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 Jan 2017 Erika Castaldo
Poetic T
Your fingers were the ink that
penned every emotion on my skin
as you touched me in silence.

But every word was spoken with
the silken touches you bestowed
on my yearning body.

So many pages you had turned,
ruffled before you embrace you
pulled the knots smoothing every page.
One man standing in a world left to ruin, darkness is as abundant as the wind whisping and blowing trying to clear the sent of deceit...

Barely standing, still fighting the pull of the earth and the weight of the pain, he slides the sword out of his heart, each inch just as painful as the latter ****** in.

Images of love being torn apart deep rooted, but cut in half by the blade in his heart.

Knees start to shake under the weight of the pain, the earth opens wide in birth of more black, ready, awaiting this new brother, the darkness is winning the weight forever increasing...

The body cannot go on, it wields nor strength for the struggle and starts to submit the darkness....

But the soul cannot give, it is a stone rooted in freedom that is unbreakable,
it swells,
fights pushing back as the earth crumbles beneath.

Alas the soul, so rooted in freedom unwilling to accept the dark pushes out, and up and around overwhelming the dark, the hurt, the pain and the earth until there is nothing, only freedom, pure and blinding.

The soul,
unwilling to give in, unwilling to hurt, unwilling to die, was reborn......
Drown me in seas that shake and
Burn me in fires that crackle like thunder
Smother me in winds that whip like a leash and
Destroy me with words so lovely they make my bones ache

Your love for me
was nothing short of spectacular
and the comedown
shall be nothing but the same
He was a fire
A brilliant,
Burning lure
A devil

And I
Demon Wind
Feeding into him
Stroking his desire
To consume

Every bit of me
My sin
My choice,

I never needed heaven.....

Ashes when we met
Ashes and torment
A chaos of bliss
Every kiss.......

Brilliant collisions
Sapphire skies
Everytime I'm with him
The world stills
And yet
And soar
Comets through galaxies
Begging for more
And visions of light
Destruction breeds love,

When demons unite.....

Wintry weather frosts me here
Thinking of her my lovely daffodil
Memories that long disappear
But it never left me still

One old September still fresh and new
When we both said "I love you"
Funny moment as cool as dew
Now the then one split in two

Looking back is funny fool inside
Smiling while storm ruled my very eyes
Little by little I've realized
That I need to roll the dice

I've asked the winter why oh why
Why such a lovely moment need to fly
But still in my heart, it never says goodbye
The story of my lovely daffodil and I

 Oct 2016 Erika Castaldo
Do you also wake up in the middle of the night and almost reach for me
because you forgot that I'm not there anymore?
I slept next to someone else last night,
But I had a dream that I was next to you,
And I have never felt more disappointed in my life than in that moment when I woke up.
I can't tell which is worse, the disappointment or
Trying to sleep while holding myself together because it feels like everything is about to spill out of me.

According to everyone I should just go meet someone else,
but it's not that easy.
I have no interest in talking to anyone when I'm sober,
When I'm drunk I just end up telling everyone about you.
I can't tell if I'm waiting for someone to confirm that you're never coming back
Or for someone to lie to me so I can feel better for the night.

Can I ***** out all my feelings too, along with the *****?
I almost thought I had, the night I was dry heaving into the morning.
That was the night I got so drunk I couldn't stop asking everyone I saw
I'm sure all the strangers in the room thought I was crazy.
I have dreams about you all the time and even in my dreams,
You still don't love me.

If I stare at your Facebook chat bubble long enough,
Will I see the three dots of you beginning to type a message?
If I stare out my window long enough,
Will I see you walking towards my front door?
I still want to punch a hole through the wall whenever I hear a song that you used to sing to me.
That's become particularly annoying
since the Chainsmokers got popular.
Apparently I can't get over you
while still listening to your SoundCloud playlists
But I'm not sure what else is worth listening to.

The other day, my friend commented on how fast I walk.
I told him it was because I had gotten used to your speed
since you're much taller than me.
In reality, I think it's just to make up for the parts of my life
that haven't been moving at all.
You're welcome, knight, I am not mean!
The cave's not best of all you've seen,
It's pretty dark and not that clean,
But still it's home to me.
You've come to **** me, am I right?
Oh, that's a really perfect night
To end my life in brutal fight.
I think that you'll agree.

But honestly, I'm bored with life.
So please, just stab me with your knife!
Just pierce my chest, just end this strife,
I beg you on my knees!
I'm monster, that we know for sure,
The Earth itself cannot endure
Such beast as me, there is no cure
For what I've done, so please,

Prolong this suffering no more
Of me and world; we both implore
You to remove this painful sore
That I have always been.
Just take your axe, your lance or sword
And strike me! I won't say a word!
And think about the reward
They put out for my skin!

I don't deserve a thing but hell
And I solicit to expel
Me out of this world, this cell,
My death is overdue.
I checked you out not once but twice:
You're shaking, you're as pale as ice,
You dropped your sword, you cannot slice
A beast that's facing you.

'Twas your intention all along,
And I said that I don't belong
Here, to this world. So what is wrong?
Just finish this, and fast!
I shan't exist, I have to die,
It's easy, like to slice a pie!
Just do this, please, don't be so shy!
...Ah, thanks. Goodbye at last!..
 Oct 2016 Erika Castaldo
Poetic T
eyes easily pleased
devotion to an image

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