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  Sep 2014 DIANA
Christina Rossetti
What are heavy? sea-sand and sorrow:
What are brief? today and tomorrow:
What are frail? Spring blossoms and youth:
What are deep ? the ocean and truth.
  Sep 2014 DIANA
Christina Rossetti
Is the moon tired? she looks so pale
Within her misty veil:
She scales the sky from east to west,
And takes no rest.

Before the coming of the night
The moon shows papery white;
Before the dawning of the day
She fades away.
DIANA Aug 2014
Guruji ,you are mine,
You are my life.
I am alive! I am alive!

Get strength to go ahead,
You are my father,
You are my mother,
You are my life!

Guruji, You are like light
guiding me through deep down the darkness,
And I am still signing .
I am alive! I am signing!

I am get liven
learning to see life
learning to breath so that creativity can  be done,
DIANA Jul 2014
Yeah, without you,
Without you, without you,
minutes seems to be hours,
days are like years passed through  my eyes.

Without you,
life is somewhere lost.
blue,green,pink are gone ,
just ash......

I caught it,tried to paint on it with vivid colours,
Oh, no, its just a piece of wooden floating across the sea
and now passing nearby me .

Without you,
Oh, without you.....
DIANA Jun 2014
I am in,
when i am busy doing ;
I am in,
when i am singing;
I am in,
when i am dancing;
I am in,
when i am writing;
I am in,
when I engrossed in watching nature;
I am in,
when i look into the nourishing moon at night;
I am in,
when I see the morning red rising sun;
I am in,
when I  care to bring smile on the face of needy;
I am out,
when my mind  goes negative ;
I am out,
when terror strike  my mind ...
DIANA May 2014
The one
The one  and the only one,
The one  and just the only one is mine .

So what ?
Both are same, if not then what ?
Why  loneliness bothering me now ?

Togetherness,couple,hand in hand,
annoying me,

Why to smile,why to run,why to happy ?
Life got a purpose to live another days in hand,

Meaning of life, meaning full life
Both are same, if not then what?

The one and the only one
goal is mine .
DIANA May 2014
Thinking about you,
but you are interested in others.

Waiting for you,
But u have no time ,

You are fixed,
You are interested at sometimes.

Committment, dedication are just brilliant word for you.
Terror, terror,terror
terror smelling every nook and corner

Spring lost its favor ?
But the real love  is wandering.
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