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I am sick of trying and never finding any peace
Copyright 3-9-2015 Elizabeth Lawrence ©
Am I the only one that has their demons feasting upon their souls?
They say it is easy to tie a noose around your mind,
To overcome the urges and temptations of ending your life with a suicide
They don't know the true pain and torment that is going on in my head
An epic battle that leaves me with restless nights in bed
"End your life already" they say, as they prey on me during my weakest hours
Sometimes I give into the voices, carrying the sharp blade to my wrist
Crying as I struggle to mutter three powerful words that keeps me going
Choking on my sobs, my lungs deflate with a desire to say that God loves me
I try to convince myself that God is trying to test my faith
And to just wait, wait and wait
Then my Demons will eventually go AWAY.....

~Imperfect Desire **
My thoughts are crabbed and sallow,
My tears like vinegar,
Or the bitter blinking yellow
Of an acetic star.

Tonight the caustic wind, love,
Gossips late and soon,
And I wear the wry-faced pucker of
The sour lemon moon.

While like an early summer plum,
Puny, green, and ****,
Droops upon its wizened stem
My lean, unripened heart.
  Mar 2015 Elizabeth Lawrence
you look at them once,
and automatically you
know everything there
is to know.

but what gives
you the right?

the right to label
someone based on
their sexuality,
their mentality or
their physical appearance.

who said you were
important enough to
judge others?

you are not the
high or mighty.

so stop acting
like something
your not.
"i'm sick of watching our generation not caring."
a clouded horizon
where no sane rationalizations
can be found, nor heard;
an empty shell
abandoned of all hope
too wise by now to wish
for a better tomorrow;
tense, scratched, tormented
abused, neglected, and broken by its tenant
and all I ask is for sweet release and a warm bed.
Copyright 3-8-2015 Elizabeth Lawrence ©
perhaps tomorrow the sun will break through...
Whenever the wind
howls, all I can hear
is my own voice
screaming out to
match its
Copyright 3-8-2015 Elizabeth Lawrence ©
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