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James Sep 2015
Whip. Crack. Smack.
White. Back to black.
Baritone moan.
Through flesh and bone.
James Jul 2015
Grabbing at her beautiful copper hair. My hand clenches it tight

We're bound together now. I gaze upon her only by a single, dim light,

I feel her pulse running through my body, my heart beats faster,

We have become Slave and master.

My hand releases and reels back from a jolt,

I just felt 240 volts.
I was an electrician..
James Jun 2015
Sun is shining,
Summer is here,
In perfect timing,

It's a time for your new start,
To be born again,
Let it fill your heart,

Birds are singing,
Flowers are growing,
It's your new beginning,

They will take you to the sea,
Push you under and set you,
I'm not religious in any way, this is for a friend who's being christened soon!
  Jun 2015 James
Any present moment
a daily occurrence
like breathing
James Jun 2015
Few people can understand the dispair of a tortured soul,
It's something deep inside, it is our demons that have control,
Fears we battle,
With constant rebuttal,

This life is turning out,
not how I planned,
I wish I was one,
who did not understand.
James Jun 2015
I saw you through a window,
It had been two years,
was i scared to see you?,
Or of you seeing me?,
I looked away,
I continued to walk,
My solar plexus took the pain
I continue to walk.
James Jun 2015
The smells of caramel, citric fruit and bread being licked by flames,
The colour. Black. Deep and rich. As if it was oil taken from the ground,
The taste is different, bitter, and earthy, contrasted by molasses, and sweet almonds,
This is how my day begins.
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