
Covered with a skull and two cross bones
Meant to never let me leave it open
Reminding me to leave those things alone

I keep all of my teeth in my back pocket
So I don't ever accidentally smile
Shot off all my joy up on a rocket
And now I haven't seen it in a while
  Jun 2015 gregory obrien
Anxiety, like fire,
Needs fuel,
We feed it with fear,
If only,
we can let it burn out.
  Jun 2015 gregory obrien
wandering hands;
searching for
the unknown,
feeling for
perfect emotion,
wanting to
let go.
pulses through
your veins,
you know
it's right,
it's so
that it's
  Jun 2015 gregory obrien
Ellie Geneve
You were aiming for the moon,
lifting your head as high as your neck would let you

But as you were walking,
you forgot to look down

so you slipped and fell
Two birds, one stone: a metaphor about the importance of modesty; another metaphor about keeping a grasp on reality, no matter how far you aim.
  Jun 2015 gregory obrien
My eyes are weary
and teary.
My smile is faded
and painted.
My heart is torn
and forlorn.

I'm broken, dear.
Far too broken, I fear.

  Jun 2015 gregory obrien
because look at them
gallivanting about
the avenues
and boulevards of your skin
as if you are not
the very accumulation of stardust
after countless supernovas
marked the end of old stars
making way for new ones,
as if your eyes
held not a single secret of the universe
even when it's so painfully obvious
that that is not the case.

Here's to them
when they tell You
or make you feel
as if you're not worth a single coin.

*Because you're worth more
than all the treasure in the world.
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