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Eliza Parker Mar 2015
I hope
    one day
        you'll see me
              and think
"why did i let her go."
  Feb 2015 Eliza Parker
JK Cabresos
I'm not gonna miss you,
you are always
in my mind,

when I fall asleep
at night,
I will just remember
we lay under
the same stars.

I will take a piece
of your beating heart,
and make it mine,

so when we are apart,
I will not be alone;
you may be far
but never gone.

I'm not gonna miss you,
but your kisses and hugs,
your smiles that struck
like lighting
in my eyes,

I'm not gonna miss you,
but the way
you make my days
those feelings
that always bring me
to my knees.
  Feb 2015 Eliza Parker
When a single stone
falls on water,
the impact is far more
than we ever know.

It would create
astounding ripples
and the particles of water
would inevitably change
in direction.

I am not water
and you are not a stone.
But a single drop of your love
would ripple throughout my
entire soul.

  Feb 2015 Eliza Parker
you were writing love notes to her
while all mine were written to you
Reaching for someone else.
  Feb 2015 Eliza Parker
His hands are ice cold
  They grab a hold of my insecurities
and won't let go.
         He is speechless
                     -in awe, even.

His kisses are hard
               -hard to forget.
   Energy courses through
his lips and into my body sending
        me into shock,
                   falling into him.

His hair wrapped around
       my fingers;
he'll listen to any word
      I say,
         except when I ask him
to check the time.

Driving on the back roads,
          we take the long way
to my house.
   Our hands intertwined
like we'll never meet again.

We stop a block away from
where I live,
     one last kiss
            in the dark.
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