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  Jan 2016 Collily
Jenn Coke
Written by me,
Written to you,
Written for us –

I am your poetess,
You are my poem,
We are living poetry.

I am your pen,
You are my words,
We are an incomplete manuscript.

I am your ink,
You are my pages,
We are an unfinished book.

I am your vessel,
You are my essence,
We are an ongoing story.

I will not stop writing,
You will not stop inspiring,
We will not stop creating –
Collily Jan 2016
The words I've lost are too many.

My ignorance has spoken for me too many times.

I no longer feel like a part of myself,

My voice is not my won.
I'm back♡
Collily May 2015
Your love begs the release of this immunity.

You see,despite my growing ******,

I remain an oddity.
Collily May 2015
I've missed this place and it's little yellow box.I've missed the talent and inspiration.I've missed reading till I fell asleep with the phone on my hand but I've missed writing the most!
Collily Oct 2014
Mortal gods stand by,
amused by Africa's cry.
A continent in despair,
its prayers remain
suspended in the air.
AIDS,E bola,famine,war...
Collily Oct 2014
The world has not been
kind to her kind.
Tormented by her mind,
peace she can not find.

History bears witness
to her mental stain.
Told that her skin is a disease,
she scrubs away the pain.

Wounded and forever alone
in this desert terrain.
Hope floods her thoughts
like summer rain.

The red of her blood seeps through her scars,
liquid consolation caressing her skin.

She is human,isn't that enough?
My first spoken word piece :)
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