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savspoetry Jun 2020
one day I hope the voices stop
-when will I ever be okay with myself?
I distance myself when I feel unwanted
savspoetry Apr 2020
I'm sorry I broke your heart

but you completely broke me.

<3<3  </3  <3<3
savspoetry Feb 2020
It didn't matter that I had fallen apart
What mattered was the way that I smiled my broken smile
Because with each smile
I managed to put myself together again
they say that smiling is supposed to make you happy
savspoetry Jan 2020
I love myself enough to fall in love with being


It's better than being surround with people who make me feel

e m p t y
someone be my friend
savspoetry Nov 2019
how do i tell you whats wrong when
The feelings im feeling,
I dont have the right to have.
-betrayed, resentment, sad.
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