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Amalizz Lydia Feb 2017
Thoughts of you.

Thoughts of me.

Thoughts of us clouding my brain,
constantly up and down.

I could not have been
thinking clear in that
moment I decided to join
this love ride.

I'm always asking myself
Is this love and if it
is then why does it
leave me hurt and lost.

Lost and found.

The days filled with your
presence, hugs, and kisses.

Smiles deep in my soul.

Calm, I can't think of
any place in the world
I'd rather be.

No place like you.

Then you're gone.

How did you manage to
find your way to my heart


How could you be so clueless
what you should do upon the
gates of my love.

Dear I need you here.

Holding me tight and
never let me go.

There's something
you should know.

I Love You.

                                                   -Amalizz Lydia
yzel Apr 2016
Feeling used
But I'm
Still missing you
And I can't
See the end of this
Just wanna feel your kiss
Against my lips
And now all this time
Is passing by
But I still can't seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you
Realize how much I need you
i just love the lyrics sooooo apt in my current mood/feeling :)
JP Jun 2015
"I love you.."

"I love U too... And I love T, V, X, Q as well. They're unique letters."

Failed confession.
Manasi Kemkar Apr 2015
The magic in our heart
   about to go bad....
Speechless you and a
Speechless me...
   Just makes it so Sad!
Every word you say
   Just tells me to stay...
Every time your eyes
   Mean a plain goodbye...
Shout fight argue but never let silence fill your heart!...

— The End —