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Oct 2016
One man standing in a world left to ruin, darkness is as abundant as the wind whisping and blowing trying to clear the sent of deceit...

Barely standing, still fighting the pull of the earth and the weight of the pain, he slides the sword out of his heart, each inch just as painful as the latter ****** in.

Images of love being torn apart deep rooted, but cut in half by the blade in his heart.

Knees start to shake under the weight of the pain, the earth opens wide in birth of more black, ready, awaiting this new brother, the darkness is winning the weight forever increasing...

The body cannot go on, it wields nor strength for the struggle and starts to submit the darkness....

But the soul cannot give, it is a stone rooted in freedom that is unbreakable,
it swells,
fights pushing back as the earth crumbles beneath.

Alas the soul, so rooted in freedom unwilling to accept the dark pushes out, and up and around overwhelming the dark, the hurt, the pain and the earth until there is nothing, only freedom, pure and blinding.

The soul,
unwilling to give in, unwilling to hurt, unwilling to die, was reborn......
Carson Elliott
Written by
Carson Elliott
   --- and Erika Castaldo
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