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  Sep 2018 Alias
Justan Rahming
We are trapped in our own river of Time
being pushed forward faster the longer we live
We can see behind us to where we have been
before us we can only guess what will come
There is madness being thrown into the rapids
confusion and disorientation fills my mind
as the cold feelings fill my lungs and heart

I long to sit in a steady pool of water
a lake of peace or an endless ocean
anything to stop this maddening journey
I cannot keep up with the speed of the water
everything that I was has washed away
I am drowning in Time, the present does not exist
constantly moving forward, nothing is now
Alias Dec 2016
Things WILL get better.
  Dec 2016 Alias
An empty shell of a human being
sitting alone and cold on the shore;
you watch the salty water move
forward and backward,
watch it come and go
and, yes
the stars are pretty
and the moon is smiling
but you are thinking of ways to
explain why God will only hear sobs
when  He picks you up and puts you
next to His ear
  Dec 2016 Alias
Avery Langcaster
My future gives me an anxiety that will last a lifetime.
It will not be controlled.
It will not be known.
It's a rather cruel game, don't you agree? Being clueless to the inevitable.
  Dec 2016 Alias
Maria Etre
I have been long gone
I kept my memories
in a suitcase
preserved like fossils
in the museum of my room
but I will carry them with me
as I stumble on the
next thing
that falls in front of me

I have had mistakes
that tried to knock
on the walls of my mind
but it's about time
my brain learns
from practice
over and over
not to fall for their emotions
but to know how to cope with them

I have had moments
that tattooed smiles
on every neuron
creating memories
of moments
that I seek sanctuary in
whenever I find the need to

I have had the idea of change
marinating in me
almost forcing me to believe it
to live it, to breathe

I have had you to look
into my eyes
sometime later
telling me to
"stop faking it
it's always
been you"
This is dedicated to those who can read people like open books through their eyes.
Alias Dec 2016
Shattered, like you've never been before.
The life you knew, is in a thousand pieces on the floor.
Words fall short in times like theese.
And this world drags you to your knees.
You think your never gonna get back, to the you that used to be.

Tell your heart to beat again.
Close your eyes and breath it in.
Let the shadows fall away.
Step into the light of grace.

Yesterday's a closing door.
You don't live there anymore.
Say goodbye to where you've been.
Tell your heart to beat again.
Written by Danny Gokey
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