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Emma Annalise Apr 2016
baby's good, does what she's told
said I'd buy her a house of gold
but as this year starts to unfold
looks like I won't see her grow old

so say your prayers, say your grace
say your blessings to my face
say them now, with some haste
'cause soon I'll fly up to the gates

i need to smile, i need to cry
but most of all, i need to die
so take this as my last goodbye
my boat is leaving for the sky
Emma Annalise Mar 2016
Piercing veil, piercing eyes
Piercing through the sunlit skies
Piercing through the soft gray clouds
Piercing through the silenced crowd

Gaze as bright as morning sun
******* all of Earth’s bright fun
Children laughed and children played
But happiness could not stay

Slicing through the peaceful air
Stirring up a sweet affair
Silencing the joyful cries
Slowly showing piercing eyes
Emma Annalise Mar 2016
Stitch my heart
Stitch it good
Stitch it until I feel good
Stitch it 'til there's no more thread
Stitch it or else I'll be dead

Gaping heart
Gaping hole
Gaping pieces of my soul
Emma Annalise Mar 2016
I take my bags, pack them up
I must leave ‘fore the sun comes up
I need to leave this house of lies
I need to leave this house that hides

I hide and hide all day and night
I hide myself, out of fright
But now I must come to my senses
Despite the horrid consequences

I’m tired of hiding who I am
And honestly I don’t give a ****
Don’t give a **** to what you think
Don’t give a **** to your critique

I’m not even sorry for throwing a fit
I’m done dealing with your *******
I’m who I am, and that is all
And I’m not afraid to stand tall

I know you’ll never accept who I am
But just know that I don’t give a ****
So go feed your children with your lies
Feed them ‘til you blind their eyes

Blind their eyes to what is ‘right’
Deprive them of all delight
Blind their eyes to what is ‘wrong’
But before then, I’ll be long gone

Teach them to judge with their eyes
Teach them to have a narrow mind
Teach them that they are great
Teach them to fill their hearts with hate

You tried to teach me all of this
But I learned how to dismiss
Your biased, skewered, bits of ‘truth’
That you have taught me since my youth
I wrote this poem for a friend of mine who is going through rough times. Hope you enjoy it (also: which alignment do you prefer? left, right, or center?)
Emma Annalise Feb 2016
She wakes up in the morning
Hungry from last night
But she doesn’t eat breakfast
‘cause her jeans fit too tight

She looks into the mirror
Tears glisten in her eyes
She hates her reflection
But the mirror never lies

She rides the bus to school
And sits all alone
She wishes with all her might
To see all her bones

She gets to school at last
Self-conscious about her size
Because she still believes
That the mirror never lies

She walks from class to class
In the hallways by herself
While her classmates stop and wonder
About her collapsing health

But she never stops to listen
And doesn’t even try
She knows that they are wrong
Because the mirror never lies

When lunch time comes, she’s gone
Nowhere to be found
She never ever eats her lunch
She’s scared of gaining a pound

She walks past the lunch room
And smells the fruity pies
She really wants to eat them
But the mirror never lies

When school is finally over
And her homework is all done
She changes into shorts
And goes for a run

She runs and runs for hours
And sees the changing skies
She really wants to stop
But the mirror never lies

She finally goes home
And is forced to eat some dinner
While the whole time she wishes
That she could be thinner

She retreats to her room
And cries and cries and cries
She hates what she looks like
But the mirror never lies

She stands before the mirror
And pulls up her shirt
Pinches the bit of fat she has
And regrets eating dessert

She stares at her thin body
With no space between her thighs
She knows that she is fat
Because the mirror never lies
Hey guys!! This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, so I wrote a poem in order to help raise awareness for this very serious cause. I hope that reading this poem will open your eyes to the daily struggle of someone with an eating disorder.
Emma Annalise Feb 2016
I count the pills, count them twice
Count them as if they were dice
Count my babies, count their eyes
Count them while my brain spits lies
Count them while the rain pounds hard
Count them ‘til my hands are tired
Count them count them day and night
Count them count them out of fright
Count them count them ‘til I know
‘Til I know it’s time to go
Emma Annalise Feb 2016
Angel goes to sleep each night
Wondering if she is all right
She hates and hates and hates and hates
Hates and hates for hating’s sake
Hates ‘til there’s no more hate to give
Then hates some more and won’t forgive
Angel wants to end her life
To end her internal strife
Angel, Angel loves to sing
Angel is a precious thing
Angel smiles and Angel cries
Angel really wants to die
Angel walks and Angel runs
Angel loves to make dumb puns
Angel hides under her lies
Angel has a good disguise
But Angel kissed the face of death
As Angel took her very last breath
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