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Taylor Hahn Nov 2016
Gold in your veins
Lightning in your eyes
The earth
And the moon
Make up your disguise
You are one with the earth
And air
I can feel your sweet touch through the atmosphere
  Oct 2016 Taylor Hahn
I'd like to blame the moon
for all I've been feeling
for this freedom
this feminine freedom
bathed in white light

I'd like to blame the moon
for the brown in my eyes
the dirt on my feet
my mess of a hair
and a life

I'd blame her too, for my love of sunshine
rain and all that comes from nature
to all beings

I'll blame the night for art
and thank her
for artists

and I'll thank myself for my liberation
my love for the goddess
the joy of nature
my own nature
my feet
the ground
my soul, at last
Taylor Hahn Oct 2016
The place you sail off in your dreams
A land so sweet and almost serene
This is where you are a king

The grass grows too tall
And the winds crack like whips
You can sail for hours upon little navy ships

Here there are no rules
No restrictions to limit your freedoms
Here you are no one but yourself
A child with what some would call demons

Here they are anything but,
The one you call your friends
For this land is where they roam
The wild ones
Will always be let in
Taylor Hahn Oct 2016
She stares out the window
Dreaming of much
She dreams of a lover
Dreams of his touch

Outside it is sunny
All shades of blue
Inside she sees gray
She's stuck in the gloom

She dreams of a lover
Dreams everyday
The dreams of another
Can't keep thoughts away

She goes to her bedroom
Swallows the pills
No longer thinking of paying the bills

She drifts off to sleep
Mind losing it's conscious
She dreams of a lover
But it no longer makes her nauseous
Taylor Hahn Oct 2016
The taste of you
on my teeth
is becoming the air I breathe
I wet my lips
I drink my tea
but the taste of you still makes me bleed
Taylor Hahn Oct 2016
Drown me in seas that shake and
Burn me in fires that crackle like thunder
Smother me in winds that whip like a leash and
Destroy me with words so lovely they make my bones ache

Your love for me
was nothing short of spectacular
and the comedown
shall be nothing but the same
Taylor Hahn Oct 2016
Tangled bedsheets
and coveted whispers
in dingy hotel rooms

breathy laughs
and half stolen glances from across the room

you are in love and I am lonely
we will soon be each others doom.
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