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 Mar 2015 Gemma Allan
I will be the light that which God wants me to be,
The light which even under high intensity pressure still can be seen.
No matter how dark and twisted the dimensions they may seem,
I will be the light God wants me to be.
For every person alive and gone is certainly a part of the perspective within me,
I see how we are moulding ourselves without realising we are, we.
There is no light at the end of the tunnel,
I've come to realise that actually the light is me.
And I realise my aim in life is to die, not to achieve an easy life rather to stay truly illuminated with love until I die,
Through every cancer, every hardship, every struggle, every war, every test,
I want to be able to say to God at the end,
I was the light you needed me to be.
And God will say to me, Welcome home.
And I will say Thank You, I love you.
For you were the One who made the light which is we/me.
You've starved my memories of you.
Preventing them from growing and experiencing a full life. I watched the fetus of our relationship die. I felt it decay within me. You decided to abort the child with the assumption that we'd never be able to raise it correctly, and that I shall never understand. Because whether that kid grew up to be the woman that cured cancer or the boy that died from a ****** overdose in his teens, I would have loved it with everything I had and appreciated every moment of its life.
*** did I just write.
 Mar 2015 Gemma Allan
The world watched as Hope entangled itself around the minds of the willing.

They watched as Justice took its first breath as the seed that sprung from Freedom's *****.

An illegitimate child of chaos,born a burden to a crutched nation.

The world looked away as dozens of corpses piled up into skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers,for eagles to perch and nest their wealth over spilt blood.

Forgiveness was wrapped around the mouths of the unsatisfied.

Muted screams of those whose hearts were set ablaze with vengeance.

Hushed down by Nelson Mandela's words of healing over wounds of discrimination.

Now up and about,a nation on its feet,embarking on this journey of union and peace.
i was born free but nevertheless history scars my thoughts.....really emotional about this one
At that moment,
you were a metaphor;
a face,
a mask,
for everything
I need, desire.

At the moment,
you are my scapegoat;
a place to go,
a direction in which to throw
he should've been.

In that moment,
you will rise to my smile;
my eyes,
my heart
to be all
I deserve.

— The End —