Justan Rahming Oct 2018
I witness the memories that I no longer have
refreshed new with refracted eye
youth be revisited, I fall in love again
frame after enamored frame
I recall upon your archaic name
filling the room with quantum spirits
lives together in symbiotic dreams
And for one moment, I am alive
over and over again
I find myself
and I am with you
Justan Rahming Oct 2018
Breathe in the brisk air of life
Breathe out the exhaust from your heart
the air around me is muggy
I cannot catch my breath
This is what it feels like
to be intimate with death
Justan Rahming Oct 2018
What I have
What I can loose
Who am I without it?

Who is Kant
Who is Hegel
Who set the first step in my home

Remember infamy
Remember astronomy
Remember autonomy
Remember polygamy

I forgot your name
Remember it for me
Justan Rahming Sep 2018
Willingness to structure situations
appearance for self patience
             mood information outside advantage

Humor                  Knowledge

Accent politeness to change choice
Justan Rahming Sep 2018
unrealized movements
inside of one's own head–
quaking knees and twitching hands
sitting slouched and rocking

Spine starts to slide–
relief is but a brief afterthought
as the proper gesture arises
the soles are unearthed

Starting to move as if it can stand
Its inevitable move forward

Get up, time to go
Justan Rahming Sep 2018
If this poem ended up in an anthology,
that would be cool–
Then people would have to read this in school
Justan Rahming Sep 2018
The Sun is so hot
against my protected skin,
the heat is intense and I burn
from the overwhelming waves–
This, I am not made for.

I find the Sun beautiful
and on nicer days
I enjoy her gentile heat,
but the climate of today
had the Sun turn me red.

I curse the Sun
I reject the heat,
but if the sun was to leave,
then the darkness
would make me too cold.
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